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[eBook] Free - Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? (Police Violence & Resistance in the US) @ Haymarket Books (Was $9.99 USD)


Greetings everyone, spotted this over at Slickdeals and seems like a very interesting book considering everything that's going on over in the US currently..

Available for a few days for free, and can be downloaded in ePub or Kindle format. No need to use legitimate details in the checkout as the final confirmation page provides a link to download the book.

I completed the checkout on mobile and was able to download the ePub and add the book to my Google Play Books library with ease.

4.4 Stars out of 5 on GoodReads

Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?
Police Violence and Resistance in the United States

Explores the reality of US police violence against Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.
What is the reality of policing in the United States? Do the police keep anyone safe and secure other than the very wealthy? How do recent police killings of young black people in the United States fit into the historical and global context of anti-blackness?

This collection of reports and essays (the first collaboration between Truthout and Haymarket Books) explores police violence against black, brown, indigenous and other marginalized communities, miscarriages of justice, and failures of token accountability and reform measures. It also makes a compelling and provocative argument against calling the police.

Contributions cover a broad range of issues including the killing by police of black men and women, police violence against Latino and indigenous communities, law enforcement's treatment of pregnant people and those with mental illness, and the impact of racist police violence on parenting, as well as specific stories such as a Detroit police conspiracy to slap murder convictions on young black men using police informant and the failure of Chicago's much-touted Independent Police Review Authority, the body supposedly responsible for investigating police misconduct. The title Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? is no mere provocation: the book also explores alternatives for keeping communities safe.

Contributors include William C. Anderson, Candice Bernd, Aaron Cantú, Thandi Chimurenga, Ejeris Dixon, Adam Hudson, Victoria Law, Mike Ludwig, Sarah Macaraeg, and Roberto Rodriguez.

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  • +3

    82 people shot, 22 fatally in Chicago this past weekend. That is something to protest about.

    • +11

      And all of those shootings are citizens against fellow citizens…in light of the inability of people to protest peacefully, let's find a more humane and constructive way to bring about social change shall we?

      • +2

        You're saying that like you think it's in humanity's nature to be humane?

        Must be new here on planet Earth.

  • +3

    Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell is must for anyone interested in what is happening in the current climate.

    • What do you mean