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Instant Pot Duo Nova 3L $131.90, 5.7L $189, 8L $209 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon currently have 30% off Instant Pot.

Other sizes:
3L $131.9
5.7L $189

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What’s the difference between getting this and say the Kmart pressure cooker? Don’t they effectively do the same thing?

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      So does a Daewoo Lanos and an Audi R8.

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        I could tell if I was in a Daewoo or and Audi. Could you tell if I cooked the same recipe in Instant Pot or a Kmart cooker?

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          Does a Kmart cooker has a stainless steel insert? That's the main reason (plus safety) I go for instant pot.

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          I picked up this multi-cooker a few weeks ago from Big W for $79, no complaints so far, does the job.

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            @Ciderfizz44: I've had that same one for more than 18 months. Works well!

  • I got $194.99 include tax at check out is this right?

    • Change shipping from Expedited to Regular. If you haven't ordered yet, get the Amazon shopping app and buy it through there for $10 extra off.

      • Thanks ,All good now

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    Thanks OP, have been eyeing this off for a while. Grabbed the 3L for $131.90.

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    I used the App and the APPONLY10 code to get the baby one for $121.90. Thanks.

    • APPONLY10 didn't work for me for the 8L. Do you need prime membership? Help anyone?

      • I think it's only valid for first time users of the app.

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    I picked up this multi-cooker a few weeks ago from Big W for $79, no complaints so far, does the job. Not sure of the difference in features.

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    Decided to cancel my order and do a little more research. Apparently the slow cook function on Instant Pots aren't that good?

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      I've never tried to slow cook in the Instant Pot but I think I've read about that as well somewhere. That said, it was for the original model I think, so I'm not sure about this newer model. I use IP to save time though so I don't care about slow cooking.

      • Yeah, whilst I would probably use the pressure cooking most of the time, I'd like it to do slow cooking as well. I'm eyeing Crock Pot's multicooker as it seems like it's quite good.

    • Slow cookers are like $20. Youre better off getting a separate slow cooker.
      But why do you want a slow cooker?

      You can set a timer for the instant-pot if youre wanting to prep something at the start of the day, and come home to dinner ready.
      Or if you want to prep something at night and wake up to breakfast, if thats what you wanted to do with a slow cooker.

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        Because I'm buying a multicooker to reduce having to have so many appliances…

        Slow cooking things also yields different results to using a pressure cooker. It's not always about convenience.

        • Then you might as well use a dutchoven or a pot in the oven.
          A slow cook in a sealed environment will never be as good.

          There is a whole seriouseats article on this.

          • @fusion17:

            seriouseats article

            Interesting read, thanks!

    • IMO the instant pot is worse than dedicated devices at all of it's functions except maybe absorption method rice or some beans stuff.

      Frying - much worse, like a bad teflon pan, not great at getting proper high temperatures
      Slow cooking - a little worse, tends to be softer/more swampy due to the lid
      Pressure cooking - a little worse than a stove top one, again a little swampier, don't get that bottom layer cooked a bit more which is often nice

      I guess it all comes down to - relatively low power with less ability to adjust it, a fairly basic non-stick surface and the default lid is a sealant one that swamps the food.

      That said - they're real easy to use and clean. But I can't think of a single meal I'd use it for if I was trying to make a great version of that meal.

      • I found it funny that you said all the above, but you said below that you bought one. I do like that though: it's good for us all to really understand the limitations of what we buy. Otherwise, that pesky buyer's remorse can be annoying.

        I'm looking forward to seeing this "swampiness" thing. I've always been scared of pressure cookers after a mate had an accident with a stove-top version about 10 years ago. You can get seriously burned as he did. The thing I like about the Instant Pot is that it seems to be idiot-proof with the lid and lock system it has. I've not heard about it being dangerous like I have with stove-top pressure cookers. I'll take some swampiness in exchange for idiot-proofness.

        • Yes, I value it's ease of use and cleaning.

          I don't cook the best version of a meal I can every time. Or once a week. Maybe once a month.

