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Ryzen 3 3300X & 3100 Budget Gaming PCs: 3300X/1660: $799 | 3100/1650/570: $629 + Delivery @ TechFast


More new products from TechFast, with two new Budget Ryzen 3 processors. Lots of reviews say R3-3300X is the new budget king CPU, beating i7 7700K, while R3-3100 is about the same as the R5-1600 AF.

Both systems are base spec - A320MB, 8GB 2666MHz RAM, 120GB SSD, 550W PSU, Leaper Mid Case. You can choose either RX 570 or GTX 1650 4GB for same price in the R3-3100 system.

Enjoy :)

$799 Ryzen 3 3300X | GTX 1660 6GB Budget Gaming PC: Code: 3300X-1660-MAY

$629 Ryzen 3 3100 | RX 570/GTX 1650 Budget Gaming PC: Code: 3100-570-1650-MAY

Lots of other TechFast deals posted on their account page. Thanks to Luke for sharing the deal.

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  • Unrelated question: How good are these new CPUs for a home server?

    • +2

      More than adequate, but have you considered using something like a cheaper NAS instead? The power draw from these machines would add up over time.

      If power draw isn't a problem for you, a cheaper alternative is to buy those Optiplex machines that go on sale here from time to time - those would more than do the work too

      • I just read the other day that apparently the GTX970 I have lying around doesn't do hardware decoding but hybrid decoding for x265 which I was told was bad. Should I just sell my old parts and just get a Synology/build a new system that has native decoding instead?

        • +1


          Just one note… if you are going for plex as a host, stay away from synology, etc as you won't get native video decoding on the host unless you spend a lot.

          On the other hand a custom/optiplex does not need much CPU power to decode and is an easy route to go. I'm running off a 4th gen dual core and its fine :P

          • @3v3rqu357: What kind of server would do native decode of HDR/4k video files? Trying to get something set up but it's just an endless rabbit hole….

        • The GTX970 will have full support for x264. But using a dedicated GPU isn't going to be kind to your electricity bill.

  • +21

    Why bother with the list of brands for parts if youre going say could be one of these or might be these, maybe this, or some other brand we approve of…

    • +9

      I agree, Ozbargain has always prided itself on specificity to ensure that us, the consumers, are clear of the purchasing constraints.

      I think if TechFast continue to share their promotions they need to be more specific with the parts. I personally opted out in purchasing one of these pc's in the past as I was not happy to receive cheap, generic ram, ssd, mobo & psu.

      • +11

        You want to be cheap but don't want cheap parts. Not sure how that works

        • +12

          Parts that have been superceded?
          Buying up from suppliers going out of business?
          Cheap as in never heard of them brand, vs low end everyones heard of them brand…

          If it turns out to be all nasty versions of everything, its not so much of a bargain.

          All that and you know where you are right?

        • +53

          You want to be cheap but don't want cheap parts.

          They are asking to name the brand of the parts so we can make an informed choice.

          • +34

            @jv: What is the world coming to, I actually agree with JV.

          • -17

            @jv: yawn

          • +5

            @jv: Just assume you are getting Biostar motherboard and Allied power supply if you are buying from Techfast without any upgrade.

            • +4

              @momokaka: On that note my little nephews PC is still going strong with those "Dumpster" parts. But you cant help everybody

        • -2

          I am lost hear,
          parts cheap
          Price cheap
          Where is the bargain?

        • -4

          You want cheap pricing due to value for mid to low quality parts, not low pricing due to dumpster parts.

          Techfast usually have dumpster parts.

      • +8

        Its like buying a scratchie…

      • -1

        The difference with generic and non-generic is branding stickers

        • ye but is this really true with generic brands? higher failure rate?

        • +1

          So an allied SSD is the same as a samsung pro? just stickers make the difference?

    • +4

      Why bother with the list of brands for parts if youre going say could be one of these or might be these, maybe this, or some other brand we approve of…

      Then don't buy a pre-built? You're coming at it from the wrong angle - the overwhelming majority of people who buy a pre-built don't care about the parts.

