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Cashback Upsizes on 100+ Stores @ ShopBack: Dell 11%, Lenovo 10%, New Balance 11.5%, Target Up to 6%, ICONIC 7%, Cotton On 8%


Hey everyone,

This week we're running a Cashback Carnival offer in line with all the Frenzy offers that are happening.

Here are selection of the offers and cashback valid today (there's heaps more but we've picked some we think are most relevant to the community here). Click here to view more:

Store Cashback Offer
2XU 7% 30% off Sitewide
adidas 8% 40% off Assorted Collection
Adore Beauty Up to 6% Up to 20% off Selected Brands
Best & Less 4.50% 20% off Sitewide
Cotton On 8% 30-50% off Sitewide
Crocs 6% 25% off Sitewide
Dell 11% Up to 40% off
General Pants 8.50% 30% off Sitewide
Glue Store 6% 30% off Sitewide
Lenovo 10% Up to 50% off
lululemon 11% Free Delivery on All Orders
New Balance 12% 40% off Full Price
Reebok 10% 40% off Full Price
Shaver Shop 5% Up to 80% off + Free Delivery over $30
Sparesbox 5% 20% off Sitewide
Superdry 7% Up to 60% off Sitewide
SurfStitch 10% 30% off Almost Everything
Target Up to 6% Up to 50% off
THE ICONIC 7% 30% off 1000s of Styles
Under Armour 10% 30% off Sitewide

There will be some flash sales happening Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with today's offers being:

  • Groupon: 25% Cashback + 10% off with code MEGASALE. 10am to 1pm AEST

    • Cashback is uncapped
    • Not applicable to Goods
    • Cashback applicable to total amount minus any Groupon credits redeemed

  • Under Armour: 20% Cashback + 30% off sitewide, 4pm to 6pm AEST

    • Cashback is uncapped

  • Petbarn: 20% Cashback + Up to 40% off, 6pm to 8pm AEST

    • Cashback is uncapped

  • Catch.com.au: 10% Cashback + Up to 90% off, 8pm to 10pm AEST

    • Cashback is uncapped and is also applicable to electronics
    • Cashback is not valid when you use a gift card/store credit towards your order (in full/partial)
    • Cashback is not valid when you use codes that have not been promoted by us

Edit (19/5, 1pm AEST): Dell rate will be adjusted to 10% from 3pm AEST.

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected]m.au or reach out via Live Chat (selected hours, Monday to Friday) and we'll help sort it out.

Handy Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (3879)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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closed Comments

    • +10

      You're assuming Shopback would pay it even if it was offered?

      I'm not negging, but a quick search of recent Shopback offerings reveals plenty of recent form for reneging on bonus offers and increased cashbacks, so you may need to be prepared to extract some teeth if you feel compelled to chase up what you were promised…

      • Never had a problem with SB's bonus offers. I would say they are doing a bit better than CR at this point and that isn't a knock on TA. A simple key is making sure that your original cashback is tracked.

  • +1


    • +5

      Wouldn't matter they didn't honour last years 15% off for Black Friday(maybe cyber monday?)

      • +9

        I'm still mad about that.

        I bought some mi bands during that sale but the cashback didn't even track at all (even though I did everything right).

        Lodged a claim and was told the usual "make sure adblocker is off, make sure no items are in the cart etc." without any real help.

        Left a very sour taste.

        • +5

          Sadly, you're in good company…

        • Yep, exactly what happened to me the very first time I used Aliexpress with shopback due to the large bonus 15% cashback. Didn't track and was told oh well too bad, hahaha good luck next time.

          Haven't gone back since.

  • Long shot, but any chance of increased cashback at Dyson?

  • anyone have any recommendations on a <$1000 lenovo laptop (15")?

    • +1


      • Thanks - seems to be the most common recommendation. $899 at the moment - nice.

  • +2

    please bring back iherb 20%!

  • +10

    Has shopback fixed all of its tracking problems? The recent Dan Murphy's issues were an absolute disaster that shopback tried to blame on the customer.

    What is the probability of these tracking correctly?

    • +3

      Hi DrRalph,

      We've let everyone know that the issue relating to Dan Murphy's has been fixed, and customers have had their Cashback paid 65 days early as a gesture of good will from them. See comment here.

      • +1

        Do you mean this one? or an earlier one?

        • +2

          For transactions made on the 24th, so yes that one would be one. If you're pending investigation, did you submit your claim only recently?

