Chronic Fatigue Unknown Cause

I started getting fatigue in my early 20s. I would work 5 days a week in an office then spend the whole weekend in bed.
30s now and it’s getting worse, I’m working part time and I’m so exhausted. My ideal thing to do is just rest. I would pick sleeping over a free holiday!
The doctor has been no help, they have said it’s maybe caused by anxiety or depression but I don’t agree with the depressed part.
Few coffee a day keeps me going.

I’ve only felt normal (energy) when I happened to take antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for another reason and felt 100% normal during that time. I tested it again and again it worked. I can’t keep on taking antibiotics for ever.

What the hell could possible be causing this fatigue if this specific antibiotics is helping. No help at all from any doctors.

****Update - thanks everyone for the brain storming on what it could be and how to find out. Some more information about my situation.
Had a full blood test done. They found extremely low vitamin D but I took vitamin D and didn’t help.
I think I still have some hormonal imbalance I believe from like 15 years ago (acne appearing once a month even in my 30s). No thyroid or fertility issues though.

I’m worse in the morning and better towards the end of the day after 4pm.


  • Vitamin D levels take months sometimes years to recover and enrich each and every cell , bone, tissue of your body. So someone should keep taking them for atleast a few years. Please consult your doctor in this regard

    • Thanks. I only took them for 6 months until the levels were good.

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    There Is No Silver Bullet

    (…but you will get better)

    I got a bad bacterial infection 2 years ago and haven't been the same since. There is no silver bullet and you are probably going to be like this for a long time. Sooner you face up to that the better off you will be.

    Unfortunately this is an extremely understudied phenomenon and there will probably never be a solution in our lifetime. But that is NOT to say you cannot get help, just have realistic expectations and make concrete steps towards improvement.

    Ignore all of this anecdotal advice and try to find a GP who 1. believes there is something wrong with you and 2. will come up with a plan to help you either try to get better or manage your condition.

    My advice is to seek out an 'Integrative General Practitioner' (example from Victoria: The main benefit I got from this is finding a GP who believed in and was passionate about CFS, and was willing to spend a decent amount of time working with me.

    It's expensive. Any GP who will see you for an hour will be expensive. But at least this one remembers my name and is willing to work through multiple considerations in the hope of understanding and treating my issue a bit better.

    Don't stop until you find the right GP. That is your first step. And it might not work out, that's okay, you'll just have to try another. But please don't waste your time with bad GP's who don't care.

    Identify that there is something wrong with you and that it isn't going to go away overnight. It will get better but you will need to work towards this.

    Tell whomever you think will support you, don't worry about others. It helps to have support, but begin to identify with it too much and it will start to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

    It sounds dumb, but start walking. A lot. Buy an old Apple watch and start to close the 3 rings. Push the calorie goal. You aren't magically going to get rid of whatever this is, but walking will help you more than you would believe.

    Mental Health
    Find a psychologist who believes you and can help you work through this chronic health issue. Don't get a Mental Health Care referral from your GP until you are confident you have the right fit with a psychologist. If they aren't willing to answer some questions over phone or email then they aren't worth your time. But find the right psychologist and it will greatly help.

    If you think you might have AD/HD don't be afraid to pursue it. You might, you might not. Many people with fatigue report issues with attention or focus (It's often referred to as 'brain cloud'). Modern pharmaceutical treatments for AD/HD are relatively harmless and you will know early on if you're on the right track or not. Anecdotally when I started taking my ADHD diagnosis seriously, it greatly helped my working and personal life it light of having fatigue.

    Be weary of antidepressants. Honestly unless you've really done some work with a clinical psychologist, be careful of taking anything long term. The side effects of Anti-depressants are often intense and you should be clear about what your goals are going to be by taking them. A good GP will be weary of this too.

    You'll have setbacks. You might even have them very often. I get 'sick' about every fortnight. Severe headaches turn me into a shell of a person for a few days and then it wears off. Because I expect it, I'm never let down when it happens, I just have to take it for what it is and know that it will get better eventually.

    Good things take time, as you already know, so will this. And I'm very sorry its happening to you, I empathise more than you would believe. Please be weary of the internet too, this is a highly individual experience, what helped joe blow from Texas probably wont help you. Remember it is still just a syndrome, we don't actually understand why any of it happens yet.

    Just take your time and make concrete steps to treating it and your quality of life will improve. You've got this!

