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Free Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces - MD180 Analog (Was $1.70), MD182 Hybrid (Was $2.64) @ Samsung Galaxy Store


Hi OZB Family,

Came across a few interesting Samsung Galaxy Watch faces, were originally paid, currently FREE, enjoy :)

These applications are available on a Galaxy Store install device. Connecting Galaxy Watch, Gear or Fit is required.

MD180 - NEW Analog Watch Face (Was $1.70)
To install, type this URL on your Samsung device: https://galaxy.store/md180n

The MD180 is a Analog watch face with Health Data and changeable background + markers colors. It contains 7 Preset App shortcuts, 4 Personal shortcuts.
Features: Analog, Steps, Daily goals, BPM Heart Rate, Burned kCal (0 to 2000 kCal), Battery indicator, 4 Customizable App Shortcuts, 7 Preset App Shortcuts, Changeable Index Colors, Changeable Backgrounds Colors, Always ON Display supported on all watch except Gear S2, Date + Day, Moon Phase
Preset APP Shortcuts: Samsung Health, Heart Rate, Calendar, Phone, Messages, Alarm, Battery

MD182 - NEW Hybrid Watch Face (Was $2.64)
To install, type this URL on your Samsung device: https://galaxy.store/md18

The MD182 is a Hybrid watch face with Health Data information. It contains 7 Preset App shortcuts, 3 Personal shortcuts, Health Data, changeable LCD colors, Index and more..
Features: 12/24hr Digital Time based on phone settings, Moved distance in KM or Miles, based on Samsung Health settings, Step Count, Daily goals, Floors (no Gear S2), BPM Heart Rate, HR Interval, Heart Rate Zones, kCal, Battery bar, 3 Customizable App Shortcuts, 7 Preset App Shortcuts, Changeable LCD Colors, Changeable Index Colors, Always ON Display supported on Gear S3, Sport and Galaxy Watch / Active series, Date + Day, Moon Phase
Preset APP Shortcuts: Music Player, Phone, Find Device, Samsung Health, Weather, Heart Rate, Messages

And a few more currently on offer:
MD135 B - Premium Informative Digital Watch (Was $1.36) - https://galaxy.store/md135b

MD140 - Modern Digital Watch Face (Was $1.30) - https://galaxy.store/md140m

MD167 - NEW Modern Digital (Was $1.99) - https://galaxy.store/md167n

AJ Gears 036 (Was $1.34) - https://galaxy.store/flld1kmfl

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    You can join the following Facebook group to get free coupons for a lot of Samsung watchfaces from the developers. https://m.facebook.com/groups/882247198827419/

    Please leave a review to support the developer if you download and like a watchface.

    I found the group from a YouTube video and there are a lot of developers posting their work in the group.

  • +8

    There is a similar group on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyWatchFace/

    • +1

      Or you can come and visit every minute to Ozbargain :D

      • +1

        That's the way of a true ozbargainer

  • While I get the reason why, it blows my mind that, in 2020, watch faces are subject to ratings classification.

  • +2

    MD210 is free too

  • +1

    Thank you OP!

  • Any suggestions for some interactive watch faces ?

  • +3

    Man I never understand why most Galaxy watchfaces absolutely stuff in as much information as possible on screen.

    • Maybe to be informative.

      • +3

        My point is not everyone wants every single possible bit of info the watch is capable of. I've turned off the heartrate monitor as I just use this thing to tell the time/date, see notifications and control spotify. Every face in this deal is waaaaay too busy for my liking.

        • looked under the minimalist section?

    • +1

      Same. When I made myself one and published it, it included the time, the watch's battery %, the phone's battery % and a step counter that resets at midnight.
      There isn't much else you would need to see at a quick glance.

    • Same, I actually go for ones that look like non-smart analogue watches.

  • -3

    All watch faces from samsung should be free…
    Already paid for the watch…

    • +9

      They are, these are not from Samsung.

      • +4

        Ahh i see
        Didn't know that as i don't have a smart watch yet…

        Carry on…
        I apologize :)

    • +3

      These are made by the general public - should they not be compensated for their time?

      • +2

        Yep.. sorry ;)

  • +1

    Thank you OP

  • euugh, AJ Gears? no thanks.

  • I've been using the MD221 watch face and love how it looks. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Thank you. Got them all. Don't know about the last one with flowers, lol.

    • +1

      So with you on this one mate. However, my little niece simply adored it & I had to share. One never knows, personal taste & circumstantial need diversity :)

      • +2

        yes, I still kept it. My granddaughters will like it plus I can change the colours of the flowers to suit the seasons.

  • Can't even sign in, stupid app

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