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30x 375ml Soft Drink Cans: Pepsi Max, Sunkist (OOS), Schweppes Lemonade $14ea+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Nice price drop on these 30 packs of Soft Drink. Works out to be 46.66c a can (36.66c a can after can deposit refund in participating states)

Schweppes Lemonade

Other decent soft drink deals (not enough space in title)

Mountain Dew No Sugar 12x 1.25L Bottles $13.20
Sunkist Zero Sugar 12x 1.25L Bottles $13.20
Solo Zero Sugar 12x 1.25L Bottles $13.20

Coke No Sugar 36x 375ml Cans $20.25 (Sub & Save)
Diet Coke 36x 375ml Cans $20.25 (Sub & Save)
Classic Coke 36x 375ml Cans $20.25 (Sub & Save)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP! was waiting for this

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    Thanks for this. Less than 50c a can is a great price.

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    Been having the worst timing on these pricings for ages. Finally timed it right. Thanks!

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    Still chewing thru the $13.13 (artificial) sweetness.

  • I always find these deals moments too late. Not this time though 😁.
    Thanks OP.

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    Pepsi Max is Out of Stock …

    F**k my life.

    Really wanted to buy this.

    • Check again - back in stock

    • It’s back dude.

  • Do these often arrive in tact for you guys? Had a 10 pack of coke arrive last year with one can leaking…

    • I've ordered drinks before from amazon and they came inside much bigger boxes. Little chance of being pierced I would of thought.

    • I’ve ordered soft drinks from them a number of times now. One of the mixed packs of Kirks came with a pierced can. I contacted Amazon and they sent another pack out and told me to do as I wish with the pack I had.

    • Had two 36 packs of cans delivered over the last few months and they have both arrived without issue.

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    Be careful with these. Last batch I had were close to expiry and tasted a bit off. Probably only detectable to long time drinkers.

    May have also been sitting in the sun for a while which denatures the sweetener.

    • Same here. Strange taste because a carton had expired. Had to pour down the sink.

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      Ordered a couple. Expiry is Oct 2020.

  • Thanks op got one

  • Schweppes shows out of stock for me 😖

    Got a coke no sugar though, thanks!

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    It is $10.50 for 24 in supermarkets every other week, works out cheaper than this.

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      Not if you're in NSW, or any other state with the container deposit scheme.

      • Covid has delayed that stupid scheme from being introduced in WA.
        Perhaps they'll come to their senses and scrap it.

    • If you have your own car, or a big family, then for sure, it's cheaper & more convenient to buy from the Supermarket.

      I don't have a car, or a big family, so it's very hard for me to carry the box of cans on foot, and it's also very hard to meet the minimum spend requirements for free shipping from Coles & Woolies.

      With Amazon, I can buy one box of 30 cans, and it arrives at my door, with free shipping using Prime.

  • 30x Pepsi Max seems out of stock 9:25 AM

    • Was in stock again 9:56, got one

  • Pepsi Max, mountain dew zero, Sunkist zero, and solo zero are all out of stock.

    • Pepsi Max still there

  • Pepsi max out of stock - currently on special $17.50 for 30 at Woolies.

    • $14 for a 30 pack in store at Woolies in Victoria. Every day low price usually $16 in store. Listed in catalogue.

    • PepziMax is back in stock

  • Schweppes Lemonade cans 30pk back in stock but probably won't last long.

  • Pepsi max back in stock also.

    • And again

      • +1

        And again

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