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    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue about 4 years ago and was given a double sided print out and sent on my way. I was told to cut out sugar, coffee both decaf and caffeine types, coke with caffeine and sugar and alcohol. Ate more whole foods.
    Also did less excercise. I followed that advice and it was extremely difficult in the beginning and I'm still not perfect but I'm not getting sick all the time and I'm not tired all the time.

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    Do you also have gut symptoms?

    When you take antibiotics they basically nuke your gut, so they kill or suppress the bad bacteria, but also the good. There is a direct link of the state of your gut biome and your brain function.

    Fecal microbial transplants (FMT) are now starting to be used in a range of settings, for example in treating things like, C-Diff, Crohns and IBS. Also their are (very small) studies showing improved outcomes for children with Autism (I stress this research is in it's infancy).

    • I googled FMT and oh my gosh there’s no way I’m eating someones crap lol. Now that I think about It I had IBS for years but suddenly went away after I had a baby, maybe I didn’t wash my hands properly after a nappy change one day.
      It was just strange how my IBS was just cured.

      I’ve been convinced for years since the antibiotics, my time of having IBS, acne and anxiety that it’s linked to poor gut health.

  • You can try out supplements like Magnesium or Curcumin, to see if they help.

    It's ideal to have a 'supplement diary' so you track the things you take each day & then note down if you felt unusually more or less energetic. This would help you to arrive at the ideal combination of supplements.

    • This sounds like a good idea the diary. There has been days I felt better than others.

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    Someone might have mentioned hypothyroidism, but it is not antibiotics related. I have the disease for years it was always brushed off by GPs, until one day I got a good GP who tested me. Ask for TsH, T3, T4 testing just to strike it off the list of possible causes.

  • Antibiotics are not magic - they attack bacteria. You’d know if you had a bacterial infection - because bacteria are big and easy to test for and you’d have other symptoms like a fever.

    Given that antibiotics work for you - I’d suggest that that you have a physical ailment triggered by a mental issue.

    This in no way diminishes what is happening to you - and clearly you need help. Can you afford a psychologist?

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    Ensure you are checked for rheumatoid factor and giardia breath test. I am currently in a similar boat though I am male, symptoms since November.

    • Did your test results come back clear?

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    So much woo science in here and it stinks. Don't take advice from strangers on the internet, go to a better Doctor, it could be anything.

    • +3

      They have put more effort in more than any doctor I’ve seen over the last 30 years that’s for sure.
      I’ve found this helpful as I can see a specific specialists now.

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    Late last year I began getting extremely fatigued, to the point where I couldnt go in to work any more. I had stomach pains and I went from doctor to doctor, having test after test and the general response was chronic fatigue syndrome. I finally had a gastroscopy which showed I have a condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is caused by allergic reaction to specific foods. I had no idea allergies could cause that level of fatigue, but could be worth looking into.

    • Thank you. I’ve looked this up now and I did have increased white blood cells so this might be a possibility. I will definitely get this checked out.

    • Interesting post.

      If you read my previous comments, the problem can be difficult to figure out if doctors write your problems down as caused by other things (and/or all in your head, or put you in the too hard basket), and so won't do or refer you for any investigations.

      It is actually kinda depressing.

      I'm glad you got it figured out in a reasonable timeframe.

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    OP this personal opinion and not medical advice. I think you should go back to your GP and ask for a referral for a sleep study. Morning fatigue and needing to sleep during the day can be signs of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Anyone can get OSA, and you can have it even if you don't snore. Morning fatigue and daytime sleepiness are big red flags. Sleep studies can also pick up on other things like REM sleep disorders which are also treatable. Check out the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (link below) to see how high you score.

    I also think you should see a psychologist. Not because this is all in your head or because your depressed, but because something is going that is negatively impacting your life, and a psychologist will give you the psychological tools you need to support you through this, whatever it turns out to be. Psychology would have to be one of the most underrated treatments out there in terms of making you strong and resilient, and it's really hard to put into words what they do.

    Edited to add: If psychology is too big a step (and it's one many people never take in their lifetime it's so confronting), there's a lot of decent online CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) sites out there. Moodgym is a good and free one and run some good programs too for a small fee.

    • Thank you for writing all of this.
      I tried to do the test but I’m not sure what it means by dozing off. It takes me hours to fall asleep so the test doesn’t apply to me properly.

      With a sleep study would I need to stay at a clinic? As I have a toddler that needs me at home. Definitely will request it one day when I can.

