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Apple AirPods Pro (MWP22ZA/A) $351 Delivered (OW P/B $333.45) Delivered @ Rosman Computers


Officeworks Link - Apple AirPods Pro (MWP22ZA/A)

AirPods Pro have been designed to deliver Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound, Transparency mode so you can hear your surroundings and a customisable fit for all-day comfort. Just like AirPods, AirPods Pro connect magically to your iPhone or Apple Watch. And they’re ready to use straight out of the case.

Incredibly light noise-cancelling headphones, AirPods Pro block out your environment so you can focus on what you’re listening to.
Switch to Transparency mode and AirPods Pro let outside sound in, allowing you to hear and interact with your surroundings.
Internally tapered tips conform to the shape of your ear, securing your AirPods Pro in place and creating an exceptional seal for superior noise cancellation.
A custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion driver delivers powerful bass.
The Apple-designed H1 chip delivers incredibly low audio latency.
The Wireless Charging Case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life.
Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to suit the shape of your ear for a rich, consistent listening experience.
Quick access to Siri by saying "Hey Siri".
Sweat and water resistance.

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  • +4

    Ahhh, tempting since I got my Prick Smith order cancelled. But $330 seems so high compared to $280 haha. Plus my local OW is out of stock, does price match work if they have to order in?

    • +4

      Lol .. ow will match the free shipping, no need to go in store just call 1300 office to price beat

      • +2

        Oh, cool. Thanks.

        • +1

          awesome, got it via officeworks PBG (via 1300 OFFICE)

    • +2

      Though they were never actually $280, it was a price error and a few people were lucky to take quick advantage of OW price beat policy. $330 is a good price, imo!

    • Should aim your frustration more-so at Kogan the Bogan than Prick Smith considering its nothing more than a name now.

  • I tried getting a price match yesterday and officeworks wouldn’t? Kinda funny because this computer place is in Thirroul, a northern suburb of Wollongong and Wollongong officeworks wouldn’t price match! I wasn’t very happy

    • some staff are anal, no reason they shouldn't price match, free shipping option at checkout, just call 1300 OFFICE

      • Yeah the staff at fairy meadow officeworks weren’t nice at all - the lady on the phone clearly had enough of all the airpods calls tho 😂 she was a little short with me (I work at a call centre myself, so I understand) but the airpods have been secured!!!

    • Call officework to order and make sure let them know which branch of Officeworks you visited wouldn't do the price match.

    • They did a price beat this morning.


      • This deal is like two weeks old, and is long obsolete. Why didn't you get them to price beat against the School Locker?

        • It wasn't me - a mate of mine did it and sent me the photo. Just showing that OW Fairy Meadow do (at least on occasion) honour their pricing policy.

  • +10

    Was literally just about to post this deal to help out the fellow poor souls who missed out yesterday from Prick Smiths. Successfully price matched at OW South Yarra with the receipt: https://imgur.com/gallery/s2rJAG1

  • +1

    This is better than the shit DS deal

  • +18

    Could just be my thoughts, I know we want the cheapest price, but wouldn’t it be good to reward the shop giving us the first best price. Idk

    • -3

      Not necessarily. The two recent times I've done that - Nest Hub Max with TGG and Airpods Pro with DSE - both got cancelled due to a pricing error while those who got a price beat from OW scored a deal.

      This one isn't a pricing error as Rosman has always been competitive. But I guess the point is that OW can be more reliable than the shop with the cheapest deal and their price beat pretty much makes it worthy that they be "rewarded" too.

      • +3

        Their price beat makes it worthy? Thats the exact anti competitive behaviour OP was talking about. Price errors from TGG and DS have nothing to do with competitive pricing at Rosman.

        • -1

          Price beat seems competitive to me. Cheaper price and reliability wins me over any day. All I'm saying is that the experience generally seems to be better with OW and at the end of the day, I think that's what most shoppers look for.

    • +2

      It's not pure black and white for everyone. For example, I blacklisted Kogan (which owns D. Smith) years ago because of Kogan's rubbish own branded TV. Also, even if OW just price match quite a number of retailers without the additional 5%, I would still buy it from them. Some retailers use really sloppy packaging. And, Harvey Norman, I do try my best to avoid (since the CEO started the Harvey GST on international items).

    • -1

      In some cases, they might be selling below cost price or at break-even just for the sake of advertising. They would better off if you order from somewhere else.
      That’s an assumption though. I have no clue about marketing.