      • +5

        Has shopback fixed all of its tracking problems?

        …the issue relating to Dan Murphy's has been fixed

        What about moving forward for any promotion/store? You obviously can't stop all issues from occurring, but it's certainly happening often with upsized cash backs.

      • +7

        Thanks for the reply, but you haven't actually answered my questions. I'll state them for you again:

        'Has shopback fixed all of its tracking problems?'

        'What is the probability of these tracking correctly?'

        What happened recently with Dan Murphy's was not just one example of the systematic failures that have plagued shopback. Why should people continue to use shopback when there is a significant probability of their transactions not tracking and all that they can expect from shopback customer service is 'Well it's all your fault. You did something wrong for it not to have tracked correctly. Shopback cannot help you'

        • +7

          Great follow-up to your original unanswered questions.

          The Dan Murphy's fiasco was far from an isolated instance. Similar upsized Shopback cashbacks from The Iconic, Book Depository, BWS and others have all been reneged on, in big numbers with some very sub-standard responses from Customer Service until enough Ozbargainers harked up here. I'm giving them a wide berth to stick with the Aussie-owned offering at CashRewards until Shopback prove to be more reliable and responsive…

          • +2

            @UncleRico: UncleRico, you're right, definitely not an isolated incident. Shopback don't seem prepared to indicate this and also appear uninterested in acknowledging their severe customer service problems. I can only think that their customer service agents have a standard script to work from which gives them standard responses designed to fob the customer off as quickly as possible.

          • -1

            @UncleRico: Shopback customer service has always been decent, CR you have to wait 7 days just to file a dispute and then days for a response. Literally always tracks instantly, so I'm unsure why a 7 day wait.

            It's risky with all of them to be honest lol.

            • @Adelv: My experience (and from what I read of some others) is CR doesn’t have as many incidents that affect a lot of people during an upsized promotion. There are times the sale doesn’t get tracked through CR, but it will either get honoured or not through contacting them - I just pester TA :-).

              I will continue to use both, but SB have to lift their game. It’s not rocket science what they provide.

              • +2

                @cheaponos: It's Night and Day with SB and CR.
                SBs response to 15% Aliepxress Cashback only tracking at 5% was the standard blame Promo codes, ad-blockers etc. email. No way to dispute the amount only to claim a missed transaction.

                CR response to my Budget Rental Car not tracking, which was a substantial cashback around $200:
                "Hi Cam,
                Thank you for your patience while we investigated your Budget Australia transaction.

                Firstly an apology for the length of time it has taken for this transaction to be finalised in your account, Cashrewards is constantly improving our products and services and we apologise that you’ve experienced a delay on this occasion.

                Unfortunately, despite following up with the advertiser on multiple occasions we have not received any feedback on your transaction from Budget Australia .

                Due to the amount of time that has passed we do not expect a response to be received in the future and have such closed your enquiry.

                As a gesture of good will we have elected to dip into our own pockets and honour your transaction under our Cashrewards Cashback Guarantee. Your transaction has just been approved in your account today and added to your available rewards balance.

                If we can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


                • +1

                  @CamNEW: Same here. Once a merchant had not responded to CR's request for info after 9 months, and CW still honored it.

                  I have valid claims w/ Shopback and all I get are automated denied messages. Never again for me.

        • +4

          We've fixed the issues and have been very open an honest about the cause on this post. We've also heard the feedback about our communication and made really positive changes, feedback is always welcome and like any business, helps us improve.

          To directly answer your questions:

          Has ShopBack fixed all of it's tracking problems?

          There are no systemic tracking issues. The outstanding tracking issues have been closed off with both the brand and tracking partner. The way affiliate marketing works is on a commission basis. We pass most of our commission on to you for the order. So in simple terms - if you don't get paid, we don't either. So aside from wanting to make sure all customers get exactly what is promised, we also want to keep the lights on.

          On our own operational side, one thing we do is set the relevant affiliate links for everyone to click through on our site/app to get redirected to the relevant stores, and that's it. Links won't be touched once the store setup on our site/app is complete. These links, are also provided by the brands/generated from the affiliate network. The only time we'd switch up/touch the affiliate links is if the store switches affiliate networks.

          What is the probability of these tracking correctly?

          Our team have been working with brands and tracking partners (that all affiliates use to track sales) to make sure all customers orders will track correctly. In the unlikely instance your order does not track, we will investigate this. Again, we don't get paid unless you do.

          The other operational work that goes on our end is simply setting up the cashback rates corresponding to the commissions that brands are paying us each time we receive an upsize. Once we set things up, we leave it at that but yes things can go wrong, where brands might set incorrect commission rates.

          There have been instances where some stores were set to not pay out any commissions on transactions by error, but it meant people were getting the wrong cashback rates. BWS from last month is a good example of this. With a setup error resulting in the network not giving any commissions for some of the transactions that came through, our system was already configured by default to not pay cashback on transactions in which we received $0 commission for, hence the reason some initially had $0 tracking come through.

  • +2

    The Target Click Frenzy deals are live https://www.target.com.au/clickfrenzy

  • No Apple?

  • Apple?

  • +1

    I still don’t see a good Tv deal smh

  • @op - I didn't see this on the shopback site so wanted to clarify with you. If I used a gift card to make a purchase on New Balance, would I still get my casback rebate that's on offer now?

    • +1

      New Balance 'gift cards' appear to be promo codes, so it wouldn't stack with cashback.

  • +3

    Hi OP,

    The last BWS upsized cashback didn't track and when I opened a case with the supplied evidence, the SB team knocked me back. They confirmed I did make the purchase but are unable to render any other support. Are you able to assist with looking into this? It's left a negative taste in my mouth as I've not experienced this with SB before. All prior claims I've raised have been successfully dealt with except this one.

    • +1

      Hi daiguren, yes please PM me your email address.

  • 10% cash back at Lenovo with additonal $150 amex cashback on purchases greater than $1500 seems like a good deal for a high spec'd laptop. Would have totally bought lenovo if I didn't buy a laptop 2 days ago =/

  • Aliexpress :(

  • +1

    Big sale crashed SB?

    It's not working for me.

    • +1

      All working for us, what device are you on?

      • +1

        I was on an iPad and android phone. But all working now, thanks!

  • Does anyone know whether coupon codes stack with the shopback%?

    • I think it depends on the offering, I think Groupon does, not sure regarding all others. Check T&Cs?

    • +1

      If we have listed the coupons then it sure does!

      • Where can I find the list of coupons? I want to purchase a monitor at HP using a coupon i found online NATION10%. Will that be accepted inc cashback? Thanks

  • I've never used Groupon before. For those that have, is there any value in anything with this cashback ? Are the hotel stays actually a deal?

  • @gotyourback silly question, does this stack on top of existing deals?

    • +1

      It sure does on the store's existing deals that do not require a coupon. For deals that require a coupon, it will if we have listed the coupon up.

      • Dell's website has a discount code for 15% off (FRENZY15) which doesn't seem to be listed on your Dell page. I don't suppose that the cashback will stack with FRENZY15?

        • +1

          Correct, the code won't stack. We've also been requested to drop Dell's cashback rate to 10%, which will go into effect from 3pm AEST as a heads up to everyone who might be buying soon.

          • @gotyourback: Surely the better deal is to use the FRENZY15 15% off upfront discount code rather than hoping a 10 or 11% cashback tracks properly?

            • @UncleRico: Indeed it is, personally if I were buying with the code I'd just click through anyway - knowing my chances are low, but if I get it in the end, it's a bonus 😛

          • @gotyourback: Hi Rep
            Can we use the coupons advertised on Lenovo website e.g "CLEARANCE" or coupons tailored for each model and still get cashback

            • @sonny08: Hi sonny08, at the moment unfortunately it wouldn't qualify if you were to use the coupons.

              • @gotyourback: I see click frenzy on shopback lenovo page, I suppose that actually stacks with shopback reward percentages?

              • @gotyourback: Hey mate,
                Can you please confirm if Lenovo cashback is still at 10%
                As showing 6% atm.

                Thanks for all you do! :)

                • +1

                  @Uncle Roger: Hey Merelee, I'm afraid it's dropped to up to 6% now.

                  • +1

                    @gotyourback: then please edit or remove it from the title and description

                    • @Riczter: Crossed out what's relevant in the description. Title's going to be switched back by a mod if we remove things from it.

          • @gotyourback: Hi rep, does shopback apply to products that don't use the Frenzy code but has this applied on the website? -> Dell.com Exclusive: Incl. 15% Off

            • @elgoog: If it's a discount that is not applied by a coupon code then it's fine. Any discounts with coupon codes won't qualify at this stage.

  • +4

    Be careful with Shopback for Dell. Screenshot the current offer from Shopback when you make the purchase and date the file. I've made 3 major Dell purchases (>$3k) and all 3 times the received Shopback amount was only 1-2% when it should've been 10-15%. Each time I had to contact Shopback support to get the right amount added to my account. It all worked out in the end but do be mindful and document the purchase. I think the issue is probably with Dell, rather than Shopback themselves.

  • +3

    Where the eBay cashback at 😎

  • Ebay

    • Cheeky. A 10% cashback would be sick . Then maybe will be able to justify OnePlus 8 pro😎

      • +1

        Why can't we have it, we had it here last year sitewide 15% off, what's wrong with these ppl

  • With Sparesbox, it was already 5% off before today

    • Yeah, shameless plug to ask for an upsizing cause I got several hundred dollars in my cart lol.

  • Hi All, I'm in need of a new monitor. Could anybody make a recommendations for a 4K monitor of at least 27" from these sales? I'm planning to use it for a bit of gaming, but nothing serious. I saw the 28" monitor deal from Kogan here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533416 but people don't seem to thrilled about it being a TN monitor. Thanks in advance.

    • not to be a broken record….if you're into gaming, higher refresh rates of 144hz+ make a huge difference. a great entry point is the viewsonic 27" VX2758-2KP-MHD, price sits anywhere from 450 to 550 (when in stock). 1440p 144hz will offer a much better and more immersive experience than 4k 60hz you linked.

      • Hi RedTaco, Thanks for your reply. When I say a bit of gaming, I'm lucky if it's an hour a week. Unfortunately, it's mostly for office-work.

        • yeah okay. if you'll be doing office work just be cautious that anything over 27" can be difficult to look at close up. if gaming isn't too high a priority, don't worry about adaptive sync (Gysnc / freesync), IPS should be a must, and refresh rate doesn't really need to be higher than 60hz (although I guarantee you'll love yourself if you get 75hz and higher). After a quick search I've found this monintor. I can't speak for this specific model but AOC have a good reputation for quality

  • +2

    Would be nice if Amazon joined the increased cashback. Have a few things I want to get. AH well….

    • same here

  • +1

    @op Bud, do you plan on having eBay sooner or later here?


  • thinking of getting an x1carbon gen 7 is this a good deal to get it with?

    *ive never used cashback or any kind of cash rewards program before

  • Will petbarn work with a discounted price due to a repeat delivery?

    For example the normal price is 60, if I sign up to repeat deliveries it gets lowered to 48.

    Just checking the 20% will work on the $48 price

    • Always find these guys way over priced

  • Petbarn has dropped back to 13%.

    • it was only between 6-8pm

  • Never previously had issues with Shopback but over last month they have suddenly come back with generic rejection emails on purchases made within days of each other 10th April - 4th May.

  • Does cashback apply to items bought on Catch but Marketplace sellers?

    • +1

      Any sellers within the marketplace are fine.

  • I'm looking to make a purchase at Lenovo. Does anyone know whether Shopback would track if I'm making the purchase via a quote?

    To explain, I had an online chat session with Lenovo, and they gave me a discounted price for a docking station. They've given me a quote number to make the purchase.

    • +1

      This unfortunately wouldn't track.


      Staff, student, corporate and negotiated offers (for example, through the phone/email/live chat)

      • +1

        Ah ok, thanks for pointing this out.

        To play it safe, I just made two separate transactions. One for the laptop itself for the Shopback credit, and the second transaction for the discounted dock. That way if the dock doesn't track it's not as big a loss.

  • Anything with Chemist Warehouse recently? Got something to be ordered.

  • If I use dell advantage rewards coupon during the purchase, do I still get the 10% shopback as well?

  • There's a typo in the original poster's Under Armour link

  • +1

    It shows 6% at Lenovo not 10%

    • Yeah you're right. I wonder when it was reduced from 10% to 6%.

      I made my purchase last night when it was still at 10% cashback. Now I'm getting a bit nervous whether I will indeed get my 10%. Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot, which I guess would have helped if I end up having to dispute it.

  • OP any chance of an increased Microsoft Surface cashback?

  • can you confirm if target Australia is @ 6%? Only showing 3% - thank you in advance

    • Target's up to 6% was only for day 1 I'm afraid.

  • Groupon tracking was supposed to be 15% yesterday - I think it only tracked at 5%?

    • Correct it should be 15%. Just checked your account from details you PM'd some time ago, it's definitely tracked through at 15%.

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