This was posted 1 year 6 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Sitewide @ Myprotein


Good deal if you want to stock up when the gyms reopen

50% Off Everything*
It's Our 16th Birthday Today!
Use Code: 16BDAY50

*Swizzels products are excluded from all discounts

Free shipping when you spend $150

Referral Links

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Referee gets 35% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $20 credit.

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    Code is not mentioned on SB so you might not get CB.

    • +1

      check code 16BDAY from SB which gives 50% off. (Though SB says 45% off)

    • Its mentioned now 16BDAY50

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    Checking previous deals, seems the 45-50% deals come quite regularly. Are they any good value?

    • +1

      On this 50% discount, they are cheaper than bulk nutrients.

    • +1

      At 50% off and especially if you hit the free shipping, I think MP is great value. The impact whey protein is my favourite for flavour, nutrition and easy of mixing.

      I'd also recommend their creatine, pancake mix and aminos as popular good value products.

      • +1

        Which chocolate flavour is most chocolatey?

    • +1

      I was looking at 1kg of glycine the other day with a 45% off code and it worked out $7 cheaper than the next cheapest store, so theres some discount to be had, although their shipping is a bit higher than other shops.

    • Cheap and they make some of the best protein in terms of quality

  • +11

    They seem to jack up the prices when they have these big discounts.

    • Just like most other retailer

    • +4

      Their protein gets you as jacked as their prices!

  • +2

    Just a heads up for the vegan fans, that Soy Protein at Bulk Powders is at $5 a kilo at the moment.

    • Shows $25/kg for me. I've never heard of BP either, are they reputable?

      • +3

        Do a search for "SOY PROTEIN POWDER RAW". It's 10 bucks, but 5 bucks if you order 5 or more kilos I think. And yep I've used these guys for the past 2 years and I rate them highly.

        • +2

          organic version is $20+/kg
          $5/10/kg is

        • +2

          Wow, bonus $10 for signing up and subscribing to the newsletter. Completely covered the shipping cost. Nice!

          • @Stoibs: Did you get an email pretty quickly? I signed up and haven't received anything. - Just realised you might have been talking about bulk protein.

            • @jtb: At, the link that leeroys_dad provided above.

              Got the emails immediately.

        • Cheers, found it. Trying to get the nutritional values but all it tells me is 100% Soy protein, have you used this product specifically?

          • @ItsJonesy777: Soy protein, shudder. Make sure you do some research on it. If You want vegan protein there are other options that I would opt for

            • +1

              @lonewolf: Shudder why? I've been using Soy protein for the last 6mths without drama and consume soy products daily. I did my research well before starting but thanks for your concern.

          • +1

            @ItsJonesy777: I have used it every day. It mixes well and does the trick.

    • Bought 10kg for $52.50. Not bad.

      • Haha, did the same. Absolute bargain.

      • +1

        I bought 10kg of protein for $20 from aminoZ (with the free z points they have us from the ON price match that they wouldn't commit to)
        It was short dated but I keep in cool dry place so should be ok.

        Also bought 4.5kg of international protein for $70 from Chemist warehouse (price matched from another store)

  • +2

    Shipping kills it

  • +1

    71AUD for only 30 servings of preworkout. Even at 50% off its about the same value as C4 at Chemists warehouse. Was their preworkout always this expensive?

    • +1

      5g creatine, 4g citrulline malate, 4g beta alanine
      All you need

      • 8gms of citrulline malate is the preferred active dose but I second making your own preworkout.

  • free gifts at $60 and $100 spend, free shaker bottle for new customers
    $20 referral (not $40)

  • Anyone in Brisbane want to combine orders to get free shipping, PM me.

    • msg sent

  • Making my way through a bag of choc smooth right now. Ordered a couple more to stock up. Thanks OP

    • taste?

  • any flavour suggestions for the impact whey protein? Have tried chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel

    • Banana Cream (best flavour, imo)
      Choc Mint
      Strawberry Cream

      • can't find banana cream do you mean just banana?

        • nah there is banana cream, probably not available.

          The banana cream and strawberry cream are a lot nicer than the standard banana and strawberry flavours, imo.

    • Never buy unflavored!!!!
      horrible taste

  • Anyone know how long the best before dates are on the impact whey?

    • no but ive had a year old protein before and it was fine. it's just powder

      • Yeah I've had protein well after its best before date and it's fine, but trust me not all powders hold there taste and end up tasting horrible! Prefer to get some feedback prior to placing a $150 order on a product I don't know.

