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Tsingtao Beer 24×330ml $38.90 ($0 Delivery) @ Dan Murphy's


Super cheap Tsingtao available again.

92% of reviewers would recommend this to a friend.

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    • +1 from me, Love the sentiment, but no alternative my friend.

      After traveling through the Himalayas in the mid nineties I met some Tibetans who claimed to have been tortured by the Chinese. They showed my the scars etc. I read up on history and came to the conclusion that Chinese were aggressive colonizers (ahem not like us english….)

      So because of this, I had a no buy Chinese policy until around 2005, one day I spent 40 minutes driving to town and found that I could not afford any items because they was no alternative to China,

      Since then I have just enjoyed life, and understood my trivial place in the global supply chain. ( I still have an issue for made in Myanmar, guess they don't make the phone I want)

      • Which Tibetan?

  • +19

    Serious? It is only a 🍺, nothing related to politics.
    Feels like lots of people will light up their passion when they see the word China, Do you know how close we are connected to each other especially from the economics?

    I do hope our free trade agreement with China won’t be affected, no one would like to see the increase of unemployment rate. We also need their strong economic data to appreciate our currency, most Aussie importers had already ran out of 💰 due to the currency depreciation.

    • +1

      Yeah I too can't believe there are so many racist comments on a beer that is enjoyed by many aussies.

      • +3

        I don’t see any racism. Criticism of PRC is not racist.

        • Then find the right place and the right forum.

      • I doubt it's racism. Don't confuse racism with stupidity.

        I'm sure the majority of silly comments here are just related to stupidity bro. Don't take offence

        • Agreed. It's more like sheer hatred and ignorance.

  • +42

    I am honestly getting quite sick seeing people being repeaters of Murdoch's voice here in ozb.

    If you can find a better deal on this or could share your genuine experience why Tsingtao is bad it would be appreciated. If you are just going to let everyone know you are going to boycott made in China products because News corp told you to do so then please find yourself a better place.

    • +11

      I completely concur, these useless posts are frigging everywhere now.

    • +12

      Totally agree. Feck the sinophobic murcdick media

    • Good thing the mod is not as harsh as in whingepool :)

  • +8

    yikes… was expecting cringe but this is on the next level.

  • Anyone with free deliver code pls

  • +5

    Good beer, good price.

  • +12

    I am too sick of reading the useless racist driven comments above. This is a deal about a decent beer. You can either comment on the taste (only if you have tried it before), click on the deal link or ignore the whole thing. This is not the time and place for you to repeat your sinophobic slogans. Friggin red necs.

    • Username doesn't check out…

  • +3

    reminds you of Cronulla, a few racists like to stir up bs then the rest of boguns join in yet most of services/products you enjoy today are because of the many ethnicity you have in Oz not to mention lots of jobs had to be filled by highly skilled immigrants. btw research abt agenda 30, this is what the government wants to create is a fraction in society so whilst you're busy hating each other, they plot evil plans for greater control of humanity.

    • they plot evil plans for greater control of humanity.

      You're right, soon they will even start tracking all your activity and then change your social grade when you do something wrong.

  • For someone who try to ignore the fact, please read this:

    Time now to support our country.

    • +2

      You read 7news ?, really?

  • +3

    The real corona…

  • +3

    Wow so many keyboard worriers. Ozbargain is ruined…really nice beer by the way

    • Once were worriers. It ended badly too

    • +3

      Terracotta worriers

  • +2

    Love Tsingtao, when I lived in Hong Kong this was everywhere and super cheap. Typical Asian beer in style, quite similar to Tiger. Interesting fact: the brewery in Qingdao was originally established by Germans.

  • -1

    Probably brewed at the same hygiene level as a wet market.No,thanks.

  • +3

    Meh, ill pass. I'd rather have Corona.

  • +2

    Beer is fine, latest barley decision leaves a bad taste. That’s about it.

  • +6

    I try to avoid food n drink made in China.

    People in China don't even want their babies to consume formula made there.

  • +5

    I really enjoy this beer, however, this is the lower alcohol version at 4.5%. When I first tried this beer (last year from Aldi) it was 5%. A subsequent case earlier in the year was 4.8%, and now we are at 4.5%. before we know it, it will be a session beer.

    Don't forget cashback to save a further 38 cents (First sip of the first bottle free).

  • Just close this thread - too many racists here.

  • Drink it warm for an authentic experience!

  • +7

    Big NO to Chinese beer! High possibility you might get a surprise "bonus" in the bottle. Regardless, the taste is ewwww

  • +7

    Today I learnt that it's racist to support Australian made.

    • Anything is possible in Trump's Australia…I mean America

      • +1

        What's with commentators here trying to link Australia to Trump. Most of us here don't really care what Trump does. How is it that supporting Aussie products now has become Pro-Trump?

        • +1

          I really wish Scomo could say the same!

  • +4

    No thankyou .

  • +5

    as i mentioned close this thread; some people want a bargain, some people want to complain its from china.

    end of the day, most people drink here some form of foreign owned beer whether you intend to or not, yet won't admit it.

  • Should me and my mates club together, buy out all the stock we can and sell for a 78% profit on gumtree?
    I dont want to cause Panic buying, but I missed out on the Toilet Paper and Baby Formula racket and this seems an easy to do operation.

    • If you can't beat 'em join 'em!

  • +11

    People who are complaining about this beer isn't being a racist, they're not being a sell-out. Many bargains, doesn't mean you should get the first one you see. Ironic isn't it, calling Australians racist when Chinese are far more racist. There is plenty of name-calling going around except one side is hypocritical

    • Face palm. If you read the comments properly, you probably can see they weren't complaining about the beer based on personal experience, but kept on banging about not buying stuff made in China. Just stating the fact.

