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Xiaomi M365 Pro Scooter $709.95 | Xiaomi M365 $539.96 (Sold Out) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Hi, today we have dropped the price on these Scooters to combine with the eBay 10% off sale.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter with 2 spare tyres $539.96 Delivered

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OLED DISPAY (Speed, Three Mode, Light, Battery Left, Bluetooth Connection, Over heating Warning, Malfunction Error)
300W wheel motor ( max: 600W ) provides the max 25km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient
12.8Ah / 37V Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 45km mileage
Three mode ( energy saving mode, standard mode, sport mode ) can be switched to tap the switch button twice
8.5 inch rubber inflatable wheels for different grounds to take
Quick folding design for convenient carrying in your car trunk
Aluminum alloy shell for max 100kg payload

Package Includes:
Xiaomi Scooter Pro Global Version main Device, Charger with AU Plug, English Manual.

Comparison Between the 2 Models:

Features Xiaomi M365 Pro Xiaomi M365
Max Speed 25km/hr 25km/hr
Range 45km 25km
Weight 14.2kg 12.7kg
Battery 474 Wh 280 Wh
Charging Time 8.5 Hours 5.5 Hours
Motor Power 300 W (600 W Peak) 250W (500W peak)
Tyres Air Air
Suspension No No
Brake Front Electrical Electrical
Brake Rear Rear Rear
Display Yes No
Max Gradient Officially 15% (Claimed 20% by Reviewers) 14%

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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      • +1

        Get over it

        • -1

          Please explain your argument.

          • -3

            @matttttt: People like you are a waste of space and time.

    • -1

      I'm with you waiting for that for long but promise myself not buying anything if I know that clearly come from China (acknowledge that sometime hard to define if it come from China). Thanks but No thanks.

    • -1

      I personally prefer to be "the bigger man" and let them play games, I will continue as though it doesn't affect me.

  • Rep - How does warranty work with M365 if something goes wrong with it. I am in Brisbane. Thanks

    • +5

      12 months warranty, we will pay for return postage.

    • +1

      I’ve purchased a couple of things from gearbite and they have been great with dealing with warranty issues. Recommend seller.

  • -2

    It takes 15 min to work by car and 5 min to market by foot. I will pass this deal as not ideal for me. Also no more Chinese product as they think Australia as a gum stuck on their shoe. No more.

  • +1

    Anybody knows how legal would riding this to train station would be in Western Australia?

    • +1

      Compliant e-scooters can only be legally ridden on low speed WA public roads and paths if their maximum power output is no more than 200 watts and they cannot travel more than 10 km/h on level ground. Many e-scooters on the market are non-compliant and have motors that exceed 200 watts and can travel at speeds much faster than 10 km/h.


      • So M365 pro is more than 200W so I am guessing it will be illegal.

        Anybody knows how they check for watts when they stop you?

        • They likely won't check that, its the speed limit which makes them kinda useless imo. The laws only seem to cover electric mobility scooters for the elderly. Such a shame too since around mandurah the sidewalks are mostly empty, even before the lockdown.

    • Ive been riding scooter all around perth + train station until my scooter was stolen. No issues from cops when I ride past. On train I fold it up and take down elevator. If busy- lift. Busses just needs to fold it when u get on.

      When I reported my max stolen to police , no issues either .

      You should be fine.

  • +1

    I have a M365 Pro and it's a ripper of a little scooter for the money. Fun to ride, easy and efficient transport. Love it.

  • Anyone here got these things hauling an anchor? Curious to see how it copes with the big fellas out there

  • +6

    What is with the downvoting of any comment about Chinese mades goods? Is this not a legitimate concern for consumers to voice given the bully boy behaviour of the dishonourable Chinese government in recent days.

    I regret my extensive collection of xiaomi devices not because they perform poorly. I have helped to build this monster that's now gives the finger to the Australian people after ruining our economy.

    • +2

      Without trying to start a flame war here (and if this is against the rules mods feel free to remove) but can you please explain to me why I should now be hating China?

      • -4

        Do you follow any news at all??? #facepalm

      • -1

        It's not about 'hating' and not about 'China' either. The Chinese people are not the problem (though many are deeply programmed by the CCP). The angst lies with the CCP. They micro-manage everyone in their country. So they knew about it, told no-one else, ignored it for a few months, threatened/gaoled/'disappeared' the few doctors, researchers, etc who tried to warn the CCP and Chinese people as if the problem would just go away. When they realised ignoring a virus isn't effective, they quietly bought up and shipped bulk medical supplies back to China (much of which they originally produced) leaving other countries short (and let's face it, this was more about greed, having an abundance of supplies, because they could have simply directed their own people to produce more).

