Audi Q5 Sport Vs BMW X3 xDrive 20D VS Mazda CX9 Azami

Hi Guys, help me please. Trying to decide between Q5,X3 and CX-9(I know it is a diffrent segment car).

I am trying to convince the Mrs for Mazda but she is adamant to get a German car. I guess I have lost that battle, but will give it one last try. So throwing CX-9 in the mix still.

Family of 3. Will just own 1 car, if buying Q5 or X3. But will keep the existing, if buying Mazda CX-9. Use existing for grocery trips and keep the CX-9 for longer trips.

May need 6 seats but very rarely.
We both work in city and go to work together but 2 cars gives a little bit of extra flexibility in case needed.

Still newbie to forum so please be gentle.

Q5-5 year free servicing. 5Y warranty around 75K. New. TDI sport.
CX9 -4 year free servicing.5Y warranty. around 66K. New. Azami.
X3-Haven't been to dealership yet.

NOTE- Bought X3 30D. Demo Nov-19. For 75K.

Thanks for the input guys. The 3L diesel was a breeze to drive. Loved it straight away. 5 year servicing included. And some packages too.

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        Looks like I know nothing about cars because some random keyboard warrior said so

        Based on your reply you sound like a hater and In desperate need of a hug 💓

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          No, because you bought a Lexus. I mean Camry. I mean Lexus.

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          Based on your reply you sound like a hater and In desperate need of a hug 💓

          Hahaha… Spot on… Old Mr "If it aint Tesla, it aint shit…"

          • @pegaxs: Internal combustion engines are for peasants. Also op should get the q5 😉

            • @brendanm: Oh, it's easy to suggest Tesla as a viable option for anything (even the "Should I get a $5k Yaris" threads) when your wife's (husband's??) trust fund is picking up the tab.

          • -2

            @pegaxs: Obviously that’s not what I’m saying.

  • Far too complicated.
    Best that OP makes up thier mind and narrows it down to a couple of cars.
    A couple of ways to do this.
    1) Dont be a pen pusher or a keyboard jockey.
    Get out there and test drive all short-listed models.
    This will quickly narrow the field.
    2) Go shopping for the best deal on the day.

    In other words, you dont need us to make up your mind
    Its you that will be driving the car. Not us.

    Whats great for one person is rubbish to another.

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    I'm facing the same losing battle . We were given the Azami to test drive for the weekend and the more I drive it, the more I like it. But the Mrs is balking at the size and the price ( she's the real ozbargainer in the family) . Since she's paying for it, she gets the final word. Looks like we're getting the Hyundai Santa Fe highlander :(

    Ps: How much were you quoted for the Azami?

    • My friend got front wheel drive azami for 63K approx. On road. I haven't haggled for price because the car wasn't decided yet.

      • Thanks.

        • I am not a big fan Hyundai either but every comparison vidoe on youtube has Santa Fe the best in segment. Did you test drive it? Just curious to know.

          • @GuyfromMelbourne: We owned one and it met an untimely death . I didn't mind it but since we have a bigger budget this time around , I was trying to push for the Mazda. She won't have it though . She said the Hyundai is a "better value proposition" and it comes in her favourite colour🙄 The other option is to sell my car and I get the Mazda, which I don't want to do. It can be so frustrating being married to an ozbargainer :/


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              @DisabledUser102420: Don't blame ozbargain mate. It's though being married 😜. Ozbargain gives you ways to get out of it 😁

              • @GuyfromMelbourne: The problem is that my wife is the real ozbargainer in the family, even though she has disabled her account over 4 years ago. I'm not - I'm an impostor who's only here for the lolz ;) For instance, I would never use a phrase like "best value proposition" when buying a car…

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      I'm unsure if you can wait this long Jar Jar, but the Hyundai Palisade is coming to Au soon?

      I love the Telluride but that doesn't seem like it's coming so it's cousin will be neat when it does. Seems to be well equipped too.

      • Thank you but we've already bought a car. We bought it today, as a matter of fact. My wife and I have decided to compromise: we got the car that I wanted and she gets to win the next argument, no question asked :)

        • Wives….shrug. We went to get a car a couple of years ago for me, I settled on something (being cheap) and then after she sees something she wants me to get (about 120k more than what I had selected, tells me to get that!)…ofcourse I rebuffed that. And at the end, all because I wasn't allowed to get the car I wanted (Nissan GTR)! I have a clever plan however…

          • @khomeini:

            I wasn't allowed to get the car I wanted (Nissan GTR)! I have a clever plan however…

            LOL! Try reverse psychology next time. It always works on me.