      I’ve seen a psychologist/psychiatrist for managing the anxiety part but I think there’s more to this physical illness that I have.

      • It does mean an overnight stay, but even without a sleep study it sounds like you're suffering from insomnia which would be very worthwhile seeing a sleep physician for. Disordered sleep can cause a lot of problem (including hormone imbalances!) and a sleep physician can go through it with you in a visit to see if there's something treatable there.

        You mentioned hormonal problems as well, the pituitary gland (responsible for many hormonal processes) and the hypothalamus (responsible for sleep), sit right next to each other. It might be worth asking your GP to check your pituitary hormones because sometimes they can cause these sorts of problems.

        I don't think a psychiatrist would be that helpful, but it's routine practice to refer people with physical illnesses to see psychologists. People who have strokes, heart attacks, etc etc are all referred to help them adjust to their changed level of function, it's not about saying the heart attack is in their mind, it's about doing the work to fit this new problem into your life.

        And if you have every test under the sun and come up empty handed, consider functional neurological disorder (FND). It's a pretty new area of research at the moment and one that isn't yet fully explained, purely because imaging looks at the structure of things and not how they're functioning. Doctors cant see how your body is functioning in real time (outside of sleep studies which is limited anyway), only take snapshots. FND attempts to explain these symptoms that are very real, are consistently seen, but aren't yet fully explained, and force the point that they are NOT pyschological. More here:

      • Some clinics may be able to do a home sleep study. They'll wire you up and send you home. The most basic of these will just monitor your oxygen saturations overnight.

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    There is a lot of comments here and I only read a quarter.

    My wife was fatigued constantly, went to GP and blood tests revealed she had extremely low iron types. Took iron but it persisted, they did a proper test for coeliacs disease… Yep has coeliacs without much symptoms.
    She is in her late 30's, and thrilled (jokes) she had to switch to gluten free.

    I think she has monthly B12 injections and nothing else, feels better.
    Apart from obviously having to look at every label and not eat out, or very cautiously and much checks.

    • This is such good advice, there's a lot of undiagnosed coeliac out there.

      • Agree, most people only find out when they are aggressively sick from it.
        My wife initially thought her doctor ws pulling her leg tho, haha. Then it hit her..

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    There’s some fantastic comments to work with in this post, great job..,

  • I understand that you are desperate and feel like doctors aren't any help but if they haven't been able to find the cause, what makes you think ozbargain can? Most of the things people have come up with obviously would have been already thought of by any decent GP or GP with subspecializing in CFS, so it sounds like you need a better GP who is willing to go the extra mile for his/her patients or you're out of luck.

  • Did something happen in your life, when it started back then? How are your eating habits/exercise/outdoor? How did you feel during pregnancy and postpartum? All this gives a better overview over your hormones and body.

    And do you feel any other symptoms in your body that are reoccurring?

    • I’ve had stressful life events but this probably started happening when I turned 20 and got worse over time.
      Being pregnant was horrible. I could not get out of bed at all the fatigue got 100% worse so I took 2 years off work.

      Sometimes I’m convinced it’s a hormonal imbalance because of the poor skin outbreaks, migraines and even less energy during that time of the month.

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    A bit of a long shot but have you been checked/tested for Lyme Disease? If you have ever travelled to SE Asia or Nth America and have possibly be bitten by a tick? Your symptoms sound very similar, just a thought.

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      I think there has been Lyme cases near my area so I should see if I can get a test done if it’s even possible.
      I have previously googled this and the symptoms are similar.

      • There is no evidence of Lyme in Australian ticks. There is an industry of people who'd like to convince you that there is. maybe there is some other organism causing a similar syndrome, but no one has ever cultured it. The travel history is important. European ticks also commonly have Lyme. The one case I've seen was post hiking in Eastern Europe.

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    As others have said, get checked out for auto immune disease. My ex-colleague suffered the same thing.

  • I had the exact same problem, instead of taking vitamin d in the form of tablets, which did nothing for me, i went outside for about 30-60 mins a day, and got vitd naturally, which made a huge difference for me.

    • I’m in the sun all the time but still don’t have vitamin D, it’s very strange.

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    Lack of iron can do this. If you take supplements you need to take them with vit c to help it absorb. Or you may need an iron transfusion.

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    Hey, I had some strange symptoms related to Vit D lately… The first was a dizziness, muscle pain and a slight fever. Of course, thought it may have been a cold or "something" worse. I took a one a day 1000 IU Vitamin D pill and improved in three hours. Kept on having some symptoms though. It was only after I spent at least 45 mins in the sun each day that I started to get symptoms going away. Diet/supplements helped but sun exposure seems important.

