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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner AU Version $238.99 | Combo with Carpet Head $298.99 @ oz_accessory eBay


Greetings everyone, the price just dropped to it's lowest ever for this very popular handheld vacuum for those interested :)

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner Two Head Combo include Soft Roll Head and Carpet Roll Head AU version $298.99 Delivered.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $238.99 Delivered.

Note: This is sold on the oz_accessory eBay store, however it is run by Gearbite, so you'll be able to still receive the same great warranty and service as if buying through the Gearbite / Shopro stores.

Reviews from Prior Deals to Assist:



Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug AU Plug

Have a great day and stay safe everyone :)

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +11

    Woohoo! 96 cents cheaper than the usual deals!

    • +2

      Almost a frozen coke!

      • +10

        That's a litre of petrol…

  • +1

    Noice! Missus was waiting for this one

  • +8

    In case someone needs user review: I bought this one not long ago. A week or two ago. I think it was same or similar deal. I just wanted to say that we are very happy with it. Wife thanked me countless times :)

    • +15

      You get more than thanks if you're the user of this, not her… :D

    • wait until at least 2 years

      • +5

        If this last 2 years then it's bloody better than the Dyson I got with battery died after a year

      • +1

        Xiaomi products can last more than that, I've got a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner for nearly 3 years now, it runs every other day yet it is still running great with little maintenance.

    • Same here, got it for my wife for Mother's Day (her choice of present) and she absolutely loves it. We got the one without the carpet roll head as we still use our main Dyson (ball vacuum). But it's great, would recommend.

      • Nice to clarify that she isn't another 'Pelaton wife'

    • -8

      didnt get a bj ?

  • +2

    Can you buy the carpet head separately anywhere? Don't have carpet in this place but could again in the future.

    • carpet head seperated pack sold out, will ready in 4-6 weeks time.

      • Out of interest, what is the approx cost of buying it separately? Cheers.

        • +1

          I'd like to know as well :)

      • what's the difference between this model and SCWXCQ01RR model. Xiomi only listed this model SCWXCQ01RR in their website.

  • Comparable with a Dyson V8?

    • Better than the V8, not as good as the V10.

      I upgraded from my V6 to this and im very impressed, and glad i didnt spend $800+ on a V10.

      • I spent $406 on my v8…

  • +10

    I bought one of these on the previous deal, assumed it was overrated. It's not! Works great on the carpet and for pet hair.

    • +1

      likewise. works great on carpet. i have a small one bedroom apartment, 80% carpet, 20% tiles. i use the medium setting, does the job
      the carpet head is necessary tho

  • Great deal. Can someone confirm is the carpet soft rollhead a must buy for cleaning carpets or can it work without it?

    • +2

      Will work without it if you have short carpet. No problems for me.

      • Great. Thanks

      • What about if you don't have carpet but a shaggy rug that needs vacuuming? Thanks

        • See below.

    • Way I look at it, is my current vac does well without a carpet roller personally. I don’t see how this will function differently (it just sucks air, maybe same volume if lucky being battery vs mains, though reviews do look impressive). I know I don’t need one.

    • I thought I wouldn't need it got it anyway.

      Turns out I did need it. The carpet head brushes (it's electric and it spins) the carpet loosening the dust. I was amazed how much dust it pulled out.

      • Mine was the same even without the carpet head, it sucked up all sorts of crap and I was disgusted! My carpet is short and old so I don't care as much. If you have longer carpet it probably makes sense to get it.

  • How does this compare with the $1k+ Dyson?

    • same question here

    • +30

      It's about $800 cheaper

      • +2

        and works just like Dyson

    • +2

      buy me the 1k dyson and i'll let you know?

  • thanks OP purchased one :) hoping for no more hair in the bathroom!!!

  • +2

    Are replacement batteries available? How much are they?

    • -3

      Yes. We have battery for warranty service.

      • +2

        how much are the replacement batteries

      • +1

        What is the warranty process please? Where does it need to go, etc?

        • +1

          We use to supply spare battery for our customers, but we only have limit stock at this moment. We need to take care warranty first. Once more spare battery coming in 4-6 weeks time, it will back for sale as well.

      • Sounds like you don’t supply replacement batteries unless it’s a warranty claim. That is disappointing if true.

        • Tips on helping the battery last as long as possible?

          Lots of batteries go bad if left flat for a long time.

  • +2

    Can vouch for this vacuum. Good attachments and good battery life.

    The Carpet head is great; picks up lots of debris and fluffs up rugs nicely.

  • Been using this for 6 months now.. it still works great.
    Better performance with carpet head for vacuuming carpet floor.
    bought this from Gearbite.. good service and reliable seller.

  • Does it work okay over tiles?