        • I got negged for buying a Mazda cx-9 Azami LE? ok 🤷🏻‍♂️

          • +1

            @DisabledUser102420: I upvoted whichever idiot negs for fun. I get a lot of them too.
            PS. Reverse psychology won't work with my SO sadly (started to specialise as a psychiatrist but thought to go back to GP…one of her areas of expertise however)

            • @khomeini: My SO was a social worker with a special interest in Forensic Psychology. She is now a programmer. Sometime I wonder if she is using reverse psychology on me or the reverse of reverse psychology. Hard to tell the difference between the two…

              Hope your plan works and you get the car of your dreams. Is it the GT-R Nismo?

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                @DisabledUser102420: A bit like sarcasm.. you don't know if you don't know you know.

                Nismo = too expensive. Standard GTR (yeah they're not too standard if they can beat lambo/ferraris) will suffice.. . and the creme de la creme, it'll be used, so she has to take some pity on me when she gets a new whatever she gets and I get a poor old Nissan - sadly she knows its a great car & that I want it. Watch this space…

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    I have a 2010 Audi Q5 98,000kms due for its second transmission rebuild, which I’m quoted at $5,000

    They’ve been recalled overseas but not in Australia….

    It’s been lovely as a car and I should expect many more years from it, I Don’t! It’s a disaster re reliable transportation

    2 fan belts failed, door actuators fail when the get dirty, headlight leds fail $2,000 each, proximity detection fails, chews brake pads etc etc

    I think what really pissed me off was the Audi Service manager’s comments re needing new suspension gear when I took it Audi for the Airbag recall, “What do you expect, it’s an old car” and that at 75,000 kms. That’s when I abandoned Audi service.

    Magnetic suspension replacement will cost $5k

    Online auction sells them for $10-20k often with engine light on…

    Never again

    • +1

      The MY14 onwards are a much more reliable car.
      Euro cars become euro trash 1-2 years after warranty.
      Good thing about euro cars is they keep the economy running- think mechanics, dealerships

      As I mentioned above until Bernardtestie ripped into me ( probably gets his info from Facebook), one wants a reliable luxury car Lexus is the way to go.

    • A Merc part. $400 quoted just for the part in Australia. Go to the UK the dealer sold it for AUD$120. In Australia they needed to order it in and it had to go Germany to Singapore then here. Think of all the cuts along the way.

      Wiper blades for European car here $15 each ($30 for the pair). In the UK got it delivered a pair for AUD$10.

      It is a proximity problem. In Europe having a German car is like having a local car.

      That is why it will be interesting when UK tries to strike a trade deal with Australia and UK minimum wage is like $14. They think they are going to get cheap food.

    • Did you get a quote from an independent shop that specialises in DSG?
      It might just be a simple mechatronics replacement and should be half of $5,000 quoted.

      • And yes, the facelifted model (MY2012.5 onwards) swapped out the DSG for a ZF 8spd auto which is much more smoother and reliable. However, the panoramic roof is a major sore point across the board with unfixable rattles.

        • Thanks. I’ve had a variety of opinions, none encouraging, that so the dilemma, replace a part in a buggy design and face another problem in the future, replace the transmission totally, replace the car… probably explains early model low km Q5s going out through auctions at $10k….

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    I have a 2015 Audi Q5 2.0TDI

    Had 3 years free servicing from corporate program - I would recommend at least negotiating free servicing for any euro car as the dealership prices are ridiculous.

    I've never had any issues with the car and got my brake pads replaced after 3 yrs via a private mechanic for much cheaper than the dealership.

    I can't really say anything about the current Q5 range as I wont be buying another due to Audi moving manufacturing to Mexico.

    It is a hefty premium if you go down the euro route - also in insurance premiums, but if you/your missus likes the styling and features, then budget for the running costs over the life which you want to keep the vehicle for. I hope to have mine for 10 years. Explore ex demos as you will often save a bit sometimes with included options that you wouldn't normally order.

    Good luck

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    Toyota Rav4!

    Well. the Mazda is good, but Azami only comes in diesel, big let down.

    Audi - not a fan… bad experience with them, as well amongst friend's and family. Even with a 5 yrs warranty is a hassle. (we all had corporate plans with pickup/drop off when the car is in for service/repair). Very poor at doing recalls too. They are only just started recalling 10,000+ vehicles sold 10-5 years ago for DSG repair when it was a known issue for LONG… These days, ppl driving a VW thinks they drive an Audi, ones driving an Audi thinks they are one cut above.

