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Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, APP Control AU $50.99 @ meross Amazon AU


Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, APP Control AU $50.99 @Amazon
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  • Great deal. I have this and it works a treat.

  • what stop someone from yelling from outside of my house "OK google , open garage door" ?

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      your google account

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      I gather you don't own one if you think they respond that well.

      • I have two actually.. one responds excellently from anywhere in the house and the other cannot even hear if Im near it .. lol

        • Same here, Home mini hears fine, the new nest mini doesn't

          • @creeps_bay: Nest and Google home have mic sensitivity controls under settings now

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      When opening the door via Google, it also asks for your 4 digit security code, which is set in the Merros app.

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        thats good then

      • I've been having issues with this though. After giving the 4 digit security code, Google would just give you a search result thinking you gave it an address to search.

    • It asks for the pin

    • I yell that all the time outside your house and you never come outside.

    • Probably a slim chance of someone picking your house to try it on.

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      what stop someone from yelling from outside of my house "OK google , open garage door" ?

      I tried it the other day at my neighbor's house and the Google Assistant replied:

      "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

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        that's cause it was Alexa and she was offended

      • Hi Dave.

        • "I'm really not at liberty to discuss this"

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    Power supply options look strange for a garage.

    • I have similar garage door opener and added a double gang plug adapter to existing garage motor plug and a usb adapter for a mobile phone

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    How hard is this to install ?

    • Pretty easy. It took me about 30 minutes.

      • 30 min is moderately hard I'd say.. ;p

  • I have a Merlin 2.0. Will it work?

  • Cheers OP, ordered one

  • Anyone know if this compatible with B&D Roll-A-Door?

    • according to the list, there are several models for B&D

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    heres a list of compatiable models -

  • WTF sort of advice is this “ 2. Or you can simply use pliers to short the wall button terminals of the opener. If the garage door opens or closes, it works with MSG100.”

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      Basically this device acts like a momentary switch. Think of a pressing a button, the circuit is connected from the pin (open/stop/close) to ground which will operate the garage door. Your pliers are also conductive and would complete the circuit. The advice is valid.

    • I just momentarily short the button contacts with my own diy version

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    A Sonoff will do that for a quarter of the price!

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      Two very different products mate.

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        Not really tho?

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        Not really. The main component is a 5V trigger.

        Does the same job.

        • On the surface, yes. I think you are missing the capability brought in from the REED switch.

          10 minutes after you leave home for that awesome weekend getaway, you can't remember if you closed the garage door or not.

          Meross - Will show if it is closed or not
          Sonoff - No such luck

          Meross - You set an alert on your phone to let you know if you forgot to close it.
          Sonoff - No such feature

          Meross - Ask google - Is the garage door closed - Answers with the garage door is open
          Sonoff - No such feature

          These options can be had with Sonoff by changing firmware, playing around with power supplies and hacking it physically to do what you want.

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            @trev likes bargains: you can connect any cheap contact sensor to a sonoff.
            there's plenty of free software for alerts (although i think ewelink, which comes with a sonoff, will do it too)
            same again for google/alexa support (ewelink supports them too)

            i have it all jammed into home assistant, so no need for all these things to be supported by the garage door opener itself.

            obviously everyone's circumstances and use cases are different.

            the point that you can do all the same crap with a $6 sonoff basic, a $5 contact sensor, some free software and a bit of messing around is a valid point, but i'm ok with the fact that it wont be to everyone's liking and that some people would prefer the meross device as an out of box solution.

            we're just making the point you can do it this way too.

            • @LoPan: Agreed there’s pins on a sonoff inside.
              You could use a Wemos generic module and ESPHome also

            • @LoPan: Here's another alternative;
              OpenGarage, you can monitor the door status, close or open it from anywhere, check history, get notifications, and even delegate it to auto-close the door with the automation feature.

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    you can make basically the same thing with a $6 sonoff basic, just cut the mains voltage line from the relay and then bridge it behind the relay so when the relay closes, it's closing a separate circuit. i did this and it works a treat. you can find instructions/examples on the googles.

    • It doesn't know the status of the gate does it?

      • i haven't got the meross gadget, but from what i see on the amazon page, the meross unit doesn't appear to know the state. it appears that it just remembers what it did. i imagine if you manually triggered the door via a remote or something, the meross unit would be out of sync.

        however, i have a sensor on mine so i can see when its open or closed. i also get notifications if it opens and i'm not home, and if neither of us are home (and from 10pm to 6am) i have the power to the opener cut entirely, so no one can open it unless we instruct the power to turn back on.

        • The Meross unit does come with a door sensor so it knows current state and can send send notifications when the door is closed or opened, even if it wasn't initiated by the smart controller.

          • @karimk74: i didn't see that mentioned on the amazon link, but good to know.

            functionality seems to be about the same then as a sonoff and any simple contact sensor.

        • it's literally the 4th dot point down "More Precise and Stable: ***It comes with a high sensitivity sensor which monitors the status of garage door**** more accurate and the signal stays stable. With adapter convert 110v to 5v, much safer."

