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$15 off Orders @ UberEATS (New & Existing Accounts)


I saw a previous deal that had $15 off for first time ubereats and the code was 66EATS. I randomly tried 77EATS and the code worked for me even though I have many orders on my account. try it out or delete this post idgaf.

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  • Worked for me, nice!

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      OP's username checks out

  • amazing - worked!

  • Worked for me, but I don't know until I order. Any minimum order ?

    • Don't think so.

      Any remaining value is forfeited if total amount of your first order is below $15.

    • Can confirm no minimum order. Only need to keep in mind the delivery fee, which varies. Also can only apply code once per account. Thanks too OP, nice one :)

  • Certainly works. Nice one op

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    Damn just as my break at work finished and I couldn't decide what to eat! Maybe I'll order pickup pizza hut after my shift..

  • wow IDGAF!

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    Nicely done , thanks haha
    Expires September 21

    Edit: not my first order on Uber eats

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    88EATS and 99EATS appears to be some sorta active promo codes but it won't apply on my account.

    • yeah i tried them too haha

  • Defo works thanks op

  • Thanks OP!

  • Anyone get "Your payment method is invalid. Please update your billing settings." no matter which credit cards or PayPal accounts they use to make payment? Their support is simply useless, just a copied and paste robot response. Same error message on different phones and tablets too.

    • Previously yes, but not tonight. Support will respond and they may need to clean up some account issues.

      • Just experienced it last night using the previous 66EATS code.😣 Do you use their Facebook page for support? I cannot find a single email link anywhere. When using Facebook, I needed to have my corresponding first and last name on my FB account as on the app, otherwise they will refuse to provide any help.

        • In app support, which is basically email.

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      Oh god you're busted! I get this every damn time that they never let me place an order. It is when you use the same payment method in more than one account. They ban it along with any other payment methods in both accounts along with whatever you try to add. All your accounts get black listed and when you contact support they merge all accounts they suspect as related and even after that the account you're left with seems restricted. screw uber eats worst company ever

  • Works!

  • You're a LEGEND!

  • Bloody terrific mate

  • Thanks buddy, worked for me nice one.🤩👍

  • This actually worked for me and ubereats promos almost never work on my account!

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      Sorry caps I was excited

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        And forgot to vote…

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          Ty for the reminder. Just used the code on 2 phones both worked and both weren't first orders.

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    Use it before they will expire the code!

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    Nice worked on all 8 accounts I have. Lunch sorted for the week. Thanks op

    • How did you get so many accounts? Virtual numbers?

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      Warning from experience. They'll invalidate the code in the next hour when they see how much it's used. Eat up now, or order food to take to work!

    • 8, that’s impressive. I thought my 4 was verging on excessive, but now I’m envious.

      • 8 is ok if you have a bunch of cheap phones from deals/backups. Plus all the free sim deals. The trick with uber eats is to have an excel spreadsheet matching phone numbers with the right email. Otherwise it becomes a nightmare as you cant simply reset the password from email if you don't remember the phone number it was tied to.

      • Isn’t Ubereats device locked? So if you use more than one sim on the one device it won’t work?

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          Isnt it payment wise locked. I can get numbers but my payment isnt accepted as card already registered.

  • Minimum spend?

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    Worked! Not sure if I should use tonight. Do people think they can remove promo codes once applied?

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      I took screen shots of the receipt.

  • Worked !!! Yum !!!

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    Yup - use UE about 2 times a week and worked.

    Just a heads up last time someone had a bunch of codes that worked, I kept them stacked in my app and went to use them a week or so later and they'd already expired. Jumped on this and ordered with no issues, $15 off applied!

  • EDIT:Misread deal.

    • Depends if voucher is treated as another promo code or as a gift card.

    • Try it to find out

  • Thanks, ordered for pickup tonight.

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    I suggest using this ASAP, doesn't matter if you added the code to your account because they'll just expire it.

  • Thanks OP. Worked on dinner tonight.

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    It's works !!! Better use it ASAP or Uber eats will find out there's a glitch

  • Finally one that works for me!!! Thanks!

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    I tried a restaurant (Okami) but it wont let the discount happen, it just says the promo has already been applied but no discount apears. I then tried a fast food chain and it works. Good stuff OP.

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      try and view the voucher in your promo section then go back to the checkout - just tried this with housemate and seemed to work after initially not working

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        Yup, done it again and it seemed to work.

        • happy eating!

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    Used voucher before they axe it. Thanks OP!!

  • Ordered already.
    Thanks OP.

  • thanks op. dinner sorted:) it worked for me too.

  • Ordered! Thanks OP

  • I think I love you OP…

  • +30

    Pro tip: if you want to order something under $15 and don't want to use the full amount, you can tip the remainder and it won't cost you anything if all under $15 + give the restaurant more $ for nothing.

    Got a family box of chips from my local chicken shop + tipped the place uber's suggestion of $3 - all came under the coupon - so felt good and didn't cost me anything :)

  • I (profanity) love you, OP!

  • +1

    Can't redeem it :(

    Our systems are receiving unusually high traffic, please try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.

  • +6

    Sweet. Ordered some pork crackle lol. Might order the missus some dishwashing liquid from her account.

    • Who is selling dishwashing liquid using Ubereats ?

      • Caltex

        • Wow, didn't know that. $7.99 delivery fee

        • pork crackle from caltex too ?

  • Yes, worked for me. Well done champ!

  • legend, free indian for the fam tomorrow night

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      Use it tonight. I think these tend to get removed from your account once they catch on.

      • +1

        I've scheduled the order so hopefully it stays.
        Had already started dinner when i saw this as always.

        • +1

          I've already defrosted chicken, but got a pad see ew for lunch tomorrow!

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    Did Uber Eats once charge cards after the fact? It's just I don't want to actually pay $13.50 for dinner.

    • I've never been on any of these free ones. They usually just shut it down pretty quick.

    • +3

      Yes they did! Had to fight very hard to get my money back

      • D: How did you go about getting your money back?

        • +2

          Spoke to them via the app. First level support wouldn’t refund me the money so I spoke to a manager. I sent them a screenshot of my receipt and they eventually (reluctantly) refunded me the money.

          • @justcallmeboss: How did you get onto a manager? This advice will help a lot of people I imagine if they try to charge more than agreed.

      • +1

        Yeah, I just remembered that too (after ordering 2 X quarter cheesecake on 2 X account). Hopefully not this time,. I've already paid and had it delivered.

  • +2

    OP you're a legend. Was literally just sitting thinking about ordering food and it would be good if i could get a discount on Uber eats!
    Bang! You da real mvp

  • +3

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Thanks OP. I'm literally drinking my heavily discounted bubble milk tea as I type this.

  • +4

    already have dinner but ordered more food just in case they shut it down

    • 100% this^

  • Can't believe that it actually worked!
    Thank you!!

  • oh yeah

  • +5

    Someone is gonna be made redundant

  • Thanks op.
    Got a tub of ben amd jerry for $5

  • Sweet! Great job OP! Ordered dinner for tonight. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

  • Damn. Dinner for tonight and tomorrow sorted. Thanks

  • +3

    Whole chicken at Gami and chips for $36 delivered

    • Geez. Seems expensive to me?

  • Done!!!!

  • Hands down you are a legend

  • Thanks, bought a cookies & cream pretzel and a salted caramel one for $3 with free delivery.

  • +1

    "Ranjit is picking up your order"

  • -3

    Should order for pick up instead of delivery. If I cancel the order can I use the code again?

  • +1

    Free burrito bowl! Thanks Op

  • +1

    Thanks op! Dinner delivered for $6 :)

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