    BMW. Stopped buying them since the last gen 3 series. amongst the 3 last gen 3 series, all had no issue aside from an aircond compressor failing in one of them. If I must pick between Audi and BMW, bimmer is the way to go…

    Given how slow cars are moving… 20% off RRP is probably fair.

    • azami comes with turbo petrol

      • oh yea. sorry, was thinking of the CX8 that my mate bought recently.

  • Cx9, and X3 in that order of preference.

  • +3

    I would go for the Mazda CX-9 from the options. Almost as good inside as the Germans and much more reliable. Looks good too.

    If badge is a requirement, I would also look at Lexus RX200t which would be the same price as the Audi but a class bigger inside out. Even the smaller NX is brilliant and I like its look. Being a Lexus they will last forever.

    • The RX footprint is large, but interior dimensions are on par if not smaller than the X3/GLC. The CX9 is much more spacious inside compared to all the cars listed, including the RX.

      The RX is probably the most reliable runabout (the RX350/450h), can't speak for the RX200t/RX300 since the engine has only been out since halfway in 2015. The 3.5/3.5hybrid drivetrains are super reliable and very low maintenance.

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    Why buy new? Second hand will save you a fortune in depreciation

    • +4

      You sound like me. 😜

      • +1

        You should listen to yourself :P Is keeping up with the Jones' worth tens of thousands in depreciation costs every year?

    • Great idea, pm me I have a “great” Q5 available, ignore my whining post above, don’t know what came over me…

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    Get the Q5, your wife wants it, you get it. $75k with 5 year warranty and 5 year free servicing sounds good - no doubt it does not cover perishable, like brake pads, so you might be asked to replace your brake pads (as mentioned $2k above) at each service.

    Send me a private messsage in 2025 and I'll buy your Q5 from you for $20k, has to be under 60,000kms on it OK?

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    May be Kia Sorrento another option. New model will be launched this year and got impressive technology.

    • Looks awesome too, they've come a long way. My partner and I have had 4 vw's between us, and I said I would never buy a Kia, but picking up a brand new Seltos GT tomorrow, can't wait!

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    I honestly think you should get a Toyota Sienna (2020). Brand new Van from toyota that seats 8. Coolest VAN on the road imo. because it's hybrid

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    From repeat BMW buyer: Get an X3 demo if you can, diesel,preferably. Style, safety and performance. Built like a tank. We also own a current model Mazda 3 2.5l SP (wife’s car). By comparison the Mazda is disappointing, feels tinny and corners like a bucket of nails. I had a CX5 and CX9 on loan before buying my latest X3 and the Mazda SUVs are just a bigger brother of Mazda 3. Unexciting, unpredictable under some road conditions. A smoother ride than the X3 but i’d hate to be in a tricky road conditiion or or a prang in a Mazda. Also, Mazda bluetooth phone sound quality is awful. I can always tell if someone is caling me from a Mazda. The sound quality is crap. Lots of squealing, sibbilence and RF heterodyning. Mazda still hasn’t addressed this, nor the safety issue of all doorlocks unlocking when you get in the driver’s door, which makes it easy for a thief or carjacker to jump in.
    While X3 service sounds expensive at $430, it’s 12 months or 20,000km. Mazda forces you to go in every 6 months at $250 a pop. Pain in the butt and pain in the pocket.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for a detailed response. Appreciate that. We are going to test drive BMW next and from all the responses so far. Looks like that's a better choice. A question regarding diesal. Why did you say prefer diesal?

      I checked pricing and demo 30i will be around 10K cheaper than 30d demo.

      • +6

        I have driven both the 2018 CX9 and 2018 Q5. I bought the Q5 two years ago, whilst another family member brought the CX9 at the same time. So, I will shed some light on my decision process and two-year ownership experience.
        You know I will be biased, but please read on.

        Reasons to pick Q5
        - ride height was just right. It was easier to get into and out for my wife. We even bought a child seat to test for accessibility.
        - has Andriod Auto, once you use it you will never use manufacture MMI. Googlemap navigation, Spotify and google assistant eat up Audi assistance anyday.
        - the chassis and suspension was much more "European", handling felt much more precise with less body roll. I bend around roundabouts and cut speedbumps with more confidence.
        - The overall finish of the Audi was more refined. Car panel and trim gaps were tighter. I am a sucker for Audi ambient light, impressive eye candy.
        - The Audi seems to have less NVH for me, maybe better sound proofing between the cabin and outside?