          • @rezola1: yeah i did see that but it wasn't really apparent what they were talking about, and the images didn't help. something made me think it was just a vibration sensor inside the unit itself (probably the high precision bit), sensing the rumble of the motor.

            "It comes with a high sensitivity sensor which monitors the status of garage door more accurate and the signal stays stable" is a pretty confusing description. like what is high sensitivity about a contact sensor? what status? what signal?

            anyhow, the reviews made it clear but i hadn't read that far down at that point in time.

        • the meross unit doesn't appear to know the state.

          I just reprogrammed mine to work in Victoria.

          • @jv: i wonder what the poor people in the northern territory have to do.

            • @LoPan: They go to the pub, and soon any concerns about their garage doors are long forgotten.

      • Nor does this one. It might assume that it alternates, but if the gate hits an obstacle while closing and opens again, it will display as the wrong way around. So I'd rather have no indication than one that's reasonably likely to be wrong.

        • It absolutely has a magnetic sensor attached do the door so it knows if it is actually closed or not, regardless of what opened or closed it. It doesn't assume anything.

          • @karimk74: I was going off the fact that in the 10+ pictures, there is ZERO reference to this.

        • It won't show an incorrect status. I have tested it by blocking my garage door and it works flawlessly.

    • Any link?

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        just google "sonoff garage door" and you will find various examples for different needs

  • Interesting. Can it detect if the door is open or close? Or use separate opener commands?

    I've always wanted some sort of device that I could check to make sure I didn't leave it open. A few times leaving for work I've gone back as I couldn't remember… I've a chamberlain CR675EVO which is showing in the compatibility list, not needing an accessory.

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      I use one of the xiaomi wifi reed sensors to tell me if my garage door is open or close. I had to pair it up with the xiaomi gateway and it does the job.
      What it doesnt do is - help me open or close the door :-). I get notified each time my door opens or closes, but thats about it. I still have to manually take the required action.
      I am sitting on the fence about this one. Still not sure how easy or hard the installation is going to be. Will do some research before I pull the trigger on this one.

      • Yeah, if it could combine both that would be great. There are some in the US, but they don't work on roller doors. They do on panel lift, and I guess would work on tilt-a-doors too.

  • I have the Merlin MT3850EVO (is compatible) with the door sensors already and auto-closes after 10 minutes. Will that work with this setup?

    • Anything that allows an auxiliary input is compatible.
      Even if it doesn't, if you have momentary contact switch (push button) that closes or opens the gate, then you can connect this in parallel and it will work.

  • I live in an apartment block with Merlin remote, I'm quite close to the garage as well. I wonder if this will work.

    • Is it a common door or your own one? I think that otherwise the other occupants might not be terribly impressed.

    • How's it better. Looks similar

  • I have a steel line SD800 door. The above compatibailty checker Dealking posted said its compatible but the website PDF doc does not list this garage door. I had a look at my garage door but cant seem to find any connections available for it other than a back up battery and red white phote eyes. Anyone have any idea if this will work?

      • Sorry, is this supposed to mean it works? I dont quite understand..

        • @ekto, I am in the same boat. I have the exact same garage door and its confusing. I have sent the support guys an email to confirm and have also requested for any model specific instructions. Will report when I hear back from them.

          • @Dealking: Thanks mate. I tried to use pliers to see if any of those ports opened the garage door but it didnt seem to work.

            • @ekto: @ekto unfortunately the Meross support guys just came back, after the code expired. Here’s the response :

              The image is a simple copy paste from the install manual showing the 2 receiver ports and the com and 24vdc port.

              Dear customer,

              Per your question, if your opener has the same terminals as below one, it's compatible and you can connect the signal cables to those two terminals. If your opener has different apperance, may we request a picture to check? thank you!


              Have a nice day!

              Best regards,
              Meross Customer Care

              Meross Technology Co., Ltd.

              From the response it looks like it should work with mine, but I guess we will have to wait for another 25% off code. 🙄

              • @Dealking: Thanks for the update. I have a feeling the port they are using is the new SD800 motor. Mine only has Red and White Photo Eyes and Backup battery. So not 100% sure I want to commit. I saw other posts of automated garage ones for about $40.

    • It works on Steel line SD800 Just connect the Red & Blue wires to the receiver on right side of the garage motor

  • Can the system handle multiple doors ie if I buy 3 kits for 3 doors does the app and google etc work with 3 doors?

    • Yes, with three different units you can just name the doors (1, 2, 3)

  • Does it have GeoFence functionality, so that it can automatically open the door as I approach? ie. when the app is open and/or running in the background, it will automatically open the door? Voice command is not very useful when on a motorbike.

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      I assume with the various assistant supports that you could potentially use something like IFTTT to set this up? Just a thought… would be interesting to know for sure.

  • I have a similar unit with reed switch and they work well.
    Just keep in mind if you're using the app or google home from inside or away that no one parks their car mid way in the garage or the door will close on it.

  • it said -
    The code you entered is not valid.

    can you please check?

    • Same when I tried…oh well old fashioned remotes for me lol, saved $50

  • code doesn't work anymore?

  • Can some one please post a picture here if they were able to make theirs work

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