      Do you think most people care about who makes the radiator and spark plugs in their car?

      • +5

        In that case they should just post "Gaming PC $799", right? Since no-one cares?

        The point is that you can't assess whether it's actually a good deal without knowing what parts are used.

        If they've used cheap and nasty parts everywhere, it's pretty bad value. On the other hand, if they've used reasonable parts (which are going to be more expensive and thus more valuable), it's probably pretty good value.

        • +7

          In that case they should just post "Gaming PC $799", right? Since no-one cares?

          Well I think there's some level of nuance - a 3100 and RX 570 will have an impact on performance. What motherboard, brand of RAM, brand of SSD…etc. will not really.

          Just look at Dell/HP type of PC's. They'll tell you the CPU/GPU but they won't tell you the brand of the RAM or SSD. Same deal here.

          Not saying it's a good or bad thing, just that if you care about what parts you get, then don't buy a prebuilt and get your own parts. The market for these types of computers exist.

          • -3

            @p1 ama: So why say anything at all? That was the point. It could be any brand, and that was still true if they said nadda about it. But worth noting the numbers on a graphics card (1060, 2060) for example arent the price marker, just a ball park. The brands of each spec card vary in price. I cant assess if that price is good or not, until I know exactly what Im getting.

            Youre wrong anyway, seems many people care, and dont want to or dont know how to build their own but have an idea which version of parts they want. Yes yes not difficult. Not much is once you know how.

            • @Tuba: Why cant you just put the lowest brand price in? Anything else would be a bonus

            • +3


              The brands of each spec card vary in price. I cant assess if that price is good or not, until I know exactly what Im getting.

              Fair enough, then don't buy a prebuilt. Go buy parts instead. Nothing wrong with that.

              Youre wrong anyway, seems many people care

              Again, they seem to sell out of every deal and get plenty of + votes, so I'd be inclined to say "you're wrong".

              Funny thing is I actually agree with you, I prefer to know the exact brand/model of the parts too. But it's a free market after all, nobody has to buy anything. If you want premium parts at budget prices, that ain't gonna happen, so what's the point of complaining about cheap parts on a deal that's meant to be cheap parts?

              • @p1 ama: Dude, you put far too much of your imagination into my thoughts. All I said was why bother, not dont bother.

                I never said no one will buy it, I said plenty agree with me, and I always build my own.

                • @Tuba:

                  Dude, you put far too much of your imagination into my thoughts.

                  Well you were the first one to comment…

            • -1

              @Tuba: As usual here, the people who supposedly care are the ones who will never buy this, they just want to stir things up. Anyone who has been around here for more than 20 minutes is well aware of this. And the mods love them, as they "drive traffic" and that it's at the expense of the usability of the site is of no apparent account.

        • Yes, the parts are super low range. Biostar motherboard. Crap no name PSU, crap case. Generally the cheapest galax GPU,

          • +2

            @Variableaperture: The only worry is the PSU really. I have bought Galax before, they are a tier 1 nvidia manufacturer. They make to spec, nothing wrong with them.

            • @Shacktool: Yeah, the Galax cards are fine. But generally the cheapest.

              • -1

                @Variableaperture: But if both are on the shelf to take home right now, would you walk out with the Galax over the same spec Nvidia. If they handed you the nvidia, would you hand it back and say nah mate, Ill take the Galax?

                Surely this isnt hard to work out why many people would care what brand is used? I cant believe it needs explaining. But once again, I never said the brand choice was terrible or good, I cant make that comment as the details were wishy washy. Its pointlessness saying, it might have this, or that, or something else.

                • +1


                  But if both are on the shelf to take home right now, would you walk out with the Galax over the same spec Nvidia. If they handed you the nvidia, would you hand it back and say nah mate, Ill take the Galax?