        Reasons to pick CX9
        - Loading space is huge, it can squeeze so much more cargo compared to Q5. I used the CX9 to do airport pickups for three people with their full luggage. This is impossible for the Q5.
        - Definitely get more for your buck in the options list. Less money with more equivalent options compared to Q5.
        - The second row offers better knee and head space for the fam. Third row is there for use once a year? The back passenger will definitely receive better comfort for long road trip hauls.
        - retain value better five years later, cheaper to service with Japanese build compared to Mexican.
        - Insurance is much cheaper

        I spent a good half a year researching and bargaining for the Q5 I want. I think you should have realised by now that the Q5 and CX9 they are in different car category (size, target audience), but similar price bracket if you played with the specs. So, I do understand the dilemma as a result of the cross-shopping experience. My wife prefers the Q5; looks, badge, ergonomics. I am partial to CX9, being cheaper for service/insure/ownership and utility.

        Fast forward two years later, my Q5 had two minor recalls. The two yearly services were both not pleasant, despite using two different dealer branches. I paid almost double price for insurance compared to the Mazda.
        My cousin with the CX9 had no issues at all. Prob will get a better resale value it at the five year interval.

        Do I regret my decision? Not really, I thoroughly enjoyed the new car. Would I buy another Audi? Probably will consider another European, even though they can be endless money pits. Been there, done that on a 10Y.O Merc. I think I have made enough sacrifice being a cheapskate ozbargainer the majority of my life. I started driving on $500 dollar cars. Always owned <$10000 cars before my 30s.

        If you have questions about those two cars, PM me.

        • Wow. What an amazing explanation. Thanks a lot mate.

          Considering the fact that servicing is a contant issue everyone is saying. I will try to avoid Audi and see what BMW X3 can offer. Going to test drive that soon.

          I think I have lost the CX9 battle with Mrs now and again due to exact same reason as yours. It is worth spending a bit extra sometimes for luxury.

          Will keep you guys posted on what is finalised.

          • @GuyfromMelbourne: No problem, hope it helped.
            To be fair, European cars will all have problems with service and cost.
            Life is too short to be not enjoying yourself.
            My commute in traffic was made just a bit more pleasant, as I am hugged by the supportive seat whilst cruising on spotify
            My wife got to receive complements from her friend circle about how "expensive" it would've been to own and maintain the car.

            I guess the Euro car manufactures do know a thing or two on how to make us pay more.

            Cheers, and good luck.

    • First you compared Mazda 3 hatchback with a BMW X3 and that too the previous gen not the current gen which is a massive improvement all around. You then said CX5 and CX9 drove just like big brother of Mazda 3 and I will take it as a compliment if my 7 seater drove as good as a hatchback known for handling. To be honest, I dont think you have driven the CX-9. Its might feel a Mazda because of part sharing between Mazda's but its a completely different animal. Its quiet, great looking, reasonably powerful, refined and is good on fuel too for being the size it is and running on a turbo petrol engine.

  • +1

    Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline RLine 162tsi 60k

  • +1

    X3. Drives like you're in control of the road. Audi always drives heavy, not as much feedback.

    I only take service to dealer when something major wrong.

    Otherwise I get brakes always done at private mechanic, $800 vs $2000.

    Be aware, very often, when you need to change the pads the disc go as well with most german cars, but it's what you pay for when you don't want rubber brakes like with jap cars.

    CX-9 is too big for family of only 3.

    Test drive the Audi and x3 and you'll immediately notice the difference.

    • What are german brakes made out of Leather?

  • +1

    German - Porsche Macan or Japanese - Lexus RX300.

  • +1

    For what it’s worth me and my wife tested between

    Audi Q5 tfsi 2020
    Volvo XC60 2019
    Volkswagen Tiguan rline 2020

    The clear winner for us was the Audi and a close second was the Volvo.

    3 years warranty and free servicing was enough to clinch it for us and I will extend warranty by 2 years and trade the car in at the 5 year mark.

    The experience has been great so far love the drive and love the car. Admittedly I won’t keep it any longer then the warranty as it’s European.

    When everything works they make a great car.

    Hope this helps

  • +1

    Just throwing two other options at you:
    1. Skoda Kodiaq - uses similar parts from the VW group
    2. Land rover Discovery Sport

    I'd suggest BMW over the other options you have.

    • The Disco Sport is junk. It's a renamed Freelander, and it's still based on the ancient Freelander Chassis (which itself is based on a Mondeo). The interior is terrible too, just a sea of hard plastics. And don't believe the JLR marketing department. A Disco Sport can absolutely not go offroad.

