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Certa 12V Cordless Impact Wrench $37 + Delivery @ Kogan


Up to 400NM of fastening torque
12V Cordless design with 1500mAh battery and charger
Ideal for the home mechanic or DIY carpenter
Quick release 1/2 “ drive socket and 2 impact sockets
Reverse and forward rotation to loosen and tighten
Heavy-duty housing with soft grip handle
Electric brake and 3 level battery power indicator
Lightweight cordless design and belt hook
Includes carry case

I already own a corded 12v impact wrench but connecting it up to the car battery was getting annoying.
Was tempted to buy the ALDI brushless impact wrench but this one was a steal and is rated at 400Nm of torque which will easily undo wheel nuts.

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    400Nm my arse

    • +1

      If it works similar to the 12v corded one I have, it uses a special clutch to achieve the torque. It's not a continuous hammering but rather spins up a flywheel then engages a clutch to apply torque. So it's a little slow, but effective.
      Just hypothesizing here…

      • yeah you might be right, especially since its only using a 1500mAh 12V battery

      • I have the "original" Shentai 12v rattle gun. Works as you say and still going strong years down the track (home use only). Fingers crossed but hasn't failed to remove even the tightest wheel nuts on my 4WDs so far. Might take a few hits to loosen the nut if - despite your specific request - the lazy b's at your (BJ) tyre shop haven't dialled up the right torque for your vehicle. :-(

    • +2

      Ouch, that would hurt!

  • loosenupmynuts

  • 400Nm

    How many ugga duggas is that?

  • Seems pretty cheap, is this any good for loosening wheel nuts?

    • +1

      I hope so. That's the primary reason I'm buying it for.
      Normal wheel nut torque should be around 120-130Nm.
      Mechanics usually just over torque to probably 200-300Nm.
      This unit it rated at 400Nm so fingers crossed it will work.

      • Impact wrenches can remove many wheel nuts/bolts but even mine (DeWalt) struggles with some.

        I simply use a breaker bar and the correct socket or just a piece of gal water pipe (Bunnings) over the factory wrench. The latter is a cheap option, works well and just leave it behind the spare wheel etc.

        • When I got my car (used) the first time I went to remove the wheel bolts it twisted my wheel X brace… I used a 1m pole extension and it couldn't undo it… But then I bought an inpact wrench rated at 340Nm and it removed it easily.

          Time will tell how good this Certa one is.

    • I think that is about all they are useful for.
      I have a "corded" 12v model - you clamp it to the car battery. Cost about $20 at Bunnings, but no longer sold.
      Was cheaper than a breaker bar, but less effective.

  • Its showing 49.99 to me

    • +1

      The banner says 'Extra 25% off' … 'Discounts applies at Checkout'.

  • So to use this it has to be plugged into the car socket or does it have an inbuilt battery that can be recharged?

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      Check out the second line of the deal post.

    • This one has a battery. Sorry for the confusion - my old one that I have (different model) connects to my car battery

  • +1

    i strongly doubt this will do 400nm

  • +3

    400nm? Lol. My bet is it closer to 40nm…..

    Milwaukee claim 339nm for their 12v, brushless, class leading, $282 bare tool.

    Makita claim 165nm for their brushless 12v 1/2" version. And its $189 for the bare tool.

  • I think it would be better to drop $120 on the Aldi impact wrench (20V 4.0ah Battery, Fast charger and the Skin itself).


    Spec states 350nm, Catalogue says 5 year warranty? Pretty cheap for a cordless with that torque and rated power
    and if the warranty is true it's even better!

    From what I can ascertain, the batteries for this are the same for most of the power tools and cordless garden implements
    they released over the last few years, so if a skin for something else pops up, you'll already have a battery and a fast charger
    to go along with it.

  • +2

    My impact wrench arrived today.

    This thing is awesome.

    As expected it uses a clutch mechanism to apply the torque which explains how it can deliver much higher torque compared to other battery powered impact wrenches.

    It easily undid my correctly torqued wheel lugs at 120Nm.

    I then torqued it to the highest my torque wrench would go at 210Nm and it had zero problem undoing it.

    This unit is very beefy in size so don't expect it to get into tight places like the smaller units.
    I have no reason to believe this won't handle the quoted 400Nm.

    The only downside of this is that it is easy to over torque the nuts. After only a couple bangs it was way over the 120Nm level and over 210Nm max of my manual torque wrench. My other impact wrench has a digital limiter which is fairly accurate so you can dial in the desired torque.

    • Thanks for the report! I might as well get one myself at that price. :)

    • Nice review! Thanks!

      And hows the battery life ?
      U reckon a single charge could do 4 wheels (20 nuts) ??

      I'm gonna assume its impossible to buy replacement batteries for this too.
      But hopefully it uses standard 18650 cells… that we can hack in.

      • I haven't tested the battery life but say it would be able to do 4 wheels off then on again.
        It just spins up the flywheel really fast then the internal weight of three clutch does the hammering action. I don't think it's particularly battery intensive.

        The battery is quite small… Maybe 3 18650 cells arranged in n a triangular shape. Measured voltage is 11.80v

      • Worst comes to worst, it has a cigarette adaptor that you use instead of the battery

  • I just ordered one yesterday for $37, and got FREE Delivery too.
    And I don't even have KoganFirst membership !
    No doubt its their non-express delivery tho.

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