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      It's excellent, slow cook. Better than our old Breville 'smart temp' slow cooker which we have now got rid of. But why slow cook when you can pressure cook and meat is way tenderererer.

      • But why slow cook when you can pressure cook and meat is way tenderererer.


      • But why slow cook when you can pressure cook and meat is way tenderererer.

        Have never used a pressure cooker so can't compare but my understanding is texture of pressure cooked meat is different and some prefer slow cooked. Will find out when my IP arrives next week.

        If you can't get slow cooked meat so tender it's nearly falling apart you're doing it wrong
        1. Don't let it boil. This forces the moisture out of the meat and it'll end up dry (even covered in liquid) and stringy.
        2. If you can't set slow cooker to ~80°C try a big heavy covered pot in the oven. Setting the oven to around 130°C works well for me

    • Can you share more info? Like you, I'd like to do a bit of everything.

  • I will wait for this bluetooth programmable one:

    • I doubt they will ever release this in Australia as they never released this in the UK either.

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    I just had the 5.7l version delivered from Amazon, box unopened. Wonder if they'll refund the difference. Guess I'll just send it back if they don't?

    PS I got it because of the stainless steel bowl. Was using the Aviva, had to replace the entire lid because of one small valve missing a washer, and the non stick bowls are shite. Hopefully this works out better.

    PPS: my bro just got a pressure cooker that includes an air fryer would be good but I'm not buying anything with a non-stick coating anymore.

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      yep. I've had one from Kmart or Target. Cheap. But the non-stick coating goes after a year or so, and you wouldn't even bother replacing the pot because it's just easier to buy another cooker. I'd rather spend the money on a known brand and have it last. If any part fails, hopefully replacement parts will be more readily available.

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      Contact customer service, they're usually pretty good and will refund you the difference.

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      Yay! Got $80! Can open the box now…

      • How do you contact customer reps?

        I bought it a while ago and just got it delivered this week. I have up to end of June to return. A hassle to return and rebuy.

        They said I had to return it - wouldn't price match themselves….

        • This was Amazon's response to a refund the difference request:

          Thank you. I have filed investigation into this.

          However, I have to abide with the company pricing policy, I'm afraid, we cannot honor the price matching, so we cannot refund the price drop difference amount.

          You can place new order with current price and return the original order for refund

          • @jimbo jones: I emailed using the website. Weird they want you to mail it back - I'd try again? Maybe say you are prepared to send it back but seems wasteful?

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    Can anyone tell me what the air fryer lid is?

    • It's only available in the US. Basically you replace the lid with the air frying lid and it turns the instant pot into an air fryer.

      • Someone's gotta just buy up a shitload and put em on eBay right?

        • There's a voltage issue: 120 vs 240. You'd need a heavy transformer that can handle voltage conversion from 240 to 120 at the 1500W power the airfryer specs show. A few people may go this route, but it's not a great idea in my opinion.

  • It's so confusing with all these Multi-Cookers, if you had to choose one? I really hate cooking, however I'll be living alone soon and just want the easiest solutions other than frozen meals.

    I have a steamer, I want to buy an air fryer and I'm thinking some form of all in 1 cooker?

    • I'd say go for the Instant Pot, there are lots of one pot dump meals that you can cook with it and also when they (hopefully) release the airfryer lid here, you don't need to buy a separate airfryer. You can also steam in the IP btw.

      • I have an air fryer. Surprisingly found it to be useful as I'm more of takeaway and delivery than a cooking guy.

        Is this much better than an air fryer? Anything this can do that the air fryer can't?

        • +1

          This one is a multi cooker, so it functions different to an airfryer. You can't cook a proper meal in an airfryer imo as I see it more as a tool to complement your cooking. I'd recommend googling instant pot one pot dump meal and see whether you can see yourself cooking those recipes, as pretty much what you have to do is dump all the ingredients in the IP, let it cook and voila you've got yourself homemade meals.

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    Thanks OP I’ve been eyeing the 8L for months and just couldn’t bring myself to purchase at $299. The minute I saw this price it jumped from shopping list to my orders real fast!