  • +2

    Trade in the wife

    • nice will do, how much

      • +1

        tree fiddy

  • If you want some expensive shit, buy a model x make sure its made in us not china

    it comes with unlimited supercharging

    • -1

      Having seen the build quality of US made cars, I'd take the same car assembled in China thanks.

      • +2

        having seen great wall and cherry quality i'll take us thanks

    • +1

      So many things wrong here.

      Model X starts at almost 3 times the OP's budget.

      It is only made in the US. Tesla China only makes the Model 3 for the Chinese market.

      Tesla Model X do not come with free supercharging anymore.

      • -1

        if you look at their website they sometimes offer it. Not sure why they keep on removing it. Its great to increase sales.

  • +1

    If you're going for the Q5, check whirlpool forums for pricing.

    There's a guy who purchased a Q5 for 66k, although another guy doesn't seem to have any luck getting under 70k.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for information. Will start hunting for deals once the car is finalised.

    • -1

      I've literally posted links from carsales for brand new Q5s for less than $65k.

  • +2

    Wife and I were on the similar fence a couple of months back. Family of 3 (got a 1 year old), we were setting to get a Lexus RX. But after doing some shopping around, we found a floor stock brand new 2019 CX9 Azami LE AWD that the dealer wants to get rid off. We fell in love with it after the test drive and got it instead. We have the money to get the RX but having the CX9 not only saves us money (58K Drive Away & cheaper maintenance), it was luxurious, quiet and really fun to drive with for a fraction of the price. Just do a test drive and have a feel for the car,you will know what you like and if you can afford it, buy it!

    • When did you get your car? We were looking at getting the Azami LE and they no longer have them. The top of the line is now the Azami, which now has Nappa leather seating.

      • +3

        Yeh the LE’s were limited as the name itself. We got it early May at Glendale Mazda. Brand new, build date Oct 2019. The Azami LE is AWD & had Nappa Leather seating too but with the chroma brown color interior. Which we prefer better than the 2020 Azami Chesnut brown leather (ew). Only difference from this years model is the 1 inch addition in the display (8 vs 9 inch), usb plugs for the 3rd row & the hands free leg swiping tailgate. That is why the purchase was easy, it was a clear definition of bang for buck.

        • Thanks!

  • Get the CX9.

    Although my MIL has the new C60 and it is a great vehicle and I would highly recommend.

    • C60? XC60?

  • +1

    If you can budget for the European car with a few luxury options, afford some potentially expensive fixes out of the blue and live near a dealership/service centre that has experience with that sort of car - the Audi/BMW is the way to go.

    The Mazda/most Japanese will be a better value proposition no matter how you lay out the cards. The biggest difference is that you enjoy the drive much more. You’re more comfortable each trip. The car will have niceties that you didn’t even know you needed. And if you can afford that luxury, at a certain point, it doesn’t make sense not to enjoy a little bit. Besides, if you live in a major city, it’s not like the car will have major downtime if it requires some fix anyways.

    Just make sure you can really afford it, because straining yourself financially for a car makes no sense.

    • Oh yeah, totally agree. It's those niceties that you never know you needed. When I upgrade my 20y/o Mitsubishi, I'm sure I'll know what you mean.

  • Considered the same cars as the OP and ended up with a Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum with the Lifestyle pack. Low 60s. Couldn't go past the value + comfort/quietness of the Volvo. Also had all the tech in the base model.

  • -2

    Don't bother with the BMW X3, drove a x3 20d demo for a day as a loan car with all the tech, HUD, 10 inch display, LCD speedo, radar cruise etc.

    The interior is black and quite terrible, not luxurious at all. The standard fake leather on the seats is a turn off, option up to better leather if you can afford to. You'll probably spend more time in those seats than your couch. The drive is fine for a SUV, but you feel the weight. Gear box is okay but the 20d engine is underpowered for the x3. The car does isolate you from the outside and can feel like you float along on a barge. Back seat legroom is at a premium, but the boot is huge.

    Don't see how in this day and age BMW can call themselves a luxury brand. If you really have your mind on the x3, It is worth negotiating for the 5yr /80k basic servicing plan to be included. I visit the dealership when car tells me, which can be quite irregular. Looking at the invoices, the service costs are exuberant, lucky mine is $0 payable every time as I have the BSI on my mini countryman.

  • Why not throw GLC200 in the mix.
    Recently got my GLC delivered a month ago and it’s a beautiful car.

