This was posted 1 year 11 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Baby Jogger City Select LUX -Taupe $495 (Was $1295) Delivered, Deluxe Bassinet - Taupe $95 (Was $349.95) @ Baby Jogger Strollers


Cheapest I've seen for the Lux Edition of the City Select. Only in Taupe Colour (Discontinued). Currently on sale for $599.99 @ Amazon AU.

Also available:
Deluxe Bassinet - Taupe $95 (was $349.95)
Lux Bassinet Kit - Taupe $160 (was $299)

EDIT: Lux model out of stock. Standard model in Cobalt is $495 which is also not too bad.

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    Well spotted OP, also a great price on the City Elite at $495, paid $589 on sale, great stroller

  • Great find. Bought bassinet and jogger

  • Amazing find OP! Actually gutted, wanted this so badly and couldn’t find them on sale anywhere, so got a discounted Bugaboo Donkey instead. This would’ve saved me heaps and is way more practical.

    • Oh the second seat isn’t included, this makes me feel a tiny bit better.
      Still wish I went with this one instead.

      If you’re thinking about 2 little ones relatively close together definitely get this one. Works great as a single pram but the option to add the second seat is super handy if you need it. There’s also a bench seat add on which is fantastic too.

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      Would have thought you'd know first about these sales if you're associated with the business.

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        God I’m an idiot, I check that box every time out of habit thinking it’s one of those “I agree to the terms etc” box
        Definitely not associated, just a secondary school teacher with 2 little ones. Let me figure out how to remove that lol

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    If a baby can jog then so can I

  • Sorry guys. New guy expecting and have no clue on these buggies. Is this a good one? I was looking at the Jive. How does this compare? Thanks.

    • 100% me. My partner and I found out we were expecting on Wednesday so haven't done much research but I can't scroll past a good bargain ! But also trust the OzBargain consensus that this is a good product and great price.

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        Congrats : )

        • Congrats guys!

          Ours are 6 & 4 now and can't really fault it

          We went with the City Select as gives the option for a 2nd seat and also the storage space below for shopping and the nappy bag - don't need push a trolley as well

    • Yeah they’re pretty good for this sort of big boy pram, but I prefer a smaller stroller after having both.

      Buy it, try it, sell it if you don’t like it. You won’t lose any money.

    • I ended up buying a Jive as I found the baby jogger too heavy. The fold of the jive is also a lot easier than the city select. However, I haven't used it as a double pram nearly as much, mostly due to my kid not wanting to sit at the bottom. The city select is great with the options. Having said that, some kids don't mind sitting at the bottom.

      I recommend getting your wife to go test them out as she most likely will be the one carrying it the most. Practice opening and closing it, and lifting it… a dozen times. The first time may seem easy and doable, but when you have to put it in your car and take it out everyday you start regretting that extra 2kgs.

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    I wanted this so bad when my kids were young. Now they are 8 and 4…

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    I'm still single, should I buy now for later?

    • How many kids do you have?

    • Isn't the OzB mantra "buy first, ask questions later"?

  • City mini gt special edition for 445 is a good deal

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    From Choice:

    • Serious safety failure: 1. A child's head can go over the head end of the seat, but the head barrier stops the child from falling any further. 2. When the rear fabric of the canopy (which serves as the head barrier) is removed, the gap created could trap a child's head.
    • Minor safety failure: 1. A number of buckles and adjusters can be removed from the straps, rendering the harness insecure. 2. The harness does not meet all the requirements for securing the child.

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      So basically it's the Mustang of the jogger world

      • Mustangs are like Commodores in the US, they're everywhere.

  • This is an excellent price, we paid about $420 for a second hand City Select with dual seat and bassinet. We wanted the Lux but couldn't justify the $, would have jumped on it at this price, colour isn't bad either.

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    Good price, but very poor safety rating according to Choice. It's ranked number 50 out of 53 strollers.

  • I loved the look of the Lux for a pram based on YouTube videos - it has room for a growing family - but prefer traditional model over this after testing in store. After testing it out in store - my husband hates the handle on the Lux model as it is where his hands hold the bar haha. A pram is such a personal choice though - and for this price probably OK as long as you can live with the brake.

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    Thanks OP, bought one, now just need a baby

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      I expect bigw to have a baby sale soon.

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    Good special in time for all those covid babies that'll be popping out in the next 6-8 months 😂

    • Is it expired now ??? I cannot adding to the cart

  • City Select LUX out of stock :(

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO I just missed out. I am in need for a pram/stroller.

  • Can somebody confirm that this is not a pram and just a stroller right?

    • Not really sure what you mean. Pram and stroller are fairly interchangeable words. Stroller usually refers to the really small collapsible ones you might buy when they are older. You can click the link and see what it looks like. You can call this one a stroller if you want. I would call it a pram.

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        I think prams are for newborns, strollers are for when the newborn can sit up. Similar but not interchangeable

        • Most can be used for both. Such as this one. But yes, stroller is more commonly used for the simpler ones when they are older as mentioned.

          If the question is if this can be used for newborns, then yes. Preferably with the bassinet that is linked in the post.

  • No stocks.

    • Just had a chat with one of their agents , this is back in stock now , seems to be an error on their end

  • This is a stroller. If you want a proper pram for running/ jogging get the Thule chariot

    • Or Baby jogger summit, Bob revolution

  • Has anyone got a confirmation email yet.

  • Checked out the lux at baby bunting today … it was very big and bulky for us unfortunately. Otherwise great price if size isn’t an issue.

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    wouldn't it be a lot cheaper and easier to just put the baby in a backpack?

  • I got the City Select stroller at the DJ deal 3 years ago. It is very good quality for the price compare to other brand, sturdy but heavy.

  • Get the City GT mini instead! Thanks me later!

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    Just had a chat with one of their agents , this is back in stock now , seems to be an error on their end

    • Just spoke with Customer service on the phone, they're saying it's definitely out of stock.

      Also website shows out of stock as well.

      • i was able to switch my order from City Select to City select Lux over chat , hope they send right one :)

  • I ended getting the City Select Lux Taupe from Amazon for $549 (Gift Card through Suncorp and Cashrewards)

    A tad more expensive but still a great price.

  • Am I too late to the party? I can't find anything on sale with these prices

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