      • +4

        How are you not being hypocritical? The Chinese government has been telling its own citizens not to buy from Australia. Even spiting Australia by implementing damaging levies on our beef and barley, the latter is used in possibly making this beer.

        • +2

          The one who bears the ban should be US.

          Unfortunately, Australia was fooled.

        • +2

          How are you not being hypocritical? May I suggest you start a new post to advocate not buying from China as a revenge on their new tariff policy?
          This is a post about beer deal that is run locally and people should only contribute opinions on the taste.

          • @Ozbogans: so you don't think people give a [email protected]#K, how and where the product originated.
            People do give detail on the taste , thats why they buy Japanese whiskey when there's a lot of option in Scotch and Bourbon.
            There are a lot of people in the world who now wants to boycott Chinese products but don't know how or if there are alternatives available. we have to start somewhere rather than just dreaming.

        • +2

          I don't think the Chinese citizens are being racist, it's the CCP regime that is forcing it up on their citizens.

          • -1

            @Trioboy: Most Chinese people are racist. I would know this being snobbish myself. The whole colour complexion thing is a big deal in China and actually Asia. Also, do you know any Australians working for Chinese restaurants with their job ads printed in Chinese? Everything is clouded because of the language barrier. They understand you but you don't understand them.

            Regardless the whole debacle isn't racism because most people here aren't expressing their opinions due to discrimination. Rather they are expressing their opinions due to the onesided trade war implemented by China not to mention releasing Covid-19 and profiteering off it whilst the rest of the world goes to shit. Australia investigates everything, there is a royal commission into everything.

            • @sunnyc: Well, last time I went to a restaurant on smith st there was an Indian cutting Peking duck for us.

              • @DisabledUser117692: I haven't seen any in Sydney unfortunately. Since I can read chinese, I can tell there are jobs posted in full chinese on the restaurants glass

              • @DisabledUser117692: Did you assume the guy was Indian based on his appearance (or the colour of his skin)? Maybe he's from China? :P

        • https://cn.reuters.com/article/china-customs-usa-barley-blue...

          China allows imports of American barley and fresh blueberries to increase the pace of purchasing American products (updated version)
          Date: MAY 14, 2020 / 1:59 PM / 5 DAYS AGO

  • +4

    i am not against this deal, are we still supporting Chinese beer after they impose 80% tariffs on our barley.

    • Your are thinking too far mate. You are supporting Dan's Murphy so you are supporting it's workers. Just stop at that for now.

    • Think about who will take advantage.

  • +2

    Great beer!

  • +2

    I would recommend this to my enemies only

    • +1

      won't even do it…. ;-)

      • One step ahead

        • +1

          thats what china thought

  • +5

    Can't people just leave the politics out of Ozbargain.

    • evidently not

    • I agree, I have a lead on some cheap Nazi soap.

  • +2

    Not the real Tsing Tao taste. You’ll love to go to Qingdao, Shandong province, China yourself to have the real Tsing Tao beer. They have 4 factories there running over 100years. It has been a culture that residents there buy and drink beer using food bags not glasses.

    • They drink the beer out of food bags? Am I following you correctly? That seems an … awkward way to drink?

  • I drank this in Beijing in the big cans last year in my first and only visit to CHYNA. Won't be buying any alcohol from CH'YNA since covid. Won't be supporting the CCP bullies.

    • Amazing that you made it out of Australia.

  • 92% of reviewers would recommend this to a friend.

    Subject to a revised barley tariff policy.

  • I remember buying bottles of this stupidly cheap in Shanghai (like 4 RMB). I swear they watered it down with tap water though, but it was easy to drink.

    • There are different versions of Tsingtao in China, I think you probably got the light one.
      I am pretty certain these stubbies taste differently than the ones I have had in China.

  • China beer … No thanks.

  • +2

    Me after the 12th bottle..

    "Yeah nah, those blokes are alright hey"

  • +3

    Good beer, I clicked just the see the anti-China comments, wasn't disappointed.

  • so many haters appeared on this thread, I guess the Chinese government hit back Australia on tariff really well.

  • CCP is bulling Australia, Trump adminitration is bullying Huawei and everyone else, what's wrong with this world really!?

    • Because Scomo made Australia being used by Trump like a tool?

      • exactly, we are all fooled, China just signed an agreement to buy barley and wheat from the US!

        US is no doubt our brother, but please remember they are also a major agricultural exporter. Trump just wins.

  • Well this beer will be more expensive after China sources local barley, so better buy up!

    Let's have panic buying of beer!

  • +3

    Yep it's a bargain in terms of price, so no need for a neg.

    But why the heck would any Australian put one cent into purchasing a beer from a country that, for purely political reasons, has just put the livelihoods of barley farmers, their families and their communities in dire straights. And on top of a global pandemic that has already decimated international trade?

    Drinking this beer will leave a very sour taste in your mouths. No matter how much you save in buying it.

  • +1

    Nice beer, especially drinking it in Summer. The body is a bit light. Easy to drink and quite refreshing.
    If you're a fan of 'full-strength' beer, it might not be your cup of tea

  • Actually quite a nice drop, and I'm willing to bet that if it weren't Chinese then most people wouldn't write it off straight away. It's way better than that Aussie brewed Asahi shite.

    Not wanting to buy it because it's Chinese is fair though, I'm also starting to move away from anything Made in China for personal reasons. However, on taste/quality alone, this is a good beer at this price.