                  What do you mean by NVIDIA? Unless you mean a Founders Edition, but they're generally a minority.

                  To be honest, you're being dense on purpose. There are people who may prefer an MSI card to Galax, that's fine. Go buy an MSI card and be happy. There are a lot of people who don't even know what the difference between MSI and Galax is and couldn't care less.

                  I think it's fine for them to have a list of possible components. If you're happy with all the different possibilities, then buy. If not, don't buy. Is it that hard?

                  • @p1 ama: Lucky dip PCs. Sure mate, its fine. No one is happy buying a cheap GPU for the same price as one regarded as more reliable, or benchtests or real worlds better. And sooner or later a tech will tell them its crap.

                    If one costs more, and they do, then its not fine to just allocate whatever your purchasing guys managed to find cheapest. While offering the hope of a higher end. And its worse when its every last part. $20 here, $40 there adds up.

                    Psst, its a community, we comment, not noddy yes men. We are meant to comment, to help those who in your view should go on unawares. That and you took a comment way out of context, applied far too imagination to my meaning, and now scramble to justify yourself by pretending that a lucky DIP PC store is a good idea.

                    At no time did I tell the Op, or the store what to do, I merely made a comment in a place where comments are made. To apply your strategy, if you didnt agree with my comment, dont comment, move on, is it that hard…but you did… do as you say not as you do…

                    You really do need a lot explained and repeated to you.

                    • @Tuba:

                      Lucky dip PCs.

                      Are Lenovo, HP and Dell also "lucky dip PCs"?

                      Psst, its a community, we comment, not noddy yes men. We are meant to comment, to help those who in your view should go on unawares. That and you took a comment way out of context, applied far too imagination to my meaning, and now scramble to justify yourself by pretending that a lucky DIP PC store is a good idea.

                      Again, you have a list of what you may get. Like it, buy. Don't like it, don't buy. For the sake of argument, just treat every part as the cheapest possible and make your decision.

                      You really do need a lot explained to you.

                      Well do keep explaining.

                      • @p1 ama: Do Lenovo make the inane comment listing a litany of brands that obviously make PC parts and then say it could be any of these? No, they just make the system. But if you request the information, they could probably provide it. However certain brands illicit trust regarding performance per dollar from customers, Lenovo seem to be one of them. But again, none of this has anything to do with my comment in context.

                        You still cant grasp the point because youre focused on what you imagined it to be. Not for a second have you even wondered if you grabbed the wrong end of a stick. I made my observation to the OzBargain community, not the store. I didnt say I do or dont want it, or I want to know.

                        Let me paraphrase it… see if the penny drops
                        "HDD, think of a company that makes them, could be any of those".
                        "GPU, think of a company that…

                        You should only mention a brand, when its the brand in there. What they have is ridiculous.

                        • @Tuba: That’s where I will disagree with you. If I contact Lenovo, I very much doubt that they would send me a list of parts including brands and models. It’s just not something done with prebuilts.

    • Rather than go through the long back and forth, I believe they started listing brands which might be used because initially they didn’t and everyone would ask.

      I speculate the business model presumably relies on buying batches of cards for cheap in bulk in varying quantities making it difficult to be able to commit to certain brands downstream in the sale process.

  • Any chance for a X570 mother board? I'm keen for a budget CPU upgrade for now, but will want to keep the motherboard for future upgrade.

    • +3

      By the time you'd upgrade your pc, you'd likely going to be needing a new motherboard.

      • I thought the whole point of AM4 was to allow upgradability

        • +3

          Yes, and now nearly half a decade later it's time to turn the page on that socket.

        • TBH, they have already supported a couple of generations, they were bound to hit after a certain limit. Very less number of people upgrade their CPU every year so I think its ok. Plus when DDR5 comes out you will have to upgrade the Motherboard again.

          I bought the 3600 with B450 board a day before zen 3 was announced, it did hurt me for 5 seconds and then I realized that I don't think I will upgrade until DDR5 is launched hopefully.

