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[VIC] 3kg Wagyu MBS 7+ Scotch Steaks (10 Pieces) for $200 Delivered @ Online Butchers Melbourne (Login Required)


But 5 x Twin Steak Packs
(2 x 300G Steaks per Pack)
For Only $200
Login, Viewcart & Apply Code OZ5for200

Feel free to contact us on 0410 937 813 should you have any query

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Online Butchers Melbourne

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    bloody hell.. always good stuff in Melbourne

    • time to move down?

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    Ordered thanks! :)

  • I usually go with a grass fed scotch fillet if I am feeling fancy - usually sous vide and then seared on the outside. What am I missing by not upgrading? Might be worth a splurge :)

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      You have NEVER had a steak if you haven't had Wagyu min. 5+

      • Convinced me ^_^

        • +1

          I recommend you increase the sous vide by 3degrees from the temperature you cook a normal steak on. Helps allow the glorious internal fat render.

          Warning, once you cook with Wagyu, no other steak can compare.

  • usage limit reached. good deal though.

    • +2

      Ordered code is active was impressed with 1st order quality last time these guys had this deal .
      Going from $1-$2 Pizza's and hamburgers last night Menulog deal to expensive steaks :)

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      "usage limit reached. good deal though."

      Did you sign up for an account first? You need to do this or you get that message.

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    Missed out last time, can't miss this one and a better one too ..(Scotch >> Sirloin). Can I keep some in the freezer for 3 weeks?
    Thanks OP…..

    • +1

      They come vacuumed sealed so freezes/defrost well.

      You're right- Scotch >> Sirloin

  • Does anyone who has purchased want to spilt half with me? I can't finish 10 steaks :(

    • Sent pm

    • You dont have to eat them all in one sitting!

      • Do they freeze well?

        • +1

          Yes - beef freezes, and more importantly, unfreezes really well!

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    bought, thanks OP!

  • work accept my credit card!!! omg.. have to drop kids off!

    • +2

      … “at the pool” :-)

  • Got it last time, decent quality.
    Minor thing for me was I like my steaks a bit thicker but that’s just personal preference, still yummy

  • It's still available, Just ordered not sure why its marked as out of stock. You need to login or register and apply the code to see the final price.

  • +2

    Bought the porterhouse steaks last time.
    Steak is rich and fatty. Prefer MB7+ compared to the MB9+.
    All steaks ended up being 300g+. 2 per pack. 2.5mins on each side was perf.
    I used this for a steak sanga and steak tacos. Personal preference though.
    Image for reference: img

    • Just ordered after seeing comment above. Still available.

    • still available

    • on an OZB lodge pan too

      • +1

        And on a camping stove, which could also be an ozb purchase!

  • Not out of Stock - still available.

    Same as previous deals - need to create an account first and then log in before applying the code.

  • What you think if this? Cheap or expensive…

    The meat on Costco usa just crazy.

  • "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!"
    That went quick!

    • +1

      Just ordered. need to log in to order ith coupon.

      • Yeah may bad. Just ordered. Thanks.

  • Kobe? Is this Kobe beef?

    Or is it Australian Wagyu branded under Kobe (company name)?

    • It ain’t Kobe beef. It’s not even it’s shadow.

      It’s just Australian Waygu with Kobe Cuisine as the brand name

      • +1

        such a scummy move to have your brand called kobe -.-

        • their website of their brands if you want more info:

          yeah just slap on "Kobe" for the marketing lolol

          wonder if anyone has a list of the best of aus producers coz i know david blackmores is good but dunno the extensive list

          • @jkche7: Can't blame the Producer I guess.. it's their right in Australia I guess. But they did name their brand "Kobe Cuisine" , not Kobe (though in Australia, everyone shortens everything). In their spiel they also mentioned that they use the same breed as those in Kobe, Japan (though you need to take all marketing material with a grain of salt).

  • Do these steaks freeze well?

    • really well. They are vacuumed sealed, so there's no frost bite after defrosting.

  • Such a shame none of these deals are ever in SA. Always see them pop up on eastern states.

  • thanks OP, just placed an order.. thanks to those who posted comments on previous experience and photos, that got us over the line.

    P.S was $570 full price

  • Thanks and ordered.

    Should I cook this different from other steaks? I usually do a really hot sear on my cast iron until I hit about 50ºC internal temperature, then rest to bring it up to medium rare (55ºC).

