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Free Mini Burrito (Credit Worth $8 - $9) @ Guzman Y Gomez via App (New Users Only)


Before anybody calls me out for it, yes I'm reposting for the easy upvotes. No shame here.

Requires a mobile number and email address. Email isn't verified but the phone is via SMS. App seems to tie registration to the device ID preventing multiple signups even with a different number. YMMV.

iOS App
Android App

Credits to the previous posts here, here, here, here and here.

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    How to Mock device ID?

    • +9

      Root and use an Xposed extension.
      Will need a new phone number too. Not really worth it so much now that they changed it from full-sized to mini.

    • It's Android ID this uses, isn't it?

    • +6

      How to Mock device ID?

      Let the businesses survive please and don't abuse offers.

      • -3

        I get the sentiment, but GYG charge through the nose, and the percentage of people who would bother to mock device ID and get new phone numbers etc. is probably quite small. I'm sure GYG will survive just fine.

        • +1

          but GYG charge through the nose

          Then don't eat there?

        • +1

          GYG jacked up their priced and their food quality has gone down the drain. I used to love their food.

      • A user here was shilling his own website via PM where you could generate fake accounts for a fee to get the free burrito. Ugh.

        • To be fair 15 for 10 equals 1.50 each for a mini burrito bowl. GOod deal imo.

          • @gottacatchemall: Didn't understand this part?

            • @firangipani: The guy selling the free burritos is selling them for 15 for 10 so 1.50 each. Basically buys you 10 accounts goo ddeal in my opinion.

          • @gottacatchemall: If a good deal is all you're after, I can do 10 for $10. All proceeds go to a charity of your choosing. How's that for a cracker deal? I'll even price match.

            P.S. If you know a platform for donation tracking, let me know.

        • Can u share his details? Or website?

  • +1

    Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Is that with free shipping?

    Edit: I just see its got pick only option :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Didn't this used to be a full burrito?

    • +1

      Yep, was $11.70 credit before

  • Some restaurants have free coffee with any breakfast item. Hawthorn is one I can confirm

  • +4

    Upvote for lack of shame.

  • +1

    Every time I've tried this, it never works. Any other iPhone user have the same issue?

    • You have to follow a process, I forget what it is but the app’ll step you through it if you noodle around. One thing to be mindful of though is it’s for a value and you can buy anything with that value. I assumed I was getting a burrito but that I had to order something else to activate the freebie. I ended up with a single taco for my trouble.

  • does anyone know of any other app like this that gives you free item of food when joining?

    • Would love a list of these first order discount sites.

  • +1

    I just cough up the extra 1.70 and get a large burrito.. Slow cooked beef FTW

  • +3

    I NEVER eat out but there was one by the chemist so I tried their 3 tacos deal for dinner, and it was the most measly, pathetic, sloppily done, tasteless thing I'd eaten for a while, and my own cooking isn't great. Felt ripped off.

  • Gas gas baby.

  • -1

    Did this the other week and almost overdosed on the salt content.

  • I don’t like the taste of data harvesting in my burrito

  • +2

    Just a heads up. I had this offer, redeemed it in store with the staff's assistance, but was charged (my credit card details were loaded in the app).
    The in store staff didn't know why I was charged and told me to contact the online help for a refund.
    Its been 2 months and about 9 emails back and forth. They are refusing to refund.
    So proceed with caution!

  • Hi does anyone know if this app would accept a sms verification to an overseas number on a separate device (so sms verification code needs to be manually entered)? eg for tourists who come here to aussie and want this offer

    • give it try and report back. its free to try and i guess it would work

  • logged out and signed up today with another mobile number but didnt get it. i guess app detects phone mac address now. best try a new device and mobile number.

  • doesnt work with new phone either

  • Thought i would get a free burrito as well as my order but its only the discount, oh well. Good discount on nacho fries with chicken and mushroom.

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