          It is wise the upgrade the components every couple of years so its not worth buying a x570 now if you're solely going to use it for 3100/3300x or for Ryzen 4 series unless you want to make use of PCIe 4.0 lanes.

          • @wii4u: i'm on a 4770k paired with a gtx 1080. i can wait for 4000 i think.

            edit: i thought 4000 came with new socket. never mind me.

            • @tonyamazing: Yup, especially if they come out with a DDR5 support (speculation).

              • @wii4u: DDR5 support won't be out that quickly, 4000 series is due end of the year

            • @tonyamazing: 4000 is still in the AM4 socket. It’s just not going to support the older chipsets. It will require the 500 series motherboards. (Note: 3000 series CPU’s didn’t support the a320 at launch).

      • +2

        The cheapest X570 on PCPartPicker is just shy of $300, whereas a good B450 is under $150.

        IMO you're better off saving the $150, then if you really want to upgrade soon, buy a new $150 motherboard (B550 probably) and sell the B450.

        Chances are you'll end up keeping the CPU past the life of AM4 anyway, in which case you've saved $150 anyway.

    • +2

      The current gen of ryzen mobos is about to be largely superseded.

      • do i just wait for 4000 then?

        • +2

          If you want upgradability, you'd wait for AM5 socket with the 5000 series.

          • @ordyhozb3: oh that sounds like ages

            • @tonyamazing: should be late 2021/early 2022, we are at the end of this socket so if you were upgrading you would only have the ability to upgrade from r5/r7 4000 series to a r9 4000 series unfortunately.

    • +1

      It's gonna be far cheaper to buy a B450 (or less) now and a B550 (or something else) later on then buying a x570 now, in the hopes of upgrading. Besides you're only going to be getting a single upgrade anyway. There's not much point in upgrading every single generation. It would be better to just get a better cpu now, like a 3600 or 3700x and that would last you well into ddr5/am5

  • Will either of these systems run games at 1080p?

    • +2

      Yes both of them can but 3300x will give you comparatively better performance in games than 3100. If you're planning to run high GPU intensive games (AAA titles, warzone/PUBG,etc), I will suggest you to go for a better GPU (At least gtx 1660 super or AMD equivalent like 5600 XT).

      Regardless, 3300x is of very good value for gaming as of today (2020), if you can afford then go for ryzen 5 3600 for future proofing.

      Edit: 1. 3300x is already paired with 1660 gtx 6gb so should be ok for 1080p gaming.
      2. If you can then you should go for the 16gb DDR4 3200 mhz ram which will benefit the ryzen processor. Better to upgrade the ram on your own when the prices come down, buy a better branded ram. FYI, do check if the motherboard supports that ram frequency and capacity before buying.

      • Please correct me if I'm wrong but faster RAM doesn't benefit the 3300 because it only has one chiplet.

      • 5600 XT is not an AMD 1660 Super equivalent. The 5600 XT costs a bit more, but beats the 2060 for less.

        • Yes it's not but it's the same case with 1660 super being better than 5500 xt, so in that terms I specified that. We can't get the exact same specifications with same exact performance from different brands right?

          "Equivalent" was not in literal sense, it was more about fps performance

          • @wii4u: AMD cards seem to fill NVIDIA's gaps. It seems the 5600 XT is filling the gap between 1660 Super and 2060. 5700/5700XT are filling the gap between 2060 Super and 2070 Super. 5500 XT filling the 1650S to 1660S gap and the new card might fill the gap between 2070S and 2080S.

    • The 3300x/ 1660 would do very well at 1080. The 570 is a bit weak now days imo, only get it if you are only going to do light titles and/or lower quality. but for [email protected] gaming the 1660 will do very well if you want consistently 120+ fps with ultra settings, you'll need something better. but with low or mid settings the 1660 should do that fps in most games.

  • +1

    Would definitely go for the RX 570 over the pathetic GTX 1650 for the same price!

