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Johnnie Walker GoT Edition Whisky $40 Each @ Liquorland


Spotted on clearance Melville,WA. Not sure if other locations. Was also an array of premium whisky on clearance (e.g Laphroaig 10 $60, Lagavulin 16 $81) not listed on website.

I got both GoT editions before when on special and decent. At $40 no brainer for me.

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    Lagavulin 16, Laphroaig 10 are well priced, I'd snap up these too.

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      Those are the real deals!

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      I got the laphroaig as well but stopped there. Was only supposed to be popping in for a bottle of red.

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        I see you too have fear of missus wrath

    • Just wandered over to my local Liquorland and they had none in stock. Only had the 3 for $200 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/540291 :(

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        I ordered 21 GOT bottles online - picked up 3 Clynlelish from 1 store…waiting on delivery of 4 x Dalwhinnie and 2 Cardhu.. waiting on another store for pickup notification of 12 Lagavulin from another store! Thinking I overdid it a bit - would have preferred the Talisker instead of the Cardhu or Dalwhinnie but couldn't find stock!! I didn't know of the Johnnie Walker (not on here https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/specials/game-thrones) but I'm not a fan - might be worth a look though if it was a good special….

        • Talisker is selling for $60 at Costco atm… just saying

          • @farethewell: Is that the GOT, Storm or something else? I'm not a Costco member and wrong side Sydney city for me. $60 is approx the same as I paid from 1st Choice after the $10 discount and cashback… Thanks for letting me know…

          • @farethewell: which costco? i checked casula, NSW and it was $75

            • @prankster: Auburn NSW. I think it used to be $80-90 before in Costco - now it's on sale there

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                @farethewell: so i was trying to collect these bottles as i missed out when they initially sold it before and now thinking its going to be a limited edition, next thing you know costco, liquorland etc are selling dammit.. moving forward to my story, i was at auburn about 2 months ago and i couldn't believe it when i saw it and bought the remaining bottles i needed just in case it was going to sell out .. now i hear its bloody cheaper omg…

                anyway luckily i got the receipt but it looks like the Talisker i bought at auburn was $90 and now you said its on sale for $60? don't suppose next time you are in auburn you could take a photo for us? lol i'm close to Casula and when i compared the prices, Dalwhinnie & Talisker is $70, mortlach $150 and Royal Lochnaher and Clynelish for $100

                my plan is to return the alky i bought and then buy the rest at casula but if its on sale at auburn, guess i can make a trip there too

          • @farethewell: @farethewell: Another fine Scotch

    • Absolutely!

  • Weren't these like 150 or aomething?

    • Ticket says $70. There were other editions from "better" distilleries

      • Yep, also on sale, wonder if they're clearing stock.

        • Yes they are. Each store is deleting different lines so specials vary from store to store.

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    "Guarentueed to leave a better taste in your mouth than season 8"

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      Enjoy a good drop? Wait until you see our ratings!

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    Is it red, black, green or something else entirely?

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      I'd also love to know.
      Green is the only Johnny Walker that's worthwhile I think.

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        Johnny Black is a nice whisky for the price imo. Double Black is good too. Red though…

      • Blue is really good.

    • Something else. Fire is a rich and heavy, and ice is much lighter.

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    I tried this a few weeks ago. Honestly don't think it's even worth $40. On par with a Red at best.

    • its a collectors item once everyone drinks them.

      • Drinking it is the hard part. It's not even worth $20

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          give it 20 years it might age into something average

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            @HKS: Assuming you put it in a wooden barrel.

  • Personally didnt like them. Got them for the same price somewhat on a boozebud promo

  • These are at Vintage Cellars as well, plus the 3 for 200 on the GoT houses editions

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    So I guess this starts off good then tastes like absolutely crap at the end?

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    Bunch of kneelers.

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    Johnnie White Walker.

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    If anybody wants a comparison on the JW GoT versions, it's pretty much JW Red.

    I was suckered into it because of the Game of Thrones association. Ended up giving it away to my team mates before covid lockdown. They said it tastes great with Coca Cola

  • Just went to Marion, SA and they were $49

  • Hope no one paid $100 a bottle in the last "deal".

  • What's next? Chivas Jedi Edition?

    Agreed with first comment, Laga at that price is solid.

  • How is the stock level looking for laga at Melville Liquorland?

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      Think there was at least 2 this afternoon.

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    First half of the bottle is amazing. After that it gets progressively worse. At bare minimum I recommend avoiding the last 1/8th of the bottle.

    • Wdym. Doesn’t alcohol taste better as you drink more?

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        Reference to GoT show quality, as seen throughout the comments already.

  • Did anyone try the GoT Lagavulin?
    Its the only one I would be interested in trying but its ~$130.
    I didn't know that these bottles were still available to purchase.
    I thought they were a limited edition thing and you had to buy all of them.

    • just saw its $80 at First Choice

  • Went to my local liquorland lag 16 was $131

  • How many bottles should I drink to forget about season 8?

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      Have to keep drinking until you know nothing Jon Snow.

  • How is this?

  • Cleaned out my local’s Laphroaig 10s.

    • which store did you visit please?

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        Don’t worry, likely over 700km from you

  • I have a bottle of that whisky on my shelf as an ornament purely as a Game of Thrones fan.

    I do enjoy good Whiskey, preferably Irish. I wouldn't open that bottle to share with friends as it is not very good.

  • Got the GoT bottles at the Gwelup Liquorland, quite a few left if anyone wants it. Didn't see any of the premium whiskey though as I was more interested in the Laphroaig.

  • I prefer the white Walker whisky than the direwolf one.

    • Why not get all 3 that's what I did.

  • Vintage Cellars also has these in store for the same price on clearance if you're luck enough to find one.

  • Saw them today at this price at Liquorland Home Zone Windsor (Qld)

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