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    Chronic Fatigue and lack of sleep can lead to depressive symptoms. Before you buy or supplement your sleep with anything eg. weighted blanket, sleeping supplements etc. Make sure you have the following:

    • Drink 3L of water a day
    • Exercise everyday
    • Get adequate sunlight
    • Eat a balanced diet

    If you can ensure you've hit all these targets and STILL have sleeping issues or chronic fatigue then look into things that may assist in sleeping

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    Get your gp to refer you to a general physician (also called internal medicine specialist) at the local public hospital (every regional hospital has a few) or privately if they bulk bill.
    Ie they are medical specialist. they are not general practioniers (gp) even though the name and abbreviation sounds alike.

    Seeing a good general physician is like being reviewed by a team of medical specialist at one go.

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    Lol Antibiotics just make you feel better?

    I'd say that's most likely placebo… Unless if you do have some sort of infection that your GP has not figured out…

    Also constantly taking antibiotics is a Very good way to get C.Diff which is not fun and will most definitely add to your fatigue.

    • With c.diff fatigue would be the least of his worries lol

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    Also, life purpose. Do you have some inspirational to aspire to? Any major goals you want to work towards? Because floating about in the wind doesn't really generate energy.

  • I have a similar experience to you what i did was
    1) cut out caffeine completely (this makes you crash and you wake up with withdrawal feeling tired)
    2) wake up same time everyday (even on your days off) and sleep early. I like to get 9 hours. Everyone's different but i can't function with less than 7.5 hours a night.
    3) take mega vitamin b complex from Blackmore's.
    4) watch your diet. Go on a walk or light jog three times a week.

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    My best mate developed severe fatigue, lacking energy etc and Doctors could not find anything. He then recalled getting a Tick bite on his face and after seeing specialist he has been diagnosed with a Meat allergy (Alpha Gal) caused by the Tick bite. There are many that are suffering from the same but as with Lyme disease its not recognised as an issue in Australia so little help from mainstream Doctors/medicine.

    • Late reply but did he see a immunologist, allergist or some other specialist?

  • I contracted glandular fever in my mid 20s. This resulted in 1-2 weeks of tonsillar sickness & fever, 6 months of intense and relentless fatigue followed by about 2 years of chronic fatigue on and off with bouts of tonsillitis. It was gone for good around the same time I had my tonsils out - about 3 years after the infection. Now I have more energy than I know what to do with. Sincerely hope you can achieve the same.

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    Sounds auto-immune related, see your gp and get a full blood work up done.


    Read this and try everything on this page. I take magnesium (among other things) and it has had a tremendous effect on my energy levels.

    Nutrients are what the body needs to function, so if you're deficient in one — or like many people — many nutrients, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • Haven't read the comments so apologies if this has already been mentioned. I think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a thing (could just be a label for something we dont understand), but AFAIK is poorly understood so I would not expect medical to be much use. GPs will be even worse as their scope is so large they probably have difficulty keeping up to date with newer issues/appropriate treatments etc. I've always wondered if I had chronic fatigue whether I'd be able to force myself to exercise.

    We all have the off day where we feel tired, and personally, if I psych myself up enough to exercise, that fatigue will pass and post-exercise I feel great. Whether the same is applicable for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…I have no idea.

    But if we approach it in a similar frame of mind to breathlessness when running as a patient with COPD, you will become breathless much quicker than your average person, but your body can adapt to utilise oxygen better etc etc. I wonder whether the same is applicable to cases of chronic fatigue, perhaps the body can adapt in some mechanism that we don't yet understand.

  • Get more natural sources of: Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, iodine, sleep, exercise, meditate, shilajit etc etc etc

  • Try free and easy solutions. Here are things that have improved my life over the last five years.

    1. Get 8 hours of sleep in a completely dark (zero light room). Use an eye mask.

    2. End every shower on cold and do wim Hoff breathing for 3 mins so about 3 x 30 breaths and hold between each set of 30.

    3. Eat a minimally processed food diet or If you think it could be food related go carnivore for a month and slowly introduce one food at a time until you find the culprit. This has sorted many unknown aetiology diseases that Western medicine doctors shrug their shoulders at. It sucks but it's one month of your life what have you got to lose.