  • So I pretty much exclusively use cast iron and stainless steel pans, seasoned. Anyone tried to season the stainless steel pot in an instant pot? Does it work / is it worth it? Google not helping…

    • Not sure how you're planning to season stainless steel pots in the IP? Would they even fit? I think it'd be a lot easier to just season on stove top?

      • As in take the instant pot stainless steel, and heat oil in it to season it the same way you would with a stainless steel frying pan.

        • Ahh, I misunderstood what you wrote lol. Imo I don't see the point of doing this as with instant pot you need to add water to cook so the seasoning will be stripped after you cook in it.

    • You don't season an instant pot. If you want to get something to season for non stick check out the Australian made iron Solidteknics range. Instant pot never has any sticking issues as you're cooking with liquid most of the time even after saute-ing to seal the meat.

      • I love Solidteknics products, currently saving for the whole noni range!

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    Mine arrive today. Already used it twice. Nice unit.

  • Most people went with the 5.7L? 4 person family for us.

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      I think it's best to go with the 5.7L one. I'd only recommend the 8L if you constantly cooking for 8+ people. Almost all instant pot recipes are based on the 5.7L as well.

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      I got the 8L. We have family of 4 but I like to make bigger batches and freeze extra meals…would have bought the 10L if it was available.

      From what I've seen recipes scale pretty easily and would just get the size that suits your needs.

      Mine arrived Wednesday and have made full pots of beef broth and chicken broth, a beef and Guinness stew, beef and barley soup and pulled pork. Will be interesting to see if the motivation keeps up once the novelty wears off but it's been great so far.

      • +1

        Think I'll go with the 5.7l one. While we often have left overs we never purposely cook enough to freeze so I think it will work well. Also although 4 of us kids are quite young so don't really eat full serves.

        Thanks for both of your help guys

        • i'm not sure what you cook, but i tend to make broths for asian-style soup noodles, which usually require lots of water. I'm a family of 4 with 2 little kids as well. I bought the 8L and I've found it to be appropriately sized for that purpose. If you aren't doing that, then i think 6L is plenty. The 8L would fit close to 3 whole chickens as a reference for size.

  • I’m single - I bought the 3l several months ago. Have only just started using it, it’s great!

  • Does anyone cook rice in these?
    My Hitachi rice cooker suddenly seems to be inconsistent with more than 1.5cups recently so kill two birds etc..

    Also importantly, how hard is it to get smells out of the lid and seals?

    • +1

      The Instant Pot (I bought the 3L one from Amazon) came with 2 seals in different colours. I use one for sweet/neutral flavours and one for curries/strong flavoured dishes.

      There's a bit of lingering smell after making curry. I haven't managed to get the smell out by washing in warm soapy water. I haven't tried putting it in the dishwasher yet. It's not a big deal for me as the pot came with 2 seals.

      The lid is stainless steel so it just wipes clean with no lingering smell.

      • Put your smelly silicone seals/containers/ice trays into the oven for 10 mins on 160deg and they'll come out odour-free!

    • +1

      Yes, you can cook rice in IP. I follow this recipe.

      As for getting rid of the smells, I find this helpful.

  • thanks for the tips. looks like the crock pot with its non stick lid would be better for rice, but this one better for everything else…including cleaning.

    • Curious as to why you think it would be better? IP makes a nice rice imo.

      • RCMD11's comment on another thread (which I've read as a plus for the Crockpot) "I've made rice in it, which tasted great but stuck to the stainless steel pot"

        • That's interesting as my rice never get stuck to the pot. I do, however, fluff my rice as soon as it's done cooking (not sure whether this really makes a difference tbh, it's just a habit of mine even when I cook in a rice cooker).

        • Sticking is often caused by venting pressure out at the end. Letting the pressure dissipate naturally helps a lot, as does using the 'pot in pot' method if making less than three serves of rice in the 5.6L unit.

  • went to a BBQ we talked about cooking and Pressure Cookers
    5min later i jumped on this …… bye buy money

  • The deal is still on 2 months later, or permanent 30% off Instant Pot.

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