[Price Error] Apple AirPods Pro $279 + $10.99 Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan

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First post. Unless I'm missing something, I just stumbled across these for $279. Could try an OW price match?

edit: OW won't price match as the part number (MWP22ZAA) isn't clearly listed on the dicksmith website

Minchinbury officeworks have 10 in stock and happy to price match $275.49 8/5/20 17:07pm

edit: To those saying "Thanks OP!", a HUGE thank you to this community that I have been a part of for about a decade! I am on ozbargain every day and I am SO happy that my first post made so many people happy! You guys are amazing.

edit: I called the store I got the price match from (Minchinbury). They said there has been no "flagging from head office" or angry recourse from management but the price has been changed on DS and so no more matches. She was happy to do it. Im happy for everyone who was able to get one (or two!). 8/5/20 18:33pm

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


        • Receipt doesnt work, my local rejected when I shown in store.

  • Thanks!

  • Ordered 2 thanks OP!

    Don’t even need it but the misses will be happy.

  • AU Stock?

  • Got it price beat penrith ow!

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    called OW and they told me they definitely dont price match anything off dick smith?

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      You need to call again bro. Be super nice and they will do it.

      Whisper sweet nothings and should be good.


  • Looks like it must have been 379 instead of 279. That's the price on kogan. Someone messed it up.

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    What is so good about these?
    Sound wise, they would be at best average?

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      They work best with Apple ecosystem.

      Or make good resell on Gumtree.

      • It's not that great for reselling tbh.

        Look at eBay, you could maybe make like $40 profit.

        Personally wouldn't bother unless you want to give them as a gift or for yourself

  • Just called Officeworks, price match got refused by the rep. Looks like its hit and miss judging by the comments.

    • what did they say as for the reason?

      • That Dick Smith was part of Kogan and Kogan had it listed for 2 different prices. He also went on to say the Dick Smith page was missing the manufacturers part number.

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      Called OW, rep said company wide email they are refusing price match as their team are attempting to confirm it is the same product. Sounds like a stall tactic so that DS will sell out and they don’t have to price match regardless.

  • can people please share their receipt from OW please!

      • 👀

      • wait you can pricematch online?

        • by the phone yes. I’m afk now but go to their website and click on price beat banner at the bottom

      • Thanks for the screenshot. I'm going to see if I can do a price protection claim

    • thank you all for uploading the receipts.
      I have ordered one on DS as I couldn't live with the FOMO if OW refused to price beat….

      Now, for others who have missed out, are they able to use your receipts to get a price match in OW stores?

  • Great price, pulled the trigger.

  • Attempted OW Price Match over the phone. Refused and said I must attend store in person for them to do all the checks.

    I ordered online to be safe. OzBargain sin leaving $15 on the table but would rather that than miss the YOLO opportunity.

    Bought 1 thanks OP!!!

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    Pricematched x2 at Officeworks.
    Paid with 20% off discounted Coles Myer GC

    Thanks OP

  • If someone who has used Galaxy Buds and Airpods 1/2/Pro, can you tell me whether the Airpods stay in your ear while doing running and sports?

    Because my Galaxy Buds always stay in my ears securely, whether I'm running or playing basketball or upside down in the gym, it doesn't matter they don't fall out.

    • can confirm they 100% do for me. (basketball, running, gym, cycling) And they come with different sized tips too. Only way mine has fallen out is my helmet strap hitting it.

      • Just to confirm that's airpods pro? Sounds pretty good, and didn't know they come with different sized tips.

        • yep, airpods pro.

          Had normal ones too and while they were still secure for my ear shape, they were more likely to fall out

    • Try Powerbeats pro

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    Managed to price beat at OW after delivery cost.

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      out of all those who have been lucky enough to get OW to price beat, you are the first to share a receipt! Thank you!

    • Hi this might sound like a stupid question… but is there a time limit for when I can price match with Officeworks with someone else’s receipt? For instance, if I go in-store tomorrow with this receipt showing today’s date, would they possibly allow the price beat? Thanks for any help in advance.

  • Got a price match at Officeworks, they added the delivery fee though. Thanks!

    • How do you do the price match with an online order?

      • I went in store and showed them the link to DS. It was really quick and easy for me, so I guess I'm one of the lucky few.

        • What's the delivery fee for if you were there? I wondered if you'd done this over the phone.

          • @Oatee: It was just accounting for the fact that you need to pay a delivery fee when ordering from DS since they don't have physical stores here - which was $10.99.

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    Just my opinion on the ANC of the AirPods Pro.

    I got my AirPods Pro on release in November last year.

    Overall, they're the best for use with Apple devices and I love the convenience.

    When first released, the ANC in particular was FANTASTIC! I had the Sony WF-1000XM3s for about 4 months before to use on shorter domestic flights. Their noise-cancelling was good. But the AirPods Pro were at least as good, and were much more comfortable to wear.

    However, the firmware update from December significantly crippled the ANC. They just weren't the same in flights anymore. The firmware update from a few days ago has helped a bit. But I feel it's still nowhere near as good as what the ANC was on original release.

    • I can relate to the above. I got the Pros at release and the ANC was incredible - though it had the side effect of causing a bit of nausea for me (not sure why). Post
      December though that feeling disappeared (with the side effect of more sound on buses and around the place).

