Negotiation on Buying Brand New Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport 2.0l Petrol Black

I have decided to buy Brand New Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport 2.0l Petrol Black. I live in Melbourne. The driveaway price is $38,240. I just want to get some tips and advice on how and how much to negotiate. I know it depends on various factors but looking to get some expert advice.

Can anyone help me in terms of how much to negotiate on price? Has anyone recently purchased this model or any other Mazda model?

I don't want to throw any ridiculous offers or low ball them. I honestly want the win-win situation for both the parties.

Thank you.


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    Why would you want win win for both parties? You should want win for you only, they won't sell it at a loss. Tell them a number you are happy with, leave it with them.

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    As a guide Ringwood Mazda have in Machine Gray @ $36990 Driveaway.

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    I don't want to throw any ridiculous offers or low ball them

    Why not? they are doing their best to high-ball you. Do some research, find a reasonable price that you are happy with and ask them. If they say no, then you can either say thanks and move to the next dealer or do some more research and adjust your offer price.

    Best deals are had on old stock or in stock vehicles. These one are burning holes in dealers bottom line and they need them to move. If they have to roder one in for you, then they are not as motivated to move it.

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    At the end of the month or if the dealership is barren from covid, try an initial $31500 no finance, no trade-in, no paint protection, no tinting, no accessories. They'll work you up to $32000 - $33000 final price.

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      Yes this should be doable. I was able to get a $33.5k quote driveaway in February for the same model. You ought to be able to get a better price now.

      • did you get any extras included with that price?

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      Just checked the Mazda site and the driveaway there is $41240. The above numbers should have +$3000 added to them.

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        nope.. the price i quoted above was driveaway for a soul red Mazda CX-5 H 6Auto MAXX Sport Petrol FWD.

        • can you let me know which dealership quoted you with that price? Planning to buy one this month. Ta

      • @0FoxGiven. can you let me know which dealership quoted you with that price? Planning to buy one this month

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          Essendon Mazda

  • Throw out your request to some brokers.

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    Just spent the last few weeks playing games with dealership salespeople on a new car.

    If it's a popular model and colour don't expect a great discount but 10% off is achievable plus you should be able to get some 'free' accessories such as mats and a full tank of fuel etc., included in the price.

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      Full tank of fuel = $50 lol

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        Better that $50 in your pocket than theirs.

  • Thanks everyone.

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    I bought a cx9 last year and think I got a good price. Where are you based in melb? I got it from Mulgrave and can get in touch with the same person again if it helps. Pm me if required

    • I am in Wyndham Vale VIC 3024. Thank you for the help. Even if you can provide a rough idea to me on around how much was the driveaway price and how much less you paid (I don't want to know the exact amount), that will help me. For example, around 10% less than the driveaway price. If I need help later, I can always PM you. Thanks.

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        Sure, from the price we saw at car sales to what we paid, there was a difference of 13% odd.

        • That was definitely a good deal. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  • 20%, that's your go to.

    Bought an Opel Astra which was originally listed at roughly 38k for $30k. Always have an alternative dealership that you're willing to go to. They need revenue and to get rid of a depreciating asset, go hard and be willing to go home.

    $30k, good luck, someone will do a deal. Or add your accessories and then 20% from that final price.

    • Opel astra is hardly a volume seller. They’d be waiting for a while before they get another buyer. Unlike the Mazda that is very oooukar and plenty of buyers around.

    • Thank you.

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    Unless something has changed significantly in the last few years, the 2.0L is underpowered for that size chassis. We have a 2.5L CX-5 and our in-law's have the 2.0L, so I've felt it first hand. It's very noticeable, especially when full of people or on hills.

    My advice would be to test drive both the 2.0 and 2.5 before you go any further down this path, just to avoid that potential disappointment.

    • Yep, agree.
      We have the 2.5L and always glad we got it. The 2.0L is very sluggish even on a test drive on flat roads in Sydney.
      In about Mar 15, we got a '14 Maxx Sport model of the 2.5L driveaway $36k. I think import duties from Japan got a whole lot cheaper in around 2018, and given the economy and new car sales have crashed, I'd be going for 2.5L = $35k driveaway?…

    • Thank you.

  • What is the difference between KE, KE2 and KF models in the same car? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks.

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    There is a link to google sheet which has prices - some Dec 2019 and contains some entries for 2020. Would be a good guide.

    • Perfect. Thank you.

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