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Before I get roasted for not using Whirlpool for Solar research, please note that I've already tried, and it is a complete chaos when I try to navigate through Whirlpool. Not really use to it. I guess people feel the same when I tell them to jump on Ozbargain for some great deals, and they tell me that it's very hard to navigate … anyways …

Currently looking to get solar panels installed at my place and was quoted for $4,700 on the following specifications:

  • Based in SYD for reference
  • 6.6kW system, with 20x330w Jinko Panels
  • 5kW Fronius inverter
  • Double Storey, tile roofing
  • include supply, install as well as application for new meter from grid provider?

I know I don't have the specific models, but does this look like a decent price? Is there anything I should be asking?

Also looking into changing electricity providers, from origin to AGL. After putting some quick numbers on Excel, I have come up with the following

My last bill was for the following usage:


92 days
1321kWh usage PEAK @ 28.578c/kWH with 87.45c per day supply
376kWh Controlled Load 1 @ 15.257c/kWh with 15.257 per day supply

Cost based on provided information = ~$530/quarter


PEAK 28.369c/kWH WITH 90.20c/DAY CHARGE
CL1 13.167c/kWH WITH 6.6c/DAY CHARGE

Cost based on provided information = $520/quarter

As commonly discussed on some forums I see AGL has 21c/kWh FIT, whereas Origin has something like 8.5c (or ~21c/kWh limited to 6kWh daily)

Am I missing something? If anyone more knowledgeable than I am could provide some insight, that would be much appreciated. Alternatively, if anyone on here is looking for some advice, this would be a great forum to discuss.



  • so what're your objectives installing solar? Getting your money back asap, or having peace of mind running ac on those 40+ days and not worrying about bill? The way you put your number in it sounds like you want to get your money back asap but remember having solar will almost certain pay itself within around 4 years so don't need to stretch too much, the thing you need to worry about is quality of installation so need to look around for reputable one, don't go for the well known phoenix like euro solar couple of years ago.

    Without knowing much about your usage pattern and your roof, probably a 6.6kw system give you around 10,000kwh a year so if you sell all that you agl within 2 years you'll get about $4000 back (AGL is pretty much the only one curently offering guaranteed 20c FIT for 2 years). So if you use some of it sure you'll almost break even after 2 years.

    The quote you got sound quite good, but you need to get in touch with a few more to do the comparison and stick with the well-known one.

    • Thank you for the insight. The original reason I provided the cost breakdown was because the numbers I initially had made moving to AGL from my current plan to be more expensive since I did have a discount on the electricity bill (~$50 more expensive per quarter).

      It seems that it’s obviously better to move to AGL once I get the panels.

      In regards to the cost of the system, I believe that given the brands for the panel and inverter, the price is decent. Im definitely look for a value for money system, rather than spending a whole lot more for the higher brands.

      I will definitely be looking further into other companies and considering the quality of installation as a consideration of investment.

      Again, thank you for the insight :)

  • I'd be interested to hear how your quotes and install go as I'm looking for a system too. You may be able to save a few $$ substituting the inverter for say a Huawei. Still a good product but cheaper.

    • Will keep the thread updated, thanks


    • Hi Nugs,

      Thank you for your comment. I definitely recommend all those looking to install solar to look at this website for some research. Please be advised though that companies on this site have to pay a small fee when solarquotes makes a referral for request for quote … so take it however you will, but nevertheless still a lot of useful information.

      Thank you.

    • Everyone who hasn't delved deep into solar will throw that website to you but it's just literally the good starting point for solar research and that's it. Their referrals are just as bad as hipages and airtasker which were flooded with sales company and has no QA process to filter out the bad apple. When the market is hot or the location is price competitive, solarquotes can't even give you the 3 number it promised. You will almost never get a quote from well-known installers from them. Just do you own research if you're in major metropolitan areas and few name will pop out.

      • I agree, industry is rife with overnight companies so it's important to do your research.

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