    • That'll work fine

  • Anyone interested in going halves in Melbourne south east area ?

    • PMed.

      • Thanks for the split

  • Ordered, the most expensive steaks I've ever gotten…hope they're good

    • I trust they will be, just make sure you do them justice.

      • Will try boss

      • I don't think 'justice' is the right word to use here, considering this is somebody's murdered corpse.

        • that's what makes us human…

    • Haha same. I'm wondering if I should sous vide these guys, or just straight to the sear in heavy cast iron.

      • Never sous vide before but I think I'd prefer sear anyways. I don't have a cast iron but I might grab one from the aldi sale

        • Oh either way I sear, just sous vide good for softening the fat while keeping it rare.

      • reverse sear all the fkn way, sous vide or oven both good.

        • oh hey this is what I do, definitely found it better, didn't know there was a name for it

  • So tempted, but unfortunately spent the meat budget for the next few months on a different deal :(

    • Which one?

  • +1

    Usage limit reached?

    • yeah got the same message. Op, are you able to extend the voucher use? or they;re all gone?

  • Are we supposed to get email confirmation?

    • I did

  • +10

    If anyone is wondering what to expect, I placed an order with them before.
    I paid for the meat but didn't get a confirmation email and in my account the order stayed as pending until it was delivered. On the day the meat was delivered by the company themselves in a refrigerated van and in a custom cooler bag as pictured.

    Very happy with the marbling of the meat and the packaging. I threw most kf mine straight in the freezer to slow defrost in the fridge at a later date.

    The meat pinks up when it's unsealed and exposed to oxygen.

    Overall very happy with it all and will be making another order now.

    • +1

      oh wow thanks, they actually look much better than I anticipated

  • +1

    Good price. For those unfamiliar with a higher score Wagyu, this is the deal for you. Pro tip, don't cook these above medium-rare othwerwise you're paying the premium and won't see the results, you could MAYBE push it to medium. Also, always allow your steak to rest for 5 minutes after cooking, and make sure to cut against the grain. Those 3 things will ensure you make the best of this great deal. For those with a sous-vide setup, you are in for a treat.

  • +1


  • +2

    We ordered a few times - it’s really value for money. Very good quality

    • Thanks for the feedback. Will give it a go

  • +1

    Same deal as the last post. Bloody good beef!
    Getting another pack for sure!

    • +1

      actually this is better - its Scotch Fillet > Porterhouse.

  • anyone want to go halvies?

  • I ordered one of these last year. Time for another, take my money! If someone wants to go halves, PM me, I've already ordered, pickup Elwood 5th June.

    • was it the same price?

  • You need to eat with egg taste the best. Real kobe style..

    • Yum!

      • Can't wait for my order to arrive. Eggs are ready

  • Since these come in packs of two. Anyone want to split 4 me and 6 for you.
    Located in inner east or north of Melbourne.

  • I purchased this deal last time and it was a great deal! Meat came delivered in a nice cooler bag. Sliced just under 1cm thick and quick grill over japanese charcoal. It was absolutely delicious!

    Ordered another 2 lots for myself and friends this time around!

    • how is Japanese charcoal different to whats available at bunnings? and where can i get it?

      Honest question, not having a dig. thanks!

  • has the code expired?

    • ahh damn, I think it is expired! Just got home from work. bummer!

      • +1

        there's another code to use as well.. 5for200 (without the OZ). It's their facebook code.

        • seems like that code is expired too! Thanks anyway.

      • +1

        Worked for me. Did you sign up for an account first?

        • that is the missing piece of the puzzle! thank you!

    • My bad, I've been adding the porterhouse in to my cart…

  • Ordered!

    Look fwd to my first ever wagyu at home!

  • For those who have both a sous vide and a cast iron pan. Was temp and time do you recommend for both.

    • Depends on thickness.. Watch sous vide everything on YouTube

  • Has anyone received a order confirmation email?

    • +1

      Nope. Left them a voicemail last night but someone else said they received their order last time without getting an email

      • I didn't received an order confirmation email this time round neither.

        • Fair enough, cheers for responses boys.

    • If you have an account (which you should to get the discount) your order should be in your order history…

  • For those that want a higher quality MBS 9+ of the same brand, the deal can be found here.