  • +6

    I've done two orders with them since da Rona hit town. Expect a 5 week delivery timeframe from the UK

    • +2

      good heads up, thanks. so anyone who might wait for the next deal - could be worth buying now instead of in a few weeks/months

  • For 2 x small items (vitamins) was going to cost $20 shipping to vic !!!! no thanks for no branded products. I’ll stick to suppsrus when they have 20% off as they’re shipping is miles cheaper and free shipping over $50.

    My protein has jacked all their prices

    • The only time you get good value from MyProtein is when they have a 40-50% off sale and you order > $150 worth of products. Which, at least for me, seems to work perfectly in terms of about to run out of protein and a new sale pops up. Great products and great value!

    • Their vitamins are absolutely trash so you haven't missed anything.

      Generally their WPI is good but most other things are terrible. The preworkout and vitamins are the worst I've ever bought

    • You do know MyProtein is based in England? Of course shipping is going to be higher than from a company down the road!

  • happy with $151 for 10kg protein, 1kg creatine, 2x samples, shaker.
    bonus if i get $16 cashback

  • +1

    also anyone ordering creatine…. the 2x500g packs is $30, the 1kg pack is $38. you do the math :)

  • +1

    +1 to the Hokkaido Milk Protein! It tastes so good

  • +2

    Am I mad thinking this is not that good of a deal? What am I missing here? The 1kg whey is $41 right?

    • Wpi is ~$20/kg for 5kg post discount

      • @Bretwalda and @docmartin How are you guys getting bigger discounts? Does it discount further when you buy more?

        P.S I LOVE DOC MARTIN, such a good show!

        • The coupon code makes it 50% off.

    • I got 25kg of instant oats + 10kg of WPC for $180 + $20 cashback, so it was an excellent deal for me.

      • Curious why you would ship instant oats from UK instead of heading down to Colesworth?

  • Do they allow mix and match with flavours on bulk buy?

  • Does anyone want to split an order?
    I've got almost $70 but I'm not exactly keen spending $20 in shipping.
    I'm based in Melb CBD.
    Message me if anyone is keen. Thanks.

    • Iam interested. Based in Footscray. Whats ypur plan?

    • I'm interested.
      I'm based in Melbourne CBD

    • I'd be happy to order. Please message if interested I suppose and we can discuss from there!

    • Also would like to split an order, am in SE suburbs of Melbourne.

  • when do the gyms reopen though?

    • +1

      Depends where you are.
      Vic is 22nd or 23rd June I think

      • Man when did they announce this?

        This is the second time I've missed the updates and I'm starting to think I've become a Boomer by skipping a few mental decades

  • anyone know how their vanilla flavoured whey protein isolate taste like? I'm currently using Dymatize gourmet vanilla flavoured

    • +2

      There's a flavour profile on reddit here

      Average ranking is pretty low.

      • legend thank you!

        • +1

          how do you rate dymatize taste?

  • anyone know if we can stack the 33% referree discount for 1st order + 11% shopback?

    • confirmed by SB, can't stack.

  • Love these 50% deals. Just ordered:

    1 x 5kg Impact Whey Isolate Vanilla
    1 x 5kg Impact Whey Isolate Chocolate Smooth
    1 x 1kg Creapure Creatine Tropical
    Free gifts: 1x 250g Impact Whey Protein Birthday Cake
    1 x Protein Bar

    $247.30 & used Afterpay

    • How do you rate the flavours to VPA/Bulk Nutrients?

      • +1

        I've tried all 3 brands. Prefer Myprotein although did enjoy BN Maple flavour

    • Just a heads up, the flavoured creatine contains less creatine per serve than the unflavoured

  • +1

    I've done the per serve comparison with these guys, and even at 50% off, it's insanely overpriced. As mentioned by others, they do this discount regularly because they have stupidly priced products for the most part.

    AminoZ with their online price matching, iHerb, Professional Whey, Pure Product and Bulk Nutrients are often your best bets. Shop around though because pricing for MP is way too high (unless you're one of their IG "influencers" that get it for free).

    • +1

      I just bought 10kg's of Whey Isolate for $203 delivered.
      Bulk Nutrients is $296 delivered for 10kg's of WPI

      Would love to know where to get cheaper WPI?

      • How do you compare these not so popular brands (i know its subjective) such as BN, MP to something like Rule 1 or dymatize?
        in terms of quality and taste. do you think its worth extra for the brand?

  • Have been working out (HIIT, bodyweight, sports basketball) and was recently given some "CMBT RELOAD protein powder".

    Being new to protein powder, and in true ozb spirit, how does this compare to other products in this deal and/or should I look to restock from CW once I run out?

    Any other general advice on what may be suitable for my use would be great too. Thanks guys.

    • +2

      There's really only a few things to look for.

