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Huawei Smart Watch GT2 42mm Sport Edition Night Black (+ Huawei Smart Scale via Redemption) $205.20 Delivered @ HappyTel eBay


Found this on eBay for $228 and it is from HappyTel, so it should be eligible for the free Huawei smart scale promotion.

Claim your purchase for the free smart scale : https://huaweipromotions.com.au/6906/default

*edit : thanks for the tip of 10% off Afterpay coupon PAYIN4. Otherwise, $228 delivered.

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    AU $205.20 if paid with Afterpay using PAYIN4

    • Awesome. Let me edit the title.

      • Edit again to $205.20? :)

        • My bad. Done. Thanks.

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    Huawei Smart Watch GT2 does not have Strava integration if you are looking to get a fitness watch to track your runs and HR.

  • Can I trust 'brand new' in description? It seems to be a repair centre if you google the seller's name.

    • I am pretty sure you can since Huawei has them as part of the redemption offer. Besides that if you get a used one you will know when you trthe redemption and can always return it

      • actually the seller says NO RETURNS

        • He can say a lot but if he sells used as new there are returns

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    What is the differences between this and the grey import? Is the AU version a lot different with Oversea version?

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    Shame politics ruins technological advancement. Huawei forever. Hail Hydra.

    Looks like a great watch - does anyone actually own one? Battery life?

    • Yep, I have every feature turned on including always on display. Get 6 days battery life from it (46mm version). Looks very sharp too.
      Pretty good bit of kit if you don't need all the extra apps on other smartwatches.

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      Yeah it's pretty annoying when little things like genocide, concentration camps, organ harvesting, human rights abuses etc, etc get in the the way of technological advancement.

      • And china does some of this stuff too.

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          No they don't. They are infallible.

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            @subywagon: I think you are mixed up with the usa

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              @petry: Yeah you are right. I forgot that the US have got a massive Uyghur population that they've locked up in camps. Don't worry though, they are just giving them vocational training and totally not torturing them.

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                @subywagon: yes you are definitely mixed up with the usa because you only repeat rubbish paid for and promoted by the usa - why not go live there?

                • @petry: Paid to repeat rubbish? Kinda like wumao and little pinks? Twisting narratives, classic CCP move. Are you denying the detention of the Uyghur people? Why bring up the US? I didn't mention them and I'm not an American. Why don't you go live in the USA if you are complicate to genocide so much? They did a great job with the native Americans.

                  I won't live in the USA for the same reasons you probably choose to live in Australia, I enjoy our freedoms and way of life. And because their government is corrupt on so many levels due to rampant capitalism. Australia's government isn't much better and neither is the Australian voting public thanks to the Murdoch news empire. Trump is a terrible President, Scomo isn't much better as a prime minister. I am ashamed of Australia's genocidal history in relation to the first peoples here and I'm also ashamed of the way the Australian government treats refugees.

                  How great is that? I can safely criticise American or Australian government without fear of persecution or retribution. Can you do the same with the CCP in China? What would happen if you openly criticised them?

                  • @subywagon: yeah go and criticise trump in the us.

                    lose your job - enjoy hate mail - get attacked on the street …

                    Uyghur people myth is a classic us promotion based on nothing, like most of what you have written.

                    freedoms here - well our governament abandons any australian at the request of the us, and cheats routinely any third world country it can all the time.

                    You even wrote 'Why bring up the US? I didn't mention them' after you stated 'I forgot that the US have got a massive Uyghur population that they've locked up in camps'

                    • @petry: You can argue all you like the fact remains that China is not a free society, even it's leaders acknowledge this.

                      Criticise Xi in China you lose more than your job and you know it.

                      • @subywagon: i never said china was a free society

                        nor is america

                        nor is australia

                        its just a matter of degree, and that measure is narrowing at an alarming rate

                        • @petry:

                          You even wrote 'Why bring up the US? I didn't mention them

                          What are you talking about? You specifically stated " I think you are mixed up with the usa" before I retorted with any mentions of the USA. It's literally up there in the comments. CCP shills all argue in circles. Nothing makes sense. I guess it's because they're all used to only being allowed to have one opinion, the CCPS.

                          lose your job - enjoy hate mail - get attacked on the street …

                          This is exactly what happens in China and worse if you criticise the CCP for anything.

                          Uyghur people myth is a classic us promotion based on nothing, like most of what you have written.

                          I shouldn't even dignify that disgusting line with a reply, people are suffering due to genocide and you call it a myth. You should be ashamed of yourself.

                          freedoms here - well our governament abandons any australian at the request of the us,

                          Not even making any sense. I'd love some examples of the government abandoning Australian's at the request of the US. Where is the government abandoning them? Orphanages? I'd love some stories of this abandonment, and if they are then they should be held accountable.

                          and cheats routinely any third world country it can all the time.

                          It was especially bad what Australia did to East Timor. I think there is no excuse for developed and wealthy nations, or any nations to take advantage of weaker countries such as what China is doing with the Belt Road initiative. And guess what? I'm still free to criticise such actions in Australia, about the Australian or any other government and not end up in prison… yet.

                          i never said china was a free society

                          Finally, thank you for conceding that China is not a free society. I hope you don't lose social credits for that one.