      On planes (in Nov) the flight noise was dramatically lower but not as good as the Bose over-ears.

    • can you turn ANC on and off?

      • There are three modes. On, off (passive only) & transparency.

      • Yes

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

  • great first post thanks OP

  • Can you cancel the dick amith order?

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      don't worry. wait a few days and Dick Smith will do it for you… :P

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    it's like tossing a dice when speaking to a rep. luck-based if they agree to price match. 2 attempts failed.

    • 4 more rolls of the dice

  • Checked at Alexandria OW and they can't price match due to missing parts/model number.

  • just rang OW and was told by the staff they need to check this with the manager and call me back…sigh, hopefully the manager approves. Several people have successfully got OW to price beat!

    • You should go to the store a.s.a.p. unless the store is willing to hold one for you.

      • thought the process is to get price beat over the phone before rocking up at a store?
        trying to avoid a trip for nothing.

        • Well, I am guessing a lot of OZBers will just go to the stores directly. This type of price match requires manager approval.
          Anyway, best of luck. Hope you already heard back from them and are on your way there.

          • @netsurfer: nope still no response….judging by the comments below the manager has flagged this deal and will unlikely price beat.
            I placed an order on Dick Smith…hope OW calls me back and tells me ok then I will check if there is time to cancel the order with Dick Smith.

            • @Ozbogans: And here comes another issue. Pricing error now corrected.

              • @netsurfer: I got in before they fixed it. Was on the payment page while phoning OW!
                I hope they honour the deal as the chance OW will price beat now is slim.

  • Just ordered one. Hopefully, it is local stock.

  • Does it have local AU warranty?

  • Good price, considering that Kogan is the supplier and it is still $379 on their web site https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/apple-airpods-pro-apple/

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    100% a price error. Kogan which is the same company shows $379 for the same Airpodss.
    If you can pick up from OfficeWorks with a PriceMatch, great job!

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    Called OW and they said this has been flagged by the Head Office and they will not be doing any further price beats. They will be honouring the first few that got in however so goodluck

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    Ow in QV will price beat

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    just got off the phone. price match successful and awaiting pickup in store

  • -1


    Same headphones is at 379$, what is the difference between two.

    • Marketplace, sold by third party

    • the seller

    • Marketplace - Sold by Heybattery

  • should've waited longer to see OW price beats smh , could've got it today and cheaper

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    Some feedback on the actual product.

    Got these a couple of months ago and thought I wouldnt take to them, but geez……they are good. Love walking around Melbourne CBD being able to here the traffic and also Kraftwork. Seamless in taking calls, no complaints about clarity. The pros are a great product.

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    I went into OW in FG, Vic, and they won't price beat. They said they just don't do Dick Smith or Kogan or Toby Deals. PBMYA$$.

    • You should have called them liars and showed them all the receipts from people who have already got it.

    • Officeworks now price matches grey import sites as long as they are based in Australia. Maybe mention that just before you leave? Best of luck :)

      • They were saying that even though it is based in Australia or have a .com.au, their products are imported or grey stock, and will not have the same warranty, return policy, etc. What applies to ALL grey stock, so it sounded like a blanket NO to such sites anymore :S

        • What… I hate this huge variability of price matching policies around VIC, it seems like some stores set their own rules. Horrible. I've experienced the same before, you really can't change their mind I guess.

    • Called and got confirmed price matched at FG VIC

      But Went to store and got told Dick Smith put the price back…


      • I was there even before Dick Smith put the price up. They just won't allow it when they hear Dick Smith.

        • You probably need to try different person.

          The guy I spoke to was Daniel, he was so nice.

  • Just got off the phone with OW and no luck :(

  • Officeworks were assholes about it! Manager Was refusing and caused a massive scene about it. Went to another manager and they started looking up others price matches at OW and were being difficult.

    Very unpleasant experience

    • wow caused a scene? that sounds unprofessional… what'd he do

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    Price changes to $379 in checkout now

  • Save your time if you were planning to go to chadstone vic store. They said they dont match discksmith

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    Price in cart is now up to $379

  • I just got some priced matched at officeworks Maroochydore - went to post this deal afterwards thinking it's a ripper deal and saw it was already done!

  • Bought one, 291 dollars including shipping, thanks

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    Picked up from Garden city OW

    They will factor in the delivery fee, but still comes out cheaper than marked price on dick smith


    I don't even have any apple products lol

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      Me too, just nabbed one.

      An ozbargainer was in front of me. Could this have been you? LOL

      • +2

        I think it might have been. Were you the Asian girl next to me?
        I heard someone asking for a pricematch for the Apple airpod pros next to me lol

        Conrgats on getting one

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      Why are some people downvoting these comments? Surely there's better ways of dealing with frustration from being refused a price match…

    • Thanks OP

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    Just bought one. 5:17pm AEST. $289 delivered. Didn’t wait for OW to save $14. The ad says don’t pay $399. So hope it’s legit

    • It’s a price error and these orders will all be cancelled. I still ordered one though.

    • OZBers go to OW mainly because most feel this is actually a pricing error. Considered USD pricing and even with the recent $25 off offered by both Verizon and AT&T, the chance of this being a pricing error is quite high.

  • -1

    when adding to cart, goes to 379 ???

    • +1

      Price error has been fixed.


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