  • -1

    After yesterday's debacle, the AirPod Pros leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

    • +21

      I suggest not putting in your mouth.. :)

    • +3

      Same thing happened to me but it's DSE that left a bad taste. The product is innocent

    • +4

      Because a shop wouldn't give you your incorrectly priced item, now you don't like the item? Lol

      • +1

        I’m new here and I’m finding it so bizarre how entitled some bargain hunting folk are. I feel sorry for retail staff who have to deal with these Karen’s :(

  • +2

    Thanks OP Scored one from OW!

  • If only they were a good fit, prefer the gen 2.

  • My local OW(Hornsby NSW) says they do not price match AirPods Pro specifically — other products are fine just not this one :(

    • +2

      Lol that's BS. Any identically stocked product is the wording I believe?

      "Our Price Beat Guarantee (PBG) means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%."

    • thats bs just call 1300 OFFICE & they will price beat, see comments above successfully done it

    • +1

      I called 1300OFFICE and they matched it no problem with delivery.

  • +1

    Was able to order via phone. Got an email now just saying they need to manually review my order but payment has been taken out so should be good. Thanks OP

    • Via your local store or via 1300 OFFICE? Cheers mate

      • Via the 1300 number

  • I'm guessing this is a good price? I've been thinking (not very much & only in the back of my head) about getting some airpods for a while (mainly to listen to podcasts while i'm doing laundry/housework (so fun).. Would y'all recommend this?

    • for leisurely listening to podcasts you probably wouldn't need the pro's. The regular airpods should do you fine!

  • +1

    Is this the cheapest they've ever been?

  • +1

    Ordered direct from here. Officeworks has a message after 9 minutes on hold saying they are experiencing a system outage and wait time is very long. Decided I’d spend the extra $18 haha

  • +10

    I recently bought airpod pros with one of the last specials.
    If you have an iphone they are awesome, but I had a lot of trouble getting them to stay in my ears. In the end I did the comply foam modification (the one where the foam is under the apple silicon tips) and they are a million times better now.

    I also don't understand the hate towards Dick Smith, who had an obvious pricing error, then revoke it and people get pissed? Like they owe you something?

    For this price, I definitely think they are worth it, a lot better than my Jabra 65T

    • +1

      I also don't understand the hate towards Dick Smith, who had an obvious pricing error, then revoke it and people get pissed? Like they owe you something?


      Whilst I wouldn't mind a pair of wireless earbuds, I can't justify the price of the Airpods.. considering that after maybe 2 years or something they'll end up in the bin anyway. After seeing reviews though… it's so tempting.

    • Can you point me to where you got the "foam modification" as you mentioned? I've had issues with Airpods fitting for a long time.

      Hoping for a better fit than the standard Airpods I used to have which didn't stay in at all.

      • I basically did this

        I had some old comply foam tips, so I just chopped off a section of them and did this mod. They still fit in the charging case, just a little snugger than before.

        I had previously tried the airpods, and they wouldn't stay in my ears at all. I had been hoping with the silicon tips the pro's would fit better, but they didn't. I was all set to return them (although I really didn't want to), when I tried that modification. Now I'm really happy with them.

    • +1

      $330 and you need to modify them to even enjoy them.
      I have no idea how these are so popular.

  • +1

    Worked at Ringwood OW

  • +1

    +1 Got these at Officeworks in Caroline Springs, Victoria no problems at all. Great post!

  • +1

    OW 1800 customer care price matched but with added shipping costs ($15) from rosmancomputers. After 5% price beat, its $347.70 delivered. Just be careful while ordering. I might need to call OW to match it again

    • +1

      definitely Shouldn’t have charged you shipping, call back to fix it up

  • +1

    Bought just now at the Officework in South Melbourne. Thanks for the bargain. They asked me about the delivery but they finally saw the free shipping. final price 333.45$
    Cheers mate !

  • OW 1800 customer call centre also charged me $347. Am calling back now to dispute

    • +1

      I was on a call with them explaining the website is giving free delivery but they insisted there are delivery charge of $15. They took none of it and I said OW is disappointed for not honouring the price. I said I can even screenshot the free delivery page but they said no.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought a pair of mother's day

  • +3

    A good price, but I wish Apple made these in space gray.

  • Finding myself fighting an internal battle here, really want them but can’t help wondering are these really worth $330?

