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Hand of Fate Ordeals: Special Edition $58.49 + $5 Shipping for SA or $10 Rest of Aus (Was $139.95) @ Boardgamemaster


The Adventure Game of Life & Death.

The deck-building adventure board game based on the critically acclaimed Hand of Fate videogame.

Hand of Fate: Ordeals is a tabletop game based on the multi-platform, storytelling deck-builder of the same name from Defiant Development. It is a competitive deck-building adventure game for 2 to 4 players. The game also comes with a cooperative 1 to 4 player campaign.

The Special Edition of Hand of Fate: Ordeals comes with approximately 30% extra content, including the 1-vs-many Dealer Mode, two new custom miniatures (the Dealer and the Lich boss), Endless Mode, Hard Mode, Trap Encounters, Special Minions (Goblins, Mages, Minotaur, and Lava Golem) and a bunch more.

Rating: /

1-4 players

Best game experience: / players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 30-120 min

There also seems to be many other board games on special on the website too if you check the monthly sales tab

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  • Please the title, Hand of Fate

    • just saw that. haha

  • Got mine before they sold out. Not sure how popular board games are on Ozbargains but it looks fun from what I've seen

    • Sold out? It seems to be in stock.

      • I meant it as I bought mine to avoid missing out on stock. I thought they would sell out fast so I got in quick

  • Overview and review of the board game on YT:

    Regular edition is $42.99 +Post (RRP $115) BUT SE edition is more recommend over regular one.

    Looks like a great price.

    Thanks OP :)

      • Yes, but that's the Normal edition

        • Yes, didn't you mean the same?:

          Regular edition is $42.99 +Post

          • +1

            @pizzaguy: Ahhh I see what you mean. Yeah true.. thanks for the share :)

            From reviews the SE edition offers better bang for buck which is why I said your link isn't SE.. All good :)

  • +1

    I ordered the special edition from the same retailer for a couple of bucks cheaper (before shipping) late last month. It came very well packaged compared to some game shops using clear wrapping.

    I have not yet played. Look good for solo play too. Royalty Expansion has been ~42 on Amazon for a while. BGG forums suggest that the SE content is not easily homebrewed in if you choose the regular version that has been discounted around the place lately for $29.

    An Aussie designed the digital games this board game is based on.
    It is rumored that the board game publisher has closed and the game is in limited remaining quantities with no reprint on the horizon. I also saw something that these special editions were supposed to be for Kickstarter backers and not destined for retail.

    A good deal for what looks like a good game. Upvoted Karlos101.

  • They made a board game? The first pc game was great.

    • Yeah i loved the pc game, hand of fate 2 was on sale not long ago and i have been enjoying thst as well.

  • +1

    If anyone is interested in the regular edition its $24.56 plus delivery Here https://www.hanabee.com.au/hand-of-fate-ordeals

  • They've got all the fancy bits to go with it if you search for "hand of fate"

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