  • -2

    It isn't a techfast deal posting on ozb without some idiots complaining about something.

    • +1

      they want the absolutely "best" motherboard but don't want to pay premium.

      literally threw out the definition of "cheap" out the window.

      kids these days and their "muh vrm thermals".

      same mentality as those that buy an enthusiast-grade monoblock motherboard thinking pushing water through an already highly efficient vrm would result in significant frequency increase.


      • Cheap parts with cheap prices doesn't make it a bargain though. Just like premium parts with premium prices wouldn't be a bargain.

        There are a lot of non branded components, not just bottom tier branded components.

      • +6

        Everyone complains about it being cheap parts and that makes it "not a deal" but then they cant go out and build it for the same price…funny how that works.

  • Is the 3300x out already? Some of the other sites says its out in 2 weeks

  • +2

    Reminder Ryzen Cpu work better with dual channel ram both Techfast system only have one. It's probably best to upgrade the ram if you are buy these computers.

    • Oh that's a very good point, the difference is quite a lot. and it's not just ryzen cpu's.

    • Are TF setting it up for upgradability or not? They go with a crappy A320 board, but then they use single channel RAM.

      • I'm surprised people on here aren't getting together, with one person selling the included stick to someone else who bought the same config and then upgrading themselves to a dual stick kit as well.

  • +1

    I think my main concern with these systems are what brand of PSU it uses, and what kind of SSD it uses - I'm assuming bottom-of-the-barrel dramless SSD and no-name fingers crossed it doesn't blow up PSU?

    • Hehe. Remember SHAW branded power supplies from MSY? Most likely these have the same sort of pedigree.

      Thankfully computers are more power efficient nowadays so it's likely the average user will never come close to the max rated load of the unit, but rewind back 10 to 12 years ago when CPU's used more power, DDR3 memory ran at 1.5 volts and mid to high end video cards like the Radeon 5870 required 200 watts of power it was more likely PSU's blew up. Nowadays everything is quite low-power so you can probably get away with using a sub $30 dollar PSU.

      • Remember SHAW branded power supplies

        Ah the memories my first PSU, and yes you are correct it is similar when I got a techfast system it was a "techfast approved" Awyun PSU and Allied SSD. I'm so glad I was able to get a full refund for it.

      • Wait until you see the 235FX PSU that they are selling with some of the Armageddon cases now, the Shaw 685-Max looks like a high end PSU when compared to those paperweight.

    • Their 750 units are usually Thermaltake Litepower Gen 2, but their 550s are likely Allied brand… A.K.A dodgy. If you're wondering why your system is loud, it's the Allied case fans, those things are louder than my GPU at 60% fan.

      • Their Allied case fans may be wired directly to the Molex power connector meaning they will run at full speed ahead, with no fan speed control from the motherboard they will always sound loud.

        Disconnect them from the power supply and connect via 3-pin cable to the motherboard, then tweak the fan curves to lower noise.

        • They are molex only. That is the problem, just bought some molex fans that run default at 19dBa 1300rpm.

  • +1

    How would this perform with 1080p vs 4k video editing in premier pro?

    Don't need anything amazing, just enough so that I can scrub though footage without lag. Not worried about long exports

    • +1

      I’m a pro video editor and just bought one of their high end systems.. but basically you’ll want a good processor and quality ssd. It’s hard to say with your expectations. I spent $2.4K to get as fast as possible scrubbing. But techfasts stuff is good value… but budget is what will change results for you

  • Would the 3300X perform better than a 1600AF OC’ed to 4.1GHz or so? Trying to contemplate whether it’s worth building or buying this or just wait for the new stuff from AMD/NVIDIA next month

    • the answer always depends on what you're using it for

      3300x has 2 less cores but more single thread performance, for competitive titles this is important

      personally i think 6 cores is in the middle of no where, you can get the xeon 2640v3 8 core which will perform similarly to the 1600af for even cheaper: