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Sundried BPA Free Leakproof Water Bottle 750ml $5.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sundried via Amazon AU


good bottle with decent reviews, good way to get the cashreward cashback.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    5.5 Brussel Sprouts? That's cheap!

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    have this bottle, found it hard to wash and clean inside of the bottle due to the small opening

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      I just rinse it with a bit of detergent and warm water. It's been working fine for me.

      • I'd be interested to know what you get when using a clean white tissue or serviette to wipe the inside.

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      Bottle brushes exist.

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      I’ve been using mine for well over a year now and it’s my favourite bottle. Once a week I remove the mouthpiece, rinse/wash and shake it all out Leave it to dry thoroughly, and good to go. No different to any quality bottle that you want to keep clean and odour-free.

  • Missing the dollar sign ($) in the title.

    • I thought it was free (BPA free) and assumed it was 5.5L

      • So did I. I thought it was free as well. Regardless of the unclear title, it is a good bottle that fits well in my sports bag.

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          The plastic bit smells so bad if left unwashed

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    I know it's good for the environment but wish they didn't repurpose fleshlight parts for the mouthpiece.

    • Username checks out

  • thanks, ordered.

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    Is leakproof a feature now? What about "non-thermal" or "holds water"

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    I have this bottle, used it for about 6 weeks… found the red rubber piece at the top becomes incredibly smelly and seeps into the water taste… tried washing, boiling water bath and bi-carb… comes back after a day or two. Similar experiences with several friends and their bottles.

    • Doesn't smell like a bargain, doesn't taste like a bargain, doesn't quack like a bargain.

  • (has a lid) Observe! - LEAKPROOF!!!

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    It looks like it might be a double walled bottle in the pics but confirming it isn't. Used it once, nothing special about it. Spend your money on a stainless steel double wall like an RTIC or YETI.

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    This bottle emits the most annoying squeak when you open the lid.

    • Ooh yeah I forgot about that. Quite loud if you're having a drink at nighttime :)

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      WD-40 mate

  • I got this last time, contrary to the other reviews I like it. Thick enough plastic to be very rigid but still a light bottle by itself. Mouthpiece is effective at sealing, I didn't notice a bad taste (but maybe that's just corona?). It also just looks good, and I like owning things that look good.

  • plastic smell never goes away.

  • damn… missed out… no more stock

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    I've had this bottle over a year. It was great at the start but now it's a mould magnet and black mould grows all over the mouth piece and inside. I've never seen mould grow inside a water bottle like this before.

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