      Cost per kilo - anything around $20/kg is decent, less is better (had ON 5kg for $80 once).

      WPC vs WPI - whey protein concentrate versus isolate, essentially WPC will be around 60-80% protein with the rest either filler or "bulking" powder which is almost always a cheap carbohydrate.

      WPI is a more filtered and "cleaner" generally only a big concern if you are low carbing or REALLY aiming for bang for your buck, cost per kilo of WPI is usually higher but can be up to see 95%+ protein.

      I normally buy WPI cos I hate fillers and bulking agents.

      And lastly flavour.
      This is hugely subjective, best to check the interwebs for brand reviews. Some are absolute ass, I tried a few fruit flavours before abandoning all hope.

      Usually stick to chocolate/vanilla and my new favourite Hokkaido milk.

      Take whichever you like, protein is a pretty big fluff game, 1g per kilogram is more than enough even on workout days.

      Science is your friend.

      • Hey Telios thanks for the great info esp re: concentrate/isolate.

        The ones that I've been on for the last week or so are CMBT ones. Tastes pretty good but that's a crazy price to pay.

        If I want a dairy free alternative and don't want soy (because I already drink a fair bit of soy milk) would the Vegan Protein Blend be a good replacement? I read up a bit about the importance of Leucine for plant based protein poweders and this one seems to have a pretty detailed "Amino Acid Profile"

        I'm thinking of buying the unflavoured variant and just adding my own hot chocolate powder and coffee shots to it? Would that work?

        Thanks for the advice it really does help - like you say there's really so much fluff out there…

        • +1

          Yeah pea protein is generally considered excellent for amino acid profile though nothing else compares to casein (milk).

          Not sure about Brown rice protein but I'm guessing they added it to fill a amino acid gap pea protein has.

          I like they've added a few extras like MCT oil and Curcumin stack (curcumin + piperine - fancy name for black pepper extract) good for inflammation.

          I do not like the fact they've added Bromelain (enzyme in pineapple and kiwi). I would imagine as soon as the powder becomes wet it will begin to cleave proteins, but my knowledge of the resulting "cut protein" is lacking.

          I try to avoid soy even though the science is reasonably clear on interactions worth phytoestrogens.

          As for flavouring it yourself it can be a real mixed bag! Many of these companies spend a whole lot of time ensuring "mixability" of their powders (especially ON/BN).

          You might need to look into emulsifying agents (guar gum, locus gum lecithin etc).
          Most can be bought pretty cheap in supermarkets and it just helps the water or milk to bind to powders, other you'll likely find separation into layers as the different weights settle.

          Cold coffee shots mix fine, careful with hot coffee as it will start to denature the protein and you'll get lumps because you've essentially started to cook it.

          • @Telios: Good stuff thanks for that. Will remember not to pour the hot coffee shot straight in!

            I generally make and gulp the shake down about 20 mins after working out so I'm not too fussed about seperation. I got one of the Shakespeare shakers, biggest draw for me was nothing to wash. I'm terribly lazy like that :P

            Dairy is the other huge controversial topic. I made the choice to go predominantly dairy free for the last 10 years now, switching to non-GMO soy. Blood test results indicate all my levels are fine so I reckon I haven't lost that much from staying away from cows milk. Not super hardcore, I'll still have cheese and the occasional yoghurt based food/ice cream, but I try not to.

  • I am not going to buy as I am already stocked up from last sale but this is a good sale. I have been buying regularly and 45% discount is regular, 50% is better with cashback.

    I was using ON whey (double rich chocolate and extreme milk chocolate), now I am using my protein WPI unfavoured. It is almost fine except my morning shake with Oats as I need some flavour there.

  • +2

    Good deal - plus 11% cashback with shopback

    As a long-time Bulk Nutrients customer, $20/kg is pretty standard (buying in 10kg+ total amount and with free shipping). With the cashback and coupon, turns out approx. $12/kg which will be hard to beat

  • Is it possible to click through the referral code (33% discount on 1st order) and then get also a discount for the shopback cashback?

    • No

    • +3

      Also, the 33% and the 50% don't stack either. So the best thing I could do was 50% + 11% SB.

  • Did anyone receive their order from previous deal…

  • Ordered for the first time last Christmas (thanks to OzB) and found them perfectly fine, including Impact Whey Protein. The vegan pancake mix (sample) was awful, I'm glad they're no longer available : )

    • It's not just the vegan mix. I got the blueberry and it was inedible.

  • The Shakesphere Shakers look like a good buy at half price.

  • Just noticed they sell blue Fat Gripz and they're included in the sale. $23.50 is almost certainly an all time low for them.

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