    • +1

      I was tempted, but I had to talk myself out of it, knowing that with the batteries they will only be good for a few (2) years. If I had more money, I would get them though

      • +2

        Hardest part i have to keep myself talking out of it every 15 mins i refresh the page and see its not expired :(.
        Want it, don't need it.

  • Are people price-matching over-the-phone in case Rosman go out of stock before they get to a store?

  • Been on hold for the last 30 minutes calling 1300 Office, can the rest of you hang up please?

    • I called 1300 office and it was a waste of time tbh.
      They said as long as it meets the T&C of their price match policy.

      I just went to the OW store, told them i called and said they they would price matched , which they happily price matched.

  • Confirming I got $333.45 via 1300 OFFICE. I was on hold for 40 mins before I got through to someone. She originally wanted to charge $15 shipping but I advised when I put my Sydney postcode in it comes up as free shipping. She was happy with that. Will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday (free shipping). Correct $333.45 charge is showing on my credit card too. Enjoy, all!

  • +1

    Thanks Op. was successful price beating at officeworks minchinbury.

    Called up Blacktown earlier,dramas of stock there / not there blah blah. Trying to escape in the name of no stock.

  • +1

    Got one at North Sydney (for $333.45) no problems

    FYI Out of stock at North Ryde

  • -1

    Why is this thing so expensive considering other brands such as QCY makes good enough earphone and this is 10 times more expensive. The price over $150 is excessive for such a small device no matter how good in terms of tech and quality.

    You could get very good smartphone for such price. Yeah I know you have to take into factor the research and things like that but 10 times more expensive? This can’t be more three times as good compared to QCY or other good brand so price of more than $150 is not worth it.

    • Bcos it is one of the best wireless earbuds

  • -1

    Check out crackle issue with these, I’ve had right one replaced and left is now starting. According to forums is widespread. For this outlay maybe wait till issue sorted.

  • +3

    I’ve had mine for about a week and I feel they’re worth $300. I can still hear my not-that-loud airconditioner in noise cancelling mode, and I think it’s more noticeable since a couple days ago (firmware update).

    The ios experience is great (havent tried anything else yet), the battery life is not great, however the battery life is probably great for this form factor, so I cant just expect physics to bend to my will. I have discovered bluetooth earphones cant serve full quality audio while the mic is in use too though, so that’s a bummer, I cant play any music while on a call without it going down to 20khz.

    Best experience you can have, but the audio quality reminds me of my $120 sennheiser cx200’s from 2008, actually maybe a tiny bit worse, but only because a little less bassy. If I had a noisy environment to test in though I’m sure these would surely rank higher due to the noise cancellation. And I’m loving the transparent mode as I’m naturally making my voice sound more pleasant as I can hear myself back, which is an unexpected side effect. For long voice calls I get battery anxiety and am constantly switching back into the case everytime one reaches 25% battery, which ends up being a loop of every 1-1.5hrs switching them out. Microphone sounds as distant as you would expect in discord calls, but on facetime audio you will hear everything, it’s like you’re in the room with them (friend has airpods pro too). For discord, mic is not as good as the wired airpods, and for actual mobile calls I am unsure if the facetime trickery works on that yet haven’t bothered to check, I would hope it does, because I really do value being able to speak clearly to the other person and the discord quality just sounds like the microphone is in my ear (which it is.. lol…)

    Best experience, but $300 imho, but still, I think I will grow to like these more as time goes on. The noise cancelling needs improving, if apple is making the firmware decision on audio quality then I hope maybe they can just allow the cancellation to go back to being super aggressive but only during really quiet parts or silence, as sometimes you just want silence.

    • Thanks for a comprehensive review!

      I'll probably wait until next years version.

  • +7

    Currently the website is saying that there's no stock available but we still have plenty of stock in store which isn't reflected on our website. This means that you can still place the order through the website and expect to receive the item next week but stock will be running out soon. We will start processing these on Monday.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, scored one from OW

  • SQ on the original airpods are downright terrible.

    On the Pros they are average at best.

    You're paying for the form factor, decent ANC, and comfort, with I believe are better than most.

    As has been said above expect these to be garbage in 2 years. Get your applecare for a battery replacement at 729 days.

    • +1

      You're paying for the form factor, decent ANC, and comfort, with I believe are better than most.

      Don't forget the ease with which you can connect to your various Apple devices.