        They showed zero respect, not only for their own people, but negative respect for the rest of the world who has enriched them, by allowing flights to continue to infect the world as if it would somehow escape our attention.

        They manipulated/controlled the World Health Organization too, headed by an individual with known CCP sympathies, to provide 100% false and dangerious medical advice to the rest of the world, when China is a small financial contributor.

        Then the CCP lied to its own people saying the virus was miraculously eliminated overnight. So when more cases appeared it blamed 'foreigners' for 'bringing it in' LOL! To back up this nonsense claim they're doing things like refusing non-Chinese people entry to national parks and tourist attractions, ordering them not to leave their homes. Even when they've lived in China for decades, are married to and have children with a Chinese person (who CAN go anywhere while they can't), even when they have papers to show they've been tested and cleared of having the virus.

        But the 'foreigner' thing gets even worse. Dark-skinned African people are being told by police to leave their homes to 'protect' other Chinese people living in the same building/area, denied entry to stores to buy food, etc.

        To top it off, the world now wants an investigation to learn what went wrong and put procedures in place to ensure it never happens again. Instead of the CCP saying, "That makes sense and is an honorable goal. Come on over and let's get to work…" they instead 'threaten' to ban Chinese students coming here (big whoop), to stop buying our produce, etc.

        'The west' has enriched various third-world nations in the past, raising their general quality of life. For example, while it's largely pointless for Chinese people to own cars, it's only their current generation who have been able to buy a car for the sheer 'status' or enjoyment aspect of owing one.

        They've done all this and more to try to 'safe face'. But unlike the past it's not working this time. Their carelessness, indifference, and disdain for everyone including their own people, has made themselves stink to the rest of the world.

        This is why some people are calling for giving them some of their same 'medicine' by boycotting Chinese products.

    • +3

      Lol, China (the country, in terms of an economy, not the people) has been giving the middle finder to Australians and ruining our economy for decades. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you.

    • I'm here for the #bargains

    • What do you think if Chinese people 1.4billion people not buying Australian product? Who going to lose? We as Australian

      • False. First, not all 1.4B are eating Australian food.

        Second, China obviously buys in bulk and demands the cheapest price. Which results in Australians being charged more for things produced in our own country in order to make up the profit shortfall, due to things like 'Free Trade Agreement' quotas. Things like we saw a few years ago won't happen, where imported Californian oranges meant our orange farmers couldn't sell theirs. The government provided financial assistance for them (what a RIDICULOUS situation this is). But because those farmers owned an 'income-producing asset' (their orchard), they didn't qualify for financial assistance. So some had to bulldoze their trees into the ground to eliminate their 'asset', to quality for financial aid, to feed themselves and pay their bills.

        So if China stops buying Australian food, so what… New sales will be made with other countries. The USA currently has a meat shortage, and due to Brexit, the UK is no longer locked into buying goods from EU nations. In the meantime more meat and produce will hit Australian stores, which could (should!) mean prices go down for Australians because we're no longer subsidizing Chinese mouths.

        The only people who miss out due to CCP threats is the Chinese. Let them have at it. They lose our product, we get more (and therefore cheaper) food, and manufacturing could return our independence. Personally I hope they carry out their largely empty threats. We don't need their students, businessmen, and diplomats influencing our government.

        • You do understand should they stop buying our export, Aussie dollar will crash big time ?

          • @cauilfield: No, I don't understand that, and neither do you. China will only cut off imports they can afford to lose. That's exactly why they chose to drop the meat but kept coal. They think threats will cause our politicians to clutch their pearls in horror and stop demanding the CCP accepts it has a responsibility to behave like a part of a global community.

            It's a silly point anyway, because:

            a) Where else are they going to obtain 80 million tons of coal.
            b) If they do decide to get it somewhere else, the infrastructure to dig it out of the ground, load ships, etc must ALREADY BE IN PLACE. Otherwise China will have to shut their factories and power stations down for months while another country builds mines or increases production.
            c) That delay means China will have to PAY MORE for coal, than another country already buying it before China wanted it.
            d) So that other country who loses their coal because China pays more for it, will buy ours instead. Because again, new mines cost millions of dollars, and don't just appear or double production overnight. That virtually guarantees that other country will buy the Australian coal China used to buy.

