Confusion over Amazon's New Subscribe and Save System

I used subscribe and save on some amazon items a while ago, still waiting for them to arrive, but I fear that soon I will be roped into paying for another delivery if I don't cancel the subscription soon. But if I cancel the subscription, my current/original orders might not get delivered at all. The whole system is really confusing now. How do I know when I can safely cancel, and still get my original order? At what point do I actually get charged?

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  • Check your orders page to see when the items are arriving. Generally you should be able to cancel renewals from there without affecting current delivery.

  • Also, is it normal to get orders marked as "delivered" even if they haven't been? The website lacks a button for me to push, to indicate a failed delivery like Ebay has.

    • No, that's not normal. Something has gone wrong, speak to Amazon customer support, they're really good.

      • ahaha, turns out it was delivered. I was taking rubbish out to the bin, and saw part of a cardboard box through the gap in the side gate. so I went down the alley beside my house, and sure enough, the box of drinks was hidden there. The deliveryman did a good job of hiding it.

  • I immediately cancel my S&S subscriptions after ordering and not had a problem with getting it delivered.

  • I would generally cancel my S&S subscription after the item is marked "shipped".

  • If I subscribe and Save Napisan at $13, currently half price. Will each order continue to be at half price? Or if special ends is it full price?

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