      As has been said above expect these to be garbage in 2 years.

      By then, there will be a newer model.

      Get your applecare for a battery replacement at 729 days.

      Pay another $50 to the Apple insurance mob? No thanks.

    • I wonder if the battery can even be replaced in these considering how small they are. I'd suspect Apple would just give out a refurb/new pair and chuck these into the bin or (hopefully) recycle them somehow.

  • Got one this morning at $333.45 officeworks in store pick up, wait time was approx 25 minutes.

  • +1

    Got one delivered for $333.45 by calling 1300 OFFICE.

  • -1

    O/W has a limit of one per customer. WTF! I needed two of them.

    • Don't worry they come in pairs.

  • You can get them at Costco - seems to be regular priced? I picked up a pair today for $350 but may make use of the return period as my experience with apple buds/pods etc havent been the best, mostly issues with them not falling out of my ears after an hour.

    • You can blame that on your ears not Apple. Regular airpods fit my ears great and never fall out. Meanwhile airpods pro doesn't fit on my right ear that well and I have to adjust it on right every 10-20minutes

      • +1

        Well that was with regular airpods and their earpods, and from the reviews I've seen I was not alone. The Pro's definitely fit more peoples ears presumably due to the more accommodating silicon tips.
        For your issue, I'd suggest perhaps using a different sized tip for the ear its falling out of. There's no rule both tips being used must be same size.
        Personally I'm using the mid-sized tips and so far so good. It's been my experience with these sorts of tips (Jaybird X2s) the rubber deteriorates over time and need replacing otherwise they start slipping out of ears with the slightest amount of activity.

    • only saw airpod 2 in costco

    • Need costco membership. This doesn't.

  • Just wondering are these tax deductible - working from home for video calls etc? That would make them a really decent out of pocket price.

    • If you use them for work I imagine they would be.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ending up getting at Carlton OW in NSW, had plenty of stock this morning even though online said limited.

  • +1

    Managed to get a pair tonight! Woohoo

  • How are people finding their new airpods? I am not loving it…

    When my partner is showering, I'll be in another room and Noise Cancellation will for some reason pickup and amplify the shower noise so it ends up being noisier than ANC off. The ANC is definitely working though, but its nowhere near as good as my QC35's. I wasn't expecting it to be, but it just seems a little disappointing… weird issues like it behaving oddly with the shower example. I also notice similar behaviour when our gas heater is running. I also cant really get it in my ears comfortably, the old airpods were super comfortable for me, I hate these rubber ear tips that seal your ear canal, I don't love the feeling of things being "in" my ear.

    The treble on these also seem to be a bit off, with punchy treble coming out as distorted sometimes.

    Is this all normal in the experience? Or is my pair a dud?

    Either way, can we return these things at officeworks?

    • I've got mine delivered today - at first I didn't like them and thought to return same as you. But got a software update after charging them and sound quality improved significantly after update (version 2D15)

      • Thanks for the reminder. Updated from 25B88 today.

        SQ improved - bass seems cleaner and I think the sound stage a bit wider.

        ANC and transparency seem the same but I had no issues prior. Some say these have improved, but it depends which FW you've come from.

    • +1

      Reasons you should buy Airpods Pro in order:
      1. Portability
      2. Comfort
      3. ANC (pretty damn good for the form factor)
      4. You love spending money/Ozb'ing
      10. Sound quality

      I think they sound pretty bad but im very picky. But i know many people who think they are amazing.

      If 1,2 and 3 above weren't there for me is little value and I would sell.. spendy plastic…

    • Once you remove the shrink wrap, I am pretty sure you cannot return it for a refund unless the unit is DOA.

  • Manage to get these through office works a few days ago by calling the hotline. The first answerer wouldn't do it as there was no stock, the second went ahead with it though.

  • Bit late to the party, but just scored this Office Works (1300 Office). Sales assistance was really nice and made it quite easy to pricematch against Rosman Computers (RC).

    The one thing to note is that OW were initially going to deny the PBG as there was no stock at RC's online store. To prove RC had stock, I just put in my personal details into Rosmans website at the checkout screen (obviously don't buy it from RC), which showed no wait for CC/delivery.

    Just unlucky that this deal finished this morning (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537944)!!

    • +1

      You could have also gone for the current Mobileciti deal.

      • This made me sad, as that deal came out an hour after I bought it at OW… D=

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