                          nor is america

                          nor is australia

                          its just a matter of degree, and that measure is narrowing at an alarming rate

                          Concerning Austrlalia and the Us's levels of freedoms, they are immeasurably more free than China. You are right, it is a matter of degree, and that degree is massive. You are also right that it is narrowing at an alarming rate, that's why we need to hold all governments accountable which is what I do. I don't only criticise the CCP.

                          You say that the freedoms are narrowing at an alarming rate yet you run to the defense of one of the most authoritarian governments in the world. I guess spending too much time in a free society with access to all sides of the story is starting to wear away your brain washing.

                          • @subywagon: you can misrepresent what i wrote till the cows come home.

                            its interesting to see the riots in america about yet another racist murder by the police - guess you're talking about the freedom to rebel there against a racist totalitarian government.

                            I presume Julian Assange to you isn't an australian …

                            and how many names/accounts do you have here?

  • +15

    I have this watch so I thought I'd finally switch from lurker to contributor! Got it about six weeks ago from JBHifi for $219. I love it! Here are my thoughts:

    HR tracking, inbuilt GPS, onboard storage for my MP3s (so I can run just with my watch and Bluetooth headphones).
    Only needs a charge every 4 or 5 days (with heavy use, lots of workout tracking, sending music to my headphones via Bluetooth).
    The 42mm size is perfect for my skinny wrist.
    Love the screen, the colours etc.
    Has a Sp02 sensor so I can double check that I don't have COVD-19
    Love the data tracking for sport. So much data about HR, steps, my progress, training load, recovery time, Vo2 max, "training effect" score for aerobic and aerobic fitness.

    By default it plays music to my headphones (Powerbeats Pro) at full blast. It's deafening. I have to minimise the volume on the watch, press "Play" on the song, put my headphones in my ears, reduce the volume on my headphones, and then max the volume on the watch. (If I minimise volume on the watch and turn up my heaphones, the workout coach ends up coming through super loud and deafening me.)
    No "pay" functionality for those times I don't have my phone/wallet.
    Can't reply to texts on the watch; can only read these. It doesn't display emojis or photos.

    Happy to answer any questions.

    • +3

      Love people's contributions on here. Pos for your efforts and kindness. Lucky you for getting the $219 last time around. I was debating $219 for the GT2 or $115 for the GT. Think too much, in the end, lost both chances.

    • It might also be worth noting that you need to install the Huawei app store ("AppGallery") to get the latest software for the watch (for SP02 sensing) and to get the Huawei Health app on your phone. This was pretty painless for me and took less than 5 mins.

      Also, there's no in-built speaker in this 42mm model (though it vibrates to let you know stuff, e.g. when to switch from running to jogging if you do one of the Running Courses without headphones).

    • only 219 from JB? so this special save you $13.80 but you get instant gratification at the higher price and this seller says 'no returns' what if refurbished?
      only thing at JB you cannot split 4 ways with afterppay

      oh JB doing a sizzling $369 now like all their overpriced things. JB, So predictably done it again!

    • My watch just got updated and now the music no longer defaults to full blast! Yipee!!

  • Can the screen stay on for time, if so how much does that effect the battery?

    Edit: From what I can find, it appears to have always on.

    • Can still last about a week with always on screen (with HR, sleep, notifications always on as well)

    • Yes, you can set screen to always on. When you select this option, the watch tells you that "this will cut your battery time in half".

      Or you can hit the shortcut button to "Show Time" (leave your screen on) for your set amount of time (e.g. 5 mins).

  • Is 42 mm too tiny on a mens wrist as the other large one look so large it's clumsy

    • I think most people would prefer the more expensive 46mm.

  • How is it $228? When i click the link the price i see is $269.

    • its gone back up brooooo

  • already bought one yesterday thanks op

  • +1

    Don't buy Chinese goods, they aren't buying our barley or meat the hacks

    • Plus their government murders and tortures people wholesale.

  • There is something dodgy with Happytel. First they don't send the invoice. After repetitive asking, they send it with Oscar mobile logo, and no serial number.

    I don't think this happytel can be claimed. I'm not happy and returning.

  • so in case peeps all got all excited, this arrived on Friday and it is not eligible for a free scale, the serial number is not recognised as the terms and conditions states, '… or Happytel (Watch GT2e only'
    which means anything that is not GT2e from Happy tel cannot redeem free scales, still it was a good deal with afterpay
    If you had bought GT2 from anywhere else BUT Happytel then you can redeem the free scales

    Read the fine print https://huaweipromotions.com.au/6906/default

    so that was a incorrect title, should have entitled: NOT redeemable for free scales. The redemption web page is intelligent it detects Happytel and detects the serial number that you must enter and spits out 'invalid serial number'

    • SOAB! Though it is a good price for $205, with the free scale would have sweetened the deal ALOT! Darn it, hope you still enjoy the watch.

  • the fine print, those gotcha moments on ozbargain don't you just adore it!

    Huawei Watch GT2 series is available for purchase from 14/05/2020 – 28/05/2020 from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Mobileciti, Amazon, Optus or the Huawei Authorised Experience Store – Chatswood (Auptimal Mobile) or Happytel (Watch GT2e only).

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