    5 year warranty
    5 year service
    5 year road side assist

    the tech and interior ambience alone made me pit the X3 and Q5 against this when I was in the market to buy one

    • And the price you got it for?

    • The tech on the GLC was way worse than the X3? And for the price of a GLC 200, you could get an AWD X3 3.0i/d which are much faster and better cars all around.

      • @vinster55 thanks for the non-response about the price.

        I was at the MB sales event over the weekend and was not impressed by the GLC. It was just too squishy for our liking. I was looking at the GLC350 Coupes… the only one we kinda liked were the GLE standard & coupes which have a slightly better feel/interior and space. Pricing wise I think they were $142-158k (I forget the AMG ones). I think the GLC was around the 104k mark.

        Regardless after not being too impressed with MB, we moved on to Lexus and ended up getting an RX300. Also surprised that their pricing can't be brought down too much. (Got it for ~$77k)

  • Mazda all the way. I have 10 year old CX-9 and simply love it, it is comfortable, fast (zoom-zoom indeed), great steering and well trimmed inside. The only downside is fuel consumption.

    This is the first car that I did not want to sell and if I had option I would love to be able to retire it and keep it in a garage like a Jay Leno.

    I've driven BMW X5, VW Touareg and would still pick CX-9 any day. The downside with current version is 2.2L engine which may not be to everyone's taste

    • The latest CX9 has a 2.5L Turbo engine Petrol. CX8’s are the 2.2L diesel.

  • +2

    I would be waiting to see what the new Genesis GV80 prices at and drives before committing. Due to launch in Australian soon.

    • GV80 will be an X5 size class and based on what Genesis is trying to sell the G70 for, it will be way above the OP's preferred price range.

  • +3

    For what its worth 4years ago we did the comparison with Q5, X3 and GLC and the X3 by far drove the best. I ended up settling for a 2yo 3.0 X3 M Sport Diesel with 50,000km on the clock. 4 years later there has been no issues whatsoever. It is now at 140,000km and has just had routine 8x oil changes done at the local indy shop for $200 a pop. Its rear brakes are due for renewal, I will be replacing only the pads for $160. The discs are still well within the minimum thickness. The engine and 8spd gearboxes are reliable and parts plentiful.

    There are two camps who buy euro cars with their 'free servicing packages' most people buy them under lease and will flog them off once it ends. Free servicing on all euro cars is too spaced out which is why most people have issues with out of warranty european cars. I'd reccomend getting oil changes done at twice the reccomended service interval if you intend to keep it past warranty.

    We also have a 2008 X5 with over 300,000kms on the clock.. had since 220,000km. Its also been bulletproof. Yes it has had to have about $2000 in preventative maintainence done replacing aged parts, but i'm yet to be in any car that drives so smooth, quiet and comfortable for $9000… Interestingly when searching for this value range second hand the interiors of the equivalent Audis and Mercs did not age anywhere near as well for the K's, worn off buttons, torn leathers etc. The interiors of the other euros might be higher quality than BMW when new, but I am uncertain how well they age..

  • Wagon, not an SUV, obviously.

  • If you buy German, my suggestion is to always buy the top model if you can afford it. (Audi RS, BMW M). These are the ones they put proper R&D into and has the actual quality components/performance you expect to come with the price tag.

    The ones below that (especially entry level models) are really marketing w**k for badge snobs. Any honest German car salesman/servicing rep will tell you the same (outside of work)

    If you or your wife value the badge and image more than reliability and cost, then go for it. Nothing wrong with that by the way - its the reason why people buy most luxury/branded items

  • Haggle harder. We purchased a CX9 Azami for $61k recently, there's a great thread on whirlpool with everyones spec & price. Ours included the boot light package & Matt's.

    For what it's worth this spec of CX9 is more premium than these German marks, we had a loan car that was a BMW X4 recently, the Mazda was more premium inside IMO.

    • Do u mind sharing the dealership? Which CX9 Azami you got and upgrades?

      • +2

        Sure. 2019 model, Matt's & the boot lighting pack. Walk in, tell them what you want & you know people that have paid 61k so this is your maximum budget.

        They started at $72, agreed a 'discount' to $68 and we paid $61k. Honestly find the CX9 thread on whirlpool, 100's of people quoting their specs & prices.

        Great car. We purchased from Sutherland Mazda in Sydney.

  • +1

    The big 3 of luxury brands, bmw, audi, and MB are greats for looks only but poor qaulity trying to make better profit. I very much prefer japanese cars.