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[eBay Plus] Spend & Save - $10 off $100, $50 off $500, $200 off $2000 on Eligible Items @ eBay


Tested working on -

  • Allphones
  • Baby Bunting
  • Bing Lee
  • Big W
  • Computer Alliance
  • Dan Murphy's
  • Digidirect
  • Gearbite
  • Myer
  • The Gamesmen

If you want to search for items -

Conditions. The offer entitles eBay Plus Members to a Discount off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on ‘Eligible Items’, except the ‘Excluded Items’ when the eBay Plus Member spends $100 or more on up to three transactions during the “Offer Period”. A maximum discount of $200 per transaction applies and a maximum of 10 items may be purchased per transaction.
‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PMONTH200 is displayed in the item listing and at the event URL: https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Coupon-Promotions/bn_7116150158.
‘Discount’ means the amount saved per transaction as set out below:
Spend $100 - $500 in one transaction and save $10
Spend $500 - $2000 in one transaction and save $50
Spend $2000+ or more in one transaction and save $200

Full T&Cs

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    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, huh? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

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    That tech link has items in it where the code doesnt work.

  • I had an item in cart (TV Unit) and code doesn't work.

  • +35

    Worst than 10% off :(

    • +9

      Don't know why you're downvoted. You're right. It's only 10% if you buy an item that's exactly $100, $500 or $2,000. If you buy a $499 item you only get 2.4999% off.

      • +10

        I noticed there's been an influx of negging jerks on ozb for the past few months.

        • I reckon they should implement negging only after a comment. Makes it more honest and less childish

          • +3

            @King Tightarse: For Negging comments? Nah, who wants to read crappy comments. Then other people will need to comment to neg that comment. As you can see in the original comment, if the comment is considered unfairly negged others will pos vote it back.

            • +1

              @FireRunner: Not a crappy comment, a rational one. Anyway just an idea.
              The way it is now encourages childishness as Caped Baldly said above and people following each other around negging unrelated comments due to who knows what? Hurt feelings two weeks ago etc

              • @King Tightarse: You’ll end up with irrational ones as often as rational. Then others will feel the need to neg the irrational comment so comment. The irrational commenter will then reply to each of the comments left to neg and so on. I could see this turning into a complete mess

                • +1

                  @FireRunner: Haha yes that could happen. Still the way it is now isn't ideal.
                  It's kind of childish to silently neg without making any contribution. Doesn't exactly encourage intelligent conversation

                  • @King Tightarse: It doesn’t really discourage rational thinking either. If people want to contribute meaningfully, they would comment their thoughts. This leaves more rational thoughts to comments and internet noise to the votes. You’re suggestion would move the internet noise into the comments.
                    If you’re really looking for intelligent conversation then the comments of a bargain website is hardly ideal.

                    • +1

                      @FireRunner: What use is "Internet noise"? I call it childish impulses and petty resentments.
                      If people were to put their name to their negative vote, I think they would self-moderate more

                      • @King Tightarse: It is of no use but exists nevertheless. You can’t eliminate it so you have to live with it. Perhaps removing the feature to remain anonymous when negging will reduce the noise but will also shift it into the comments causing neg wars which I believe is much more trouble than the first.
                        In the end I think the current system works well enough.

                        Edit: the only other solution I can think of is to remove comment neg votes altogether

                        • @FireRunner: I agree about the neg wars but the flip side is that people would treat each other far more civilly if they don't hide behind anonymity so many passing impulses to make a negative vote or statement would be self moderated and thus not occur at all.
                          Anonymity generally breeds harsher outcomes online. See here:
                          Perhaps you are right about removing negative votes altogether. They do serve some useful function such as reversing an unfair deal negative but I am uncertain that they have an overall positive effect as comment 'mood reactions', as they are now

                          • @King Tightarse: Is the anonymity described in the study mean the full anonymity like we have with neg voters or just the ability to hide behind just a username. Places like Facebook have you’re actual name so people will act more civil but places like Ozbargain you can still hide behind a username.

                            • +1

                              @FireRunner: I don't know the exact parameters with which they defined anonymity and non-anonymity within the context of this study but they are a credible source (University of Houston) and the study was accepted for publication, so we can assume it was a fair and valid general definition. The psychological concept is well established.
                              The key findings were:
                              "Santana found that 53.3 percent of anonymous comments included language that was vulgar, racist, profane or hateful; only 28.7 percent of non-anonymous comments were found to be uncivil."
                              Or put more bluntly: online anonymity tends to make people act like a-holes.