    4. Buy a set of rings and do some bodyweight exercises 3 x a week. Chins, inverted rows, dips, pistol squats, leg raises and shoulder push up presses in downward dog position. Youtube for tutorials. No gym membership required all you need is a strong tree branch locally to throw your rings over. I do this on my lunchbreak since covid shut down my gym and am loving it.

    5. Get some sun everyday. In winter this is hard and tricky in summer depending on your complexion. Try and get your shirt off and atleast 15 Min a day. Training outdoors with rings helps to get sun.

    Goodluck friend. Hope this helps.

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    Try this

    • get tested for Epstein Barr Virus (glandular fever) - had this and it is very similar to what you describe
    • take Zinc/ take vitamin A + B
    • don't push yourself too hard when exercising
    • avoid very hot environments (esp. saunas or hot bath/showers)
    • try digital detox for a weekend / try a slow weekend and just be (read and listen to music / don't watch tv or do the usual watching tv or phones)
    • get a bit of sunshine
    • avoid eating too late - let your meal be eaten and don't snack beyond say 7PM if you intend sleeping 8-9PM
    • give coffee and processed food a break - try natural clean food for a week
    • try some almonds and eat oily nuts prior to bed-time
    • if getting to sleep is a prob, ensure your room is quiet when you go to bed
    • try melatonin (get the real stuff on the internet not the rubbish/fake they sell at health shops) from USA, try a small dosage before bed-time 3-5mg - too much and you will feel groggy the next day
    • check if you are snoring at night - can make you feel less sharp and less awake
    • if you are overweight try and lose a few kilo's and or reduce your belly - may give you more energy
    • avoid sugary processed foods / avoid sweet drinks, even fruity drinks are full of sugar and overload your system
    • avoid coffee for a few days (you may get bad symptoms from breaking with it for a 3-5 days, like headaches etc)
    • get your hormones checked
    • check your iron levels
    • don't overdo vitamins, some are toxic and overused
    • don't smoke etc

    -> finally, ask the doctor to perform a test on you for Helicobacter Pylorii (you simply breathe into a small balloon and it gets analysed for this bacteria, as there is a marker in your breath, and this is quite common in society and easy to treat)-

    good luck

    • Thank you for the long list of checks. I suspected I had helicobacter Pylori and ordered some specific pro biotics from the USA but didn’t make a difference. I didn’t know I could get tested for this by a GP. Definitely will ask for the test next time.

    • H.pylori is rarely treated unless not controlled with Proton pump inhibitors, as it is very easy to catch again and again.

      In fact many people live with it harmlessly inside of their stomach, not causing any problems. To be worth treating, it would be causing ulcers and bleeding (or evidence of irritation/injury to the esophagus) or affecting the tissue within your stomach that control acid production.

      Not to mention the issue with increasing antibiotic resistance in hospitals and the general population of all people in modern times.

  • sounds very familiar to me!
    Especially with antibiotics.

    I wonder if you get IV Cefrtiaxon you would probably feel 150% of energy compared to now.

    Any history of tick bites? Any travels round the world? Malaria? there are some malaria like parasites too such as babesia but rare.

    I bet 100% Aussie doctors say you are healthy and its in your brain!

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    Hello mate,

    I saw your post about fatigue and registered just to give you this information. Your post resonated with me because you mentioned the antibiotics helping you.

    I was having some similar fatigue symptoms a few years ago, i was getting more and more tired and couldn't seem to get over it. I went to a natropath and tried exercising more and went to several doctors with no good solution and alot of time and money spent. I then went to a prayer ministry which was somewhat helpful but I was still having issues, then the guy praying for me said it might be worth getting a parasite test done.

    Crazy how the doctors and naturpath had not mentioned this earlier but anyway, I probably needed the prayer too..

    I found a bulk billing doctor that did a full parasite test for me (they take a poo sample for this). They found these two specific parasites and i did research on them online. The online research i found sounded familiar to my situation and I found a site that gave a specific remedy based on research done from a lab in sydney. The doctor I had wanted to give me the 'standard' treatment first so I did that, which helped a bit but then the problem came back.

    After this the doctor got me the treatment I had found online by calling the lab for the information and I had to get the custom order from a pharmacy.

    I took those antibiotics and it wiped me out initially for a few days, but ever since ive been getting better and better. I'm still improving years later but now I can handle working full time again. I couldn't handle this before.

    So hopefully this helps you, it was really helpful to me, it was really hard being fatigued. I hope you get better. thats the site with info around the parasites I had.

