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Optus Prepaid SIM for $0 Delivered @ Optus


It's free, so technically a bargain. Not sure what this will be used for but posting it just in case my fellow bargainers see a value in it.

Rate me down if this is a stupid deal :(

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    Maybe good to use for those Telstra JB HI-FI phone deals?

  • Link not working for me

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  • Works for me

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    Can't activate Optus sims without credit.

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      Pointless to order.

    • Based on you name, you may be an expert above. Will I get any grief if I port CatchConnect to Optus? Or Amaysim to Optus? And vice versa?

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        It is something I will always avoid. I have read quite a few same-network success stories but the chances of running into a problem are too high. Best to stock up on a range of sims instead.

    • You can over live chat without a recharge

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    What's the cheapest option for a 6 month incoming only with Optus?

  • They'll probably ship it with Toll and you'll get it in four months time :P

    • Toll just delivered next day…from Perth to Sydney.

      • Dropped your data off at the wrong house on the way tho lmao

  • any I have bought recently via startrack sometimes get it next day

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    Optus customer service is a joke. Stay away guys, stay away…

    • not to mention they always come up with some random charges…and you gotta call to cancel, or complain to get it void

      very annoying

  • ordered one to complete my trifecta of Telstra, Vodafone and Optus SIM ejector.. it comes with right?

  • Actually I have been getting them for free. Just turn up at one of their stores.

  • Someone had given a tip in another deal post - You can try to activate Optus SIM without credit via Live chat.
    Also Coles $2 SIM (from store) activates without credit.

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      Just port to Kogan/Catch for 30 days (cost<$5) and return to the plan you prefer. Each porting has a small chance of risk to stuff up and multiple portings in one day increase the chance.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed a couple thx..

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    Pointless deal as you technically need to pay full price for credit to activate.

    You'd be much better getting a discounted starter pack that includes credit.

    At time of writing this includes:
    $40 sim for $15 @ Optus online
    $30 sim for $10 @ Officeworks

    Given you need to put at least $10 onto the $0 sim to get started you might as well buy the discounted one from Officeworks.

    • Catch and Kogan are generally available for 5 bucks and under (30 days). Amaysim etc are time to time available for $1 first month.

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