                              • @King Tightarse: I don’t doubt anonymity makes people more uncivil since it won’t get back to them. My argument is that ozbargain already provides a level of anonymity so you can’t expect very high level of civility anyway.
                                I honestly don’t think this is that big a deal because
                                1. The positive votes generally cancel out the initial neg votes when a rational argument is made in defence of the comment (as seen above)
                                2. You can’t always expect well argued comments from an an online forum so best not to force them out
                                3. Don’t take the comment score too seriously
                                I’m just leaving this at that, it’s really up to Scotty and the mods to decide how their site deals with this anyway.

                            • @FireRunner: Facebook more civil? Lol. Not that I bother with it any more than I need to but some of the comments on it and the aptly named Twitter make this place look like a training school for good manners. FB doesn't require a real name and probably has hundreds of thousands of dummy accounts.

                              • @DisabledUser67242: I don’t use Facebook anymore but anyone using their real accounts will (likely) be more civil since all their friends and family can see what they’re saying.

          • +1

            @King Tightarse: I believe it was possible to see who negged but it was disabled due to possible abuse.
            +1 cos you got negged and it was a reasonable comment.

        • Probably because there's been a lot of scummy and non-deals getting posted.

          • @ENSLAVER: I made a comment last week explaining why a "deal" wasn't good value and the comment was negged. I was trying to help people…

        • cause jv is in penalty box! we can't spend 5 neg a day on his post!

  • +7

    IPhone SE 64gb for $699 via Big W.


    • +3

      Post it mate!

      • Yeah it would be a winner :)
        Surprised none sold after 1/2 hr .

        • This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing. WEW

  • +8

    They should at least have some more intermediate tiers,
    $25 off $250
    $100 off $1000
    I’m thinking of getting valued around $300 but can only get $10 discount

    • +7

      they should just get rid of this shit altogether and go with a flat 8-10%

      • +1

        seriously was so excited and then got to see this not even 8% off

  • +1

    Was about to buy a new USB-C monitor elsewhere and now got $50 off, cheers!

  • Wow. Have fun testing if this code works on things for such a pathetic "discount".

  • -1

    Also works at https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/compnowclearance
    Bought a new Mac mini for $849 got $50 off.

  • no work for health and beauty

  • +6

    "Eligible items" urgh

  • Glad I bought during AfterPay promo…this sux

  • +2

    Two bottles of Monkey Shoulder from Dan Murphy's for $93.80 delivered isn't bad, first time I've seen it under $50 a bottle in a while.

    • I still got 1 bottle of monkey from the bws deal.

  • No oove for appliances online boo

  • +1

    Sitwide deals anyone waiting for miracles?

  • +3

    LOL, I'm looking at go pro hero 8 from binglee at $499 and I can only get $10 discount?! The cheapest thing with ebay plus listing would be around $15, so only getting $35 off with useless rubbish.

    • Are you kidding ?
      You have 100,000's of items to find a cheap item to get over the mark for $500 + !
      And I know for the calculation you need $50 off .

      • I was talking about staff from binglee store. Please suggest a product at $1 that is "ebay plus item", really need your help

  • I have made use of this discount.
    NOTE: not all products from the same seller will qualify for the code, although both items belong to the same product category, and both above the minimum value for discount (e.g. smarthomestoreau, some items will have the discount code underneath and some don't, I did test the code for each at the checkout page).

  • Lol seriously i was going to buy a laptop but then the seller was offering extra discount which reduced the base rpr which is above 2k and if i now apply this coupon i only get 50 dollar which is like 2% discount. I hope they should fix this

  • +6

    This is the worst Ebay Deal in a long time. Just give people 20% off and call it a day Ebay

    • All I can see is price jacking and then reducing it to the base price. Moreover, applying the coupon only gives 50 off if buying a laptop around 1800. Worst discount than usual

  • does this work with Shopback/Cashreward?

  • I got an email from ebay a few weeks ago, saying I should update my listings to the new requirements to be eligible for the Ebay Plus promotions they will have on ebay.

    So I think, it's only for listing in the normal categories eligible for sales, but they also have to be ebay plus items, for ebay plus members

    I hate how ebay only has these sales one a year around the subscription time!

  • +1

    I used to buy so much stuff on eBay, now I barely even bother checking to see if it has competitive prices. I only check it now for second hand items but they're not eligible for any vouchers (even the $5 monthly eBay plus ones).

  • Wonder where all the weekly 20% off 60 sellers promos have gone. More scarce than catching COVID

  • Got lucky, worked on some plus items from a private seller.

  • +1

    Terrible deal. Price jack + jack sh*t eligible items.

  • -1

    Can this stack onto PVOLTAGE?

    Tried and nope - rip

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