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[VIC] Ozito PXC Garden Power Tool Kits on Clearance (E.g. Pruning Saw Kit $20) @ Bunnings Broadmeadows


Just walked into Bunnings at Broadmeadows to look for the discounted $39 4Ah Ozito Batteries and stumbled across some Ozito PXC kits on clearance instead:

I believe the jet blower kit is also on sale, but I forgot to get details for that one.

Hopefully they're on clearance at other locations as well.

Link to receipt

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    That chainsaw kit is a deal and a half. Any chance of a receipt?

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      just uploaded part of my receipt.

      • can i show this receipt at bunnings and get the same price?

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          I believe if you're lucky that might work, but I think it depends on the particular store, staff member and whether or not the computer says no.

          • @damion: great thanks

          • @damion: Store where the bargain is has to have stock before they will match. What I was told at my local Bunnings anyways….

        • Let me know if it works haha

        • Here is the key words to get a price match.

          Tell them it's a 'clearance item'.

          I asked to get one of these chainsaws matched last year for $104, they said no. But a manager over heard and said "it isn't a clearnce item by chance?" …yes…He looked it up, done deal.

        • +2

          Bunnings don't price match other Bunnings especially clearance items I have tried several times in the past.

    • Most of the low stock stores don't have in stock or is display stock that they are not selling

      • can't work out what stock 4 out of stock means

        • +3

          It means the system shows 4, but staff can't find or are too lazy to find where they are.

      • Dunno how a kit is "display stock". Isn't the display stock the single tools locked to the display?

  • Do you have the item numbers for the above products please? It helps to check which store might also have stock. Also copy of receipt please, incase a store may be ready to match

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      Some numbers are shown on the receipt I just uploaded. Not sure if they the ones you need though.

      • Thanks mate. Yes, helps to check stock

    • I thought I read the chainsaw kit on posting was $29. Obviously read it wrong.

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        Um. you did. But that was my copy/paste mistake which I hoped I'd fixed before anyone noticed.

        • Lol, so I didn't read that wrong.

  • Thanks - might go have a look at Hastings at lunch to see what is there. I have a $100 voucher burning a hole in my wallet.

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    Great Deal! Maybe I’ll have a look at Preston for this price

    • +1

      let us know

      • Didn’t get a chance to make it down there. Bloody work getting in the way of bargains

      • Nothing mate, not even the $39 4.0Ah batteries. I was hoping to get the Pole pruner kit for weekend's work… Sad panda

  • ah dam, I bought that pruning kit on sale for $40 a few weeks ago and thought it was a good deal. Looks like they are dropping it even further.

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      is that pruning kit any good? i recently cut a load of trees with a aldi handsaw. looking to upgrade from hard labour.

      • Anything better than hand sawing - mugs game.

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        Better with a recip saw - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-reciprocating-saw-...

        They're far more versatile and will cut quite thick branches as well as most other things that the blade is long enough for. We use them in SES all the time instead of chainsaws for trees on roofs etc. if the branch size isn't too great.

        • +2

          Better with a recip saw

          haha first review is 1 star "What does skin only mean?" It didn't come with a battery….. Errr thats what skin only means!

        • Tool noob checking in :)

          What's the compatibility like with other saw blades? I noticed it only comes with a timber blade. What if you want a metal or plastic blade? are they universal, or?

          • @Jason88: Just get the blade for the job you want. I use the heavy wood garden pruning blade for tree limb lopping, or the metal blade for nails etc. The shank is usually all the same

          • +3

            @Jason88: Yep, shank is standard. I bought a box of assorted Diablo blades for my Ozito PXC recip saw (basically identical to the pruner) and they fit perfectly.

            • @SteveAndBelle: They would have been alot more expensive than the recipe saw 😂

              • @albanyson: They sure were but the same goes for the Diablo blades I use on the Circular Saw and Mitre Saw :) Worth it though.

        • hoping they will eventually have a brushless recip saw, like dewalt do, but recip says are great for pruning, currently use corded.

      • +2

        Good for the small branches but starts to struggle with the thicker branches. I'd stick with the handsaw or chain saw for small trees.
        For $20 (including a battery), it's worth getting :)

      • +1

        I think it's a great tool. It's light, one-hand to operate, doesn't vibrate as much as recip, cuts cleanly and if the branch is too thick, remove the V clamp and it becomes a recip.

