As a Single Person, What Are Your Must-Haves in a House?

As in number of bedrooms, bathrooms…etc. And where are you be willing to compromise?



      • If you are looking to justify you could use it to checkout your roof and guttering :)

        Pretty sure that is illegal, but what the hell.

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    2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a giant shower that fits at lest 4 other people at the same time, a small laundry area that has good access, a kitchen with a stove, an oven(not an oven that I have to bend over to use) a sink with one of those movable taps on the extension cord. All tiles, in the living room. rest of the house wood veneer floors.

    I'd compromise on the elevator, and the helipad if I was in a tight spot.

    • how large the shower need to be to fit 4??

      • 1.5m wide, 3m long

    • +1 on the big shower, that's definitely a nice to have.

      • and not a bath/shower combo. I hate those. They're uncomfortable as a bath as they're always super thin and they're uncomfortable as a shower as the sides are curved up and slippery.

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  • I was in a 2 bed 1 bathroom apartment which wasn't bad but one thing that it didn't have, that I came to realise was a dealbreaker, was no balcony. There wasn't even an awning over the windows so they could never be left open (rain would come straight in). My smoking friends (yes I know, what sort of idiot still smokes) were mortified!

    I'm now in a 3 bed 1 bath house with a big yard. Mostly requirements for the dog that I now have. 1 main room, 1 room as a study (work from home now) and a spare room to hide away lots of crap, which I also plan to add a bed for anyone staying over.

  • Basic tools, furniture and a good single or queen bed. At least 1 bedroom place. Budget? Rent or buy?

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    Racing car bed

  • A racecar bed

  • 2 bedrooms unless master is big enough to double as a study
    2 bathrooms unless laundry is big enough to double as cat's bedroom
    1 secure carspace but a second for visitors is a bonus

  • 2bedroom, for my stuff…. and a urinal

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      What if orientation is different

        • oh boy… reminds of the tokens from board game “mysterium” 🙃

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    Sex doll

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    My first place was a 2 bedroom unit, 1 bathroom with kitchen, living room, and a reasonable courtyard. It was objectively enough for two people to live in comfortably, let alone one. But, I can't stress enough how great it is having an en suite bathroom in my current property when I have guests over, or just only having to stagger a few ms if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the loo. And living in a separate house fixed the matter of the neighbours whose kitchen shared a wall with my bedroom cooking at like 11pm every night.

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      Having to clean 2 bathrooms when you're only using one though :/

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        I occasionally use the main bathroom if I want to use the bathtub, admittedly rarely. But, when it's not in use, it doesn't really get all that dirty. Quick wipe down, vacuum then steam mop. I doubt I spend more than an hour a year on it.

        I'd add a steam mop is something I never really thought was all that useful until I tried it. Effortless, more hygienic, and can walk over the area you've just cleaned straight away.

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    One room for my Dreamcast collection.

  • flashlight

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  • 1 Bedroom
    1 Bathroom
    1 Kitchen
    1 office / man cave
    1 home theatre/music room
    50 car garage for car collection

  • Ice machine fridge, dishwasher, big screen TV and NBN

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    Not exactly a house however I lived in a granny flat for some of my young adulthood. BEDROOM with big built in CLOSETS, ENSUITE with shower + bath + toilet + washing machine + dryer + laundry trough, small kitchen area with enough room for a 250-260L fridge, small electric oven (you can just grab an airfryer these days), and a dining table. Plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen for a single person. Huge window in the kitchen area which was great for airing out the flat when I would cook dinner. Had the tv and single monitor pc in my room. POTS line with 30/1 cable internet which was about the best you could get, for a reasonable price, back in the day. Had a driveway spot uncovered.

    It was recently constructed and you could tell. I would live in a flat like that, today, if I was single and trying to save money.

    The compromise was it's a granny flat so you can't exactly host big parties without annoying the landlord.

  • 3BR, split living, 2 car garage (drive way preferred but can get away with it), minimal grass, 2.5 bathrooms.

    • 2.5 baths for 1 person?! Why?

      • 1 for master ensuite
        1 for guest shower (sometimes parents/relos stay over or overeas guest)
        and powder room for the usual toilet usage.

        • Couldn't your guests use the toilet in the guest bathroom?

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            @DisabledUser102420: Sorry, should have mentioned mine is 2 storey and Most 3 bedders have 2.5 bathroom. If you have 2, you would have to compromise floor space as the lot size would be smaller. It all comes down to your preference.

            I got mine with view of also potentially living longer term/own family.

  • Can I suggest you also look up the tiny house shows for ideas on storage. They have some really interesting ideas.

    • The house is for a friend who is vision impaired and her companion dog. She wants something with a simple layout that she can easily memorise.she has already bought the land which is 280m2. So not too tiny, considering all she wants is a 2 bedroom.

      Although, everyone is encouraging her to build a 4 bedroom double-storey house as it will have better resale value.

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        The storage ideas might be good to reduce clutter. The other thing we did with our kitchen was to put in extra deep bench tops so we could push our appliances back to the splash back and bring them forward as we need them. Saves all the hefting on, and off, the bench when I need them. We also got an old workbench, with draws and a bottom shelf, for out “island”, we can push it around for cleaning and it has a lot of storage. There is a lip at one end I can use for attaching the hand pasta machine and we attached the tea towel rack there as well.

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        For vision impaired… You want space to be able to move around, but consider how walls can be used for navigation and orientation, like moving from one side of the lounge to the other by feeling along the wall, or the back of the couch etc. And no steps. Do whatever you can to avoid steps. I'd even say make sure there's none in the bathroom; most showers have a small lip.

        • Thanks.This is what she has in mind. She's thinking of getting a ramp to lead to the porch instead of steps and possibly getting rid of the bathtub and having a walking-in shower instead.

          • @DisabledUser102420: Because we renovated a warehouse we tried to keep the open feel of the original place So we have the kitchen in one corner of our open downstairs area. Has she considered the kitchen as part of the living area, rather than a separate room. We find it’s good when we have guests over because we are still part of the group if we are preparing things. The only disadvantages are the cooking smells and the visitors can see the mess.

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              @try2bhelpful: It will be open plan. This is what it will look like. She has pics from a house that she likes and is taking design ideas from it. The pic was taken from the dining room area.

              p.s: your house sounds completely amazing.

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    • Where is my damn flying car, lots of Science Fiction stories promised me one by now.

  • A succulent Chinese meal

  • 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, triple garage and jacuzzi… Oh and a runway like John has

    • A toilet that is in its own room separate from the bathroom.
    • Garage to keep car protected from elements.
    • Enough area to entertain out back.
    • Some skylights to let in natural light.
    • Double glazed windows.
    • Underground cellar to keep wine in.
    • Theatre room with a projector for movies.
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    Very high ceilings so I can split the level or save space with a bunk bed.

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