    • +1

      yes it does.We have tile and floorboard floors. few carpets here and there. I bought it with carpet head. It does its work perfectly on all surfaces.

      • Do you use carpet head on all surfaces?

  • -1

    Chinese boycott Aussie products and lets do the same!!

    • +3

      haha post like this will get downvotes for sure. I am from China but I never buy any xiaomi product because I know they mostly just copy other the famous brands like many Chinese manufacturers under government protection. Sure they have risen up with some innovation but you can still see they are copying including this model in the picture. Intellectual property thief should not be encouraged. Dji on the other hand is different

    • +1

      You might not be buying much.

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought one for a threesome with my two Dysons.

    • +3

      Haha so a Dyson Dreame sandwich 😎

  • What to do if got problems after warranty ?

    • Repair service will supply after warranty.

  • Where is the repair centre ?

    • In Melbourne.

      • -2

        I purchased this 3 days ago @ $315, am I eligible for a $15 refund? Haven't received the item yet.

  • +2

    How much is replacement battery?

    • +1

      Does it have a replaceable battery?

    • +1

      $69.95 is the price the rep quoted

  • +1

    Don't forget 2% Cash rewards guys.. happy shopping…

    • Does anyone know what the shopback % is?

    • @smiles , the cash rewards website shows 1% for appliances. Did they just change it?

  • +1

    perfect timing.. my dyson v6 just broke. Is the warranty 2 years? Can the battery be replaced?

    • Ha, mine no longer works on high mode. Bought it 2015. When did you get yours?

      • +1

        2015 too! Battery died last year and i bought a new one from Dyson and it worked just like new. Heard a pop + burning smell last week while vacuuming- this is where we said goodbye!

        • How much was the battery? Any cheaper battery lying around?

    • +1

      12 months warrenty

  • Yar….15yrs of using a $89 Nilfisk barrel, which still does the job well, sick of pulling it out cording up and putting away again for spot cleans. I’ve resigned I’ll be living in a flat for the rest of my life, so these sticks hopefully should be good for a 2 bedder as main vac.

    • Haha my nilfisk is like 30yrs old but still plenty of suck. I'm sick of ordering bags and dragging it around. Time to retire it I think.

  • +1

    My Dyson V6 is on the way out - has anyone upgraded from that to this? Is it much of an upgrade?

    • +2

      Yes, this is exactly what i did, the suction power is far far better, and runtime on medium settings is over 20 minutes. On low you can get closer to an hour, but i just use it on medium for everything and it works awesome.

  • How is the running time of this one ? i can see that they have got the running time as 28 min in standard mode and 8 min in high performance mode. Is standard mode enough for carpets ? I dont think i can clean 4 bedrooms and some hallways in my first floor in 8 minutes. Anyone who uses it can share some feedback ?

    • +1

      I found the standard mode is more than enough suction for my cleaning requirements, it has far surpassed my old Dyson V6 and on my first vacuum through the house with it i was shocked at how much extra dust it picked up.

  • +1

    I have a shaggy rug (no carpet around house). Do I need the carpet head to vacuum that? How much does the carpet head attachment cost if I need to buy it in the future?

    • +1

      Yes I have been wanting to buy the carpet head for a while now, don't think it's sold individually

      • Apparently it is, but not sure how much it costs.

        • +3
          • +1

            @Thatbargainhunter: So it will be a $20 gamble on if the standard head will suffice for your needs. Thanks for finding that (I asked above because I'm lazy :p)

            • +1

              @tomsco: It depends how much carpet you have at your place to warrant it. I've got carpet in the bedrooms but the rest of the house is tiled so I picked up the carpet head combo.

              • @mangobango: Yeh, same situation, expect only in the kids bedrooms, not ours, so would prefer to have the deeper clean in there.

            • @tomsco: Yes, it also says '0 available' on the ebay link, so not sure if/when they will add some

  • Has anyone bought a Maxkon handheld ?? I want to get the Dreame but just want to know.

  • Just bought one, assuming it's an AU plug since it has one in the photo.

  • How do I mount the charging station without putting holes in my brick wall?

    • +4
    • I bought it before thinking about this. Don't want to drill or damage any paint in my rental. Has anybody solved for this (other than not mounting it)?

      • +1

        Build a stand from wood or hang it from a $10 light from Kmart (that's my plan lol)

        • What do you mean ‘10$ light’? You mean buy the tall lamp stand and use it for the xiaomi?

      • Google "mount dyson in rental", a few different options. Same theory for this product.

  • I really can't get it to suck the dust and hair from the bathroom tile much. Not sure what I am doing wrong

  • can we buy extra warranty ? what happens after 1 year?

    • +1

      after warranty, We still provide repair service and only charge parts and labor with reasonable price.

      • thanks GB. how much would a battery replacement cost as an example?

        • +3

          To our customer will be $69.95.

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