            So little changes other than the country of origin on the stern of the coal ships.

        • You're doing more harm then good mate, until there's solid evidence, don't buy into conspiracies.

          The world is stronger when standing together , that's always a fact

          • @Stylez: The 50 cent army is out in force, LOL. Maybe you should tell that to the CCP and they'll become a 'friend' worth having around. Because at the moment they've done just about everything they could possibly do to alienate the rest of the planet.

            What 'harm' are you talking about anyway? Stating facts without emotion or personal bias? Everything I've said above is fact.

            • @Faulty P xel: No point talking to you mate if you really believe your 'fact', not seeing the harm is being delusional

              • +2

                @Stylez: Facts aren't 'harmful'. They're merely facts. No one is hating on the Chinese people. So the only 'harm' you could possibly be referring to is offending the delicate feelings of the CCP.

                So we're supposed to keep quiet, ignore all their wrongs and smile while we bury people, lose businesses and jobs, just so they can 'save face' as if they're some kind of untouchable monarch over the entire planet!? LOL. That's the kind of approach that guarantees all the same 'mistakes' will happen again.

                The CCP must accept responsibility and provide other nations with the same respect they demand themselves.

                Who cares if their precious feelings are hurt after the utter misery they've inflicted on the rest of the planet. The world and lives in it are not their personal disposable plaything to do with as they please.

                I've summarized the worst of things they've done above. But there's plenty more. Us keeping quiet, being 'afraid' to bring facts into the light and expect they stop treating the rest of the world like garbage, is exactly what allowed this worldwide debacle to occur in the first place.

  • -2

    Aren’t these free in LA?

    • +1

      No you need to pay to hire them, what makes you think they’re free?

    • Lol what

  • is this legal in PNG?

  • No thank you I'm not going to buy anything else from China from now on.

    • I'm not changing my buying habits,
      boycotting China just feeds the CCP propaganda that Australia is negative towards them and gives them evidence,
      I would rather be the bigger person and turn the other cheek.

      let them play games, let's be above it.

    • What do you think if Chinese people 1.4billion people not buying Australian product? Who going to lose? We as Australian you.

  • Why not a proper scooter like a Honda Dio? a used one can be had for 2500, way more fun and practical. I know different purposes but just pondering for someone seeking just to have a bit of thrill.

    • +1

      Cos it’s 5x as much. And you don’t need a license to ride one.

    • You can commute on shared and bike paths legally in Qld on an eScooter, straight past all the stuck traffic.

  • Is it ok to ride this to the train station and carry it into the train in Melbourne? I mean it's not illegal is it? I haven't seen anyone with this in a train, that's why asking the question

    • It's only illegal if you get caught by police who care

    • +1

      I used to take my mountain bike on the train. Not wise during peak hours of course because you get filthy looks when it's standing room only. But with this you just fold it up and stand it between your legs. The wattage is still illegal.

  • Are these contraptions able to carry normal european size people over 150kg, 190cm??

  • +2

    I got an M365 off a deal here mid last year. Put 1800kms on it riding to and from working Bris until WFH started in April. One of the best purchases I've ever made, it has already paid itself off twice in saved public transport/parking costs. I get to the foyer and work, fold it down, carry it up the lift and its fits hidden under my desk to use works electricity to top off during the day :)

  • Pity these are still illegal to ride on the streets/roads in most jurisdictions…

  • Since this post is full of eScooter aficionadoes, wanted to ask some general scooter advice.
    Anyone know of a good powerful but v light scooter?
    I currently have the Morath (which got discontinued), and like it a lot, but would love something more powerful in the same size/weight category. Havent been able to find something like that.

    It has a 250w motor (but feels less powerful) and weighs a great 7.5kg, so v easy to fold and carry about.
    The construction quality is pretty poor though, and it struggles to get up almost any incline.
    Here's a link to current one:

    So, anyone know of anything exactly like that but more powerful and better quality? :). Has to be <7.5kg in weight.

  • +4

    Any coming back in stock soon Rep?


    • Would also like to know if any M365 Pro deals are coming around… my 4 year old E-Twow Booster has got electrical issues so looking for something new to replace it instead of attempting another repair

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