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2x 20KG Dumbbell/Barbell Weight Set $85.40 + Shipping @ Dshop


Not the best price ever, but seems to be acceptable accounting for the current demand caused by COVID. Seems to be convertable into a barbell as well, which is useful. Should also be able to load up more than 20KG on a single dumbbell if needed. Shipping is a bit steep, came out to $33 for me.

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  • Not really adjustable

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      Not sure what you mean by that? There are collars that you can remove, and it comes with different weight plates it seems.

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      I agree… Its Misleading by saying "adjustable"

    • The actual description doesn't even mention "adjustable"…
      So why put it in there… If you actually go to the gym, you'd know these aren't the "adjustable ones".
      Even these sets https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72049 don't mention adjustable because they're not the true adjustable ones.
      I just don't want people to be misled… Because I nearly purchased based on the word "adjustable"

      • Good point, I edited the title.

        • Why they are just as adjustable as the ones that Ozvalue posted they just have a different method of adjustment.

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    I clicked this really quick thinking it was this one. You certainly had my interest for a second. https://www.dshop.com.au/buy/adjustable-dumbbell/4078

    • Yeah i agree… Me aswell. The link you posted was for an actual adjustable one, rather than the one op posted… Def misleading by saying "adjustable"…

  • These guys missed the boat

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      They were probably one of the places listing them for $500 a month ago.

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        Now these guys are praying hard for a wave 2. Scums.

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    The demand for gym equipment is slowing down as gyms look to reopen in the coming weeks.

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      Might be a lot of second hand barely used stuff on gumtree soon as well.

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      True, although the restrictions my gym have mentioned so far mean I can’t go anyway.

      To enforce the numbers they will only open during staffed hours (whether the extend staffed hours is unsure yet) with a booking system to reserve your slot. I only went outside of staffed hours due to my working hours.

      Yet to see how it will work, but sounds very inflexible that it will be prohibitive to go.

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    Thanks OP, got a set. Even though gyms are reopening, some of us in the IT industry are allowed to WFH until the end of the year so this'll have to do.

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      oh we're pivoting from WFH to WFGym, WFCafe, WFWhere-ever.

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      Whether you WFH or not, it doesn't have anything to do with going to the gym?

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        Gym is far away from home (close to work in the city ) hehe. Save money on membership lol.

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    Gyms in Melbourne are opening in 19 days….

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    yeah they'll $8.54 on Gumtree in a month or two.

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      If you can weight 2 months

  • Thanks, not the best deal price wise but given the scarcity, I pulled the trigger!

    • Edit: Better deal if you don't need 40KG, otherwise they come out to about $150 shipped for 2 pairs for me.

    • Kogan ones are 20kg total.

      This deal is for 40Kg total.

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      The Kogan ones are not in stock until 11 August.

  • Hi OP, is pick up available?

    • Appears not to be, I'd say your best bet is email them directly and ask where they're located.

  • Perth Metro.

    Toll Standard - $61.78 (ETA: Between Jun 8th and Jun 10th)

  • Are these good ? Anyone had good experience with its strength and durability ? Am looking at getting a set of these. Making sure that am not buying lemons here

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    20kgs pfft. Do you even lift bro?

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      Not anymore 😔

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    I bought some weights the morning gyms were announced to close. Surprise surprise, I never use them. Even when I have to vacuum, I roll them out of the way.

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      I brought a set on the same day as you. I use them everyday. My best buy this year. Not kidding.

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        I think my issue is I rarely used free weights at the gym preferring mainly cardio and pin weights.

        Still, I haven't given up hope yet.

  • Good deal given online covid prices

  • dam, just bought the exact same ones on eBay for $262..

    • +1

      It's a good lesson on demand and supply

    • Are you sure they are the same? These look similar to the expensive ones.

      • exactly the same ones unfortunately, returning weights unopened at such a heavy load would probably cost more than the product itself lol, maybe i could resell on marketplace and buy these instead.. however i believe these weights were originally 200$ish originally anyway before corona hit..?

    • How do you rate the quality and usability of these?

  • My gym reopened today

  • Lucky I saved a ton of money on gym membership by just making sandbag out of heavy duty material. Just combine it with some bodyweight exercises to get an awesome workout.

    • What material? Not sand?

      • Oops, misread.

  • Are these metal plates or cement filled ones?

  • bought one! i think the price is good!

  • Has anyone ever used a dumbbell bar that extends into a barbell bar? Do they work well?

  • Bought all my gym equipment. Not going to go back to paying a membership even when the gyms do reopen.

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