  • Good price on the chainy - I have one of those ad they are excellent.
    Too bad you didn't get the jet blower details, any chance you can remember the price?

    • +1

      Yeah, I'm feeling half-guilty about not buying the jet blower too- but I just bought one of the Ego blowers from the Blackwoods sale!
      From memory, I think the kit was about $100, and the skin only is discounted to $60…

    • +3

      They have the blower kit for $119 at West Footscray

  • I've noticed that the Chainsaw kit doesn't appear to be on Bunnings' website - is this common? Or maybe it has been taken down because it's on clearance?

    • None of those kits are on the Bunnings website.
      Bunnings has also removed the 2 x 18V hedge trimmer skin, even though it's still available in stores and not on clearance.

      • +1

        Argh, I didn't know there was a 2x18V hedge trimmer and bought the 18V version. How much is the 2x18V version normally?

        EDIT: Found it in google cache $149 Bunnings item number: 0179976

        That always happens to me.. Wait 2 years to buy something and the next version gets released 3 months later.

        • Simple solution. Just wait an extra three months before your next purchase. You’re welcome.

    • The chainsaw kit was on clearance at most stores at the start of the year. Once on clearance the website doesn't show it.
      It used to be $299 i think as the skin its self is $199.

  • +1

    That weed sprayer is an excellent piece of kit, and especially for that price.
    I got one and its much better than the ryobi. I will be getting rid of the ryobi as the ozito is so much better.

    • +1

      I got the Ryobi version, what makes it better in your opinion?

      • +2

        So the spec sheets shows that the ryobi is 32psi, and the ozito is 36 psi.
        And you can feel this. The ozito feels like it sprays more even throughout the spray (as in a uniform pressure). Where as the ryobi feels like its bursts when you start spraying and then the pressure drops and it feels like its just a little under pressure as you keep spraying. The ryobi feels like just a little under powered in comparison. Also (possibly due to the pressure difference) the ozito feels like the spray from the wand is more uniform where as the ryobi has heavy spray areas and light spray areas (heavy in the middle and light spray around the outside of the circle when spraying on say pavement so you can see the spray pattern).
        The ozito also has a pressure cut off. If you stop spraying the motor stops on its own once the pressure builds up in the tube. The ryobi just keeps the motor pumping.
        I have opened them both up also and they use a different mechanism to pump the liquid. the ryobi seems to use a diaphragm where as the ozito seems to use a gear pump.

        • great, thanks for the info! Gonna pickup Ozito version next time I'm at Bunnings.

  • Thanks OP I'll walk down to Bunnos Maribyrnong later and see what they've got on clearance (if anything)

  • +2

    I picked up the hedge trimmer and saw kit a couple weeks ago after spring a random box in the top of the shelf. Another promo kit that ought to have cleared out ages ago. They're great value.

    My local Bunnings also had a 36v blower for a couple bucks off, worth grabbing for anyone interested, it's vastly superior to the 18v version.

    The chainsaw kit is cracking value, I wish ozito would keep the 36v version in stock regularly.

    • +1

      Saw the 36v version the other day looked like a bloody bazooka. Might have to pick one up to replace my 18v version (which honestly is a bit anemic but I like how light and maneuverable it is).

      • I had the ozito 18v hedge trimmer, and its not that great as mentioned. I upgraded to the AEG 18v hedge trimmer.
        I have seen the Ozito 36v hedge trimmer, and its bloody heavy. And that was without batteries. With the two batteries it requires it weighs 5.24 kg according to its specifications (4Ah batteries). A stihl HS45 petrol trimmer only weighs 5kg without petrol, so its the same as the petrol.

        • +1

          Yeah, I've been eyeing off the Ozito hedge trimmers for a week or so and was ready to jump on the 2 x 18V version when I saw the weight!
          I think wife will prefer the little one.

          • @damion: 18V and 36V blower aren't much powerful. Consider 54V blower which would blow you away.

            • @Dark Zeus: I have mostly aeg stuff now and a couple of ozito 18v tools. The aeg 18v blower is truly excellent. Very close to my petrol stihl blower

            • @Dark Zeus: Have to disagree. I have the bazooka blower (and previously had the 18V which I returned) and it's easily powerful enough for… blowing.