    This really has been such a huge improvement for me

    • Thank you. I suspect it’s some sort a parasite. I’ll see if I can find a GP who will order this test for me.

    • hmmm Blastocystas is a very common one. 80% of the population has it/

      • Yes that's right, normally left untreated unless causing significant issues in an individual. Also in many cases it will be unresponsive to antibiotic treatment regimes.

        I have had a blastocystis hominis infection (there are several types of this amoeba one can catch) that was with me for many years. Eventually I had to get treated because I was having total water number 2's several times per day (which was liveable), but I was suffering with unbelievable nausea and becoming unable to keep food down. After a few weeks with some very hefty AB's, I felt better, my toilet efforts became normal and I no longer had nausea.

        I was lucky it was able to clear it in my case.

        Most people can live fine with a blasto infection.

        I wouldn't say it's very common of an infection in the general population, but it definitely is around. Mostly you would find people infected with it in a less developed country.

  • I started getting fatigue in my early 20s. I would work 5 days a week in an office then spend the whole weekend in bed.

    Sounds like stress.

    30s now and it’s getting worse, I’m working part time and I’m so exhausted. My ideal thing to do is just rest. I would pick sleeping over a free holiday!

    Still sounds like stress.

    I’ve only felt normal (energy) when I happened to take antibiotics

    Placebo effect?

    I'm not trying to minimise your experience, and I'm certain that you're experience is real. It's just that I went through the same thing. The cause? Stress. Have you thought about trying out therapy and counselling?

    I’m worse in the morning and better towards the end of the day after 4pm.

    Have you considered keeping a diary entry of your day-to-day activities alongside your energy levels? Maybe it might help you to identify incidents that contribute to your lower or higher energy levels.

    Whatever it is, hope you find relief.

    • Thank you. I’m definitely the biggest stress head so maybe stress is one of the things that’s causing this but the antibiotics wasn’t just a placebo.

  • +2

    Im a GP and this is just general advice I give to other doctors who struggle treating chronic fatigue. When a comprehensive blood test reveals no significant abnormalities and the history/physical exam is normal, I advise to consider the following:
    Evidence of sleep apnoea?
    Mental health status?
    Sleep hygiene and quality?
    Nutrition and exercise habits?
    Alcohol/drug use?
    Stress levels/energy during holidays?
    2nd opinion from a neurologist/general physician?
    Have you told the patient to make a diary of what they have eaten/sleep quality/energy levels/bowel habits for 2 weeks?

  • Hi OP, not sure if you have answered these before…
    Do you have a sedantory work life?
    Do you eat healthy home food?
    Do you rely mostly of meds?
    Do you have sufficient excercise in the form of basic walking per day?

    Whatever it is.. you have done for a long enough time for you body to be in this pattern.
    You need consistent improvements over a long period of time to counter and get back to a balance.
    So like if you have not done much excercise for let's say 6 months.. then doing some for 2 days won't suddenly improve.

    Make a small change and step changes…
    You body can heal whatever condition you are in. You just need to give the right conditions and ingredients…

    Good luck.

  • A very very long shot and probably as a last resort if all the other much more relevant suggestion does not resolve the issue, get your GP to check if you have tapeworm infection. Reason for this suggestion is I remember reading a story about someone who suffered from similar issues as you for years and eventually it was found to be caused to a tapeworm he picked up while skinny dipping in thailand

  • Try to take Black Cumin seed in capsule packaging. This is miracle seed.

  • A long shot… but maybe endometriosis?

    • I think they would of picked this up via ultrasounds when I was pregnant not long ago.

  • Some things to look at are blood glucose, blood pressure, (use monitors to check at different times), sounds like you have a weakend immune system
    A change in diet and lifestyle will work wonders. Eat fresh exercise and hydrate and take zinc, magnesium, fish oil and C suppliments
    It will take time so don’t expect to feel great in a week, but if you stick to the plan and ride this out you will feel the best you’ve felt your whole life. You’ve got to fight to get your health back, it took time to reach this point, it will take time to get your health back
    Start small but build on it and stick to it

  • +2

    Sleep apnoea? My mum had it for years and had no clue until recently, it still really affects her energy levels from time to time.

  • Do you have issues with aches and pains, increased sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises, IBS, headaches or impaired concentration and memory?

  • I wish you the best OP. I had a mate in high school who went from super fit to mostly in bed.

    In the end they found a lot of black mould was the likely cause.

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