              I live in a very leafy area and currently have to tidy every 2 weeks max and it easily does the job.

    • PXC 18V POLE PRUNER & HEDGE TRIMMER KIT 3.0AH(ozito.com.au) $159 - no clearance sticker, but a good price compared to skins only. (3 left)

    Can't see this in Bunnings? Is there a combo or is this a bespoke with a staff?

    • It's a normal boxed kit, you can see it on the ozito website link.

  • +3

    Pruning saw stock levels

    Dubbo x3

    Bairnsdale x1
    Craigieburn x2
    Echuca x1
    Mildura x1
    Vermont South x1
    Yarrawonga x2

    Mt Gambier x2
    Munno Para West x1

    • I saw the 2 pruning saws at Craigieburn but they were $79

  • I think the chainsaw must be the old version. Found a kit with 4.0amp batteries in QLD but still $199.

    • you sure its not this one, which is just the 18v chainsaw no the twin battery 36v?

      • I think Bunnings are replacing this 2 x 3Ah battery chainsaw kit with a bigger kit that also includes the chainsaw sharpener.

        • +3

          The 2 x 3ah Chainsaw kit in the deal is a promotional product. So with the promotional product, they send out say 1000 kits split up to al the bunnings stores. Once they sell out no more. When stock starts getting old of these promo kits is when they start discounting them and you can nab a bargain on the kit. The individual skins i don't think will go on clearance as they are the standard items and not limited items

  • Exceptionally good price for the Brushless Chainsaw! Incredible units. Go grab one if you can!!

  • Wow, congrats to anyone who can find a staff member willing to match these deals!

    My local still had the pruning saw kit on clearance for $79 (obviously not moving, been there for weeks)

  • +1

    Just got back from Preston (Northland). Staff member unhelpful and basically called me a liar. Said it wasn't bunnings. Showed him the photo. Then said it must not have all the parts. Wasn't interested in arguing with him

    Also went in and checked at Fairfield. No stock

    • If you've driven that far, you may as well keep driving to Coburg then Broadmeadows ;)

      • Actually, on the weekend, Coburg had a few different Ozito PXC kits discounted because people had stolen the batteries.

        • +1

          No stock broady save the time and the phone call all gone

        • hahaha typical

    • Did they have many in stock?

    • Don't bother Fairfield / VIC, they have limited stock and products. The only thing I love Bunnings Fairfield is car parking with high roof protection from sun, rain or windy.

  • Is there any way to get the item number so I can check stock levels on projectsuite? I'm after the 2 piece garden kit

  • None of the items available in cockburn. WA.
    Just had a look. Only item was the Purner and trimmer that was showing as $89 down from $159

  • Anyone have any luck at other stores?

  • No stock of any at Hastings (VIC). The jet blower which OP mentioned was $125 down from $199, which was a reasonable deal.

  • +1

    For anyone interested, there is only one set PXC 18V POLE PRUNER & HEDGE TRIMMER KIT 3.0AH left @ Bunnings Broadmeadows as of 1pm today.
    All the other ones mentioned in this post are gone.
    Thanks OP I grabbed that last PXC 18V 2 PIECE GARDEN CARE KIT.
    By the way, in the tool shop they still have a few Brushless Hammer Drill $79.90 & Brushless Rotary Hammer $99 on special.

    • Thanks, you saved me driving down. I wanted the Garden Care Kit too.. I'm jealous. Enjoy

  • Cordless Pruning Saw is still $89 at Marion, S.A. store unfortunately for those looking for the listed bargain.
    None of the prices available in the Marion store.

  • None of these bargains at Blacktown, NSW :( booo

  • Pruning still $79 at Smithfield.

    Can’t see anything else.

    • $79 at Craigieburn too

    • Found the chainsaw. Still $199 retail.
      The other kit includes only 1 charger but a sharpener starter kit.

    • Found the Chainsaw Kit at the actual Broadmeadows store but scanned $199. Very confusing.

      • Oh dang, I’d use the receipt above if it’s the same store.

      • +1

        That maybe the 18v kit not the 36V kit (2 x 18V) above

        • The kit I saw was 2 x 18V

          • @rickb: Just the skin lists at $199 so that's still a good deal, just not a fantastic deal like OP.

  • +2

    That 36v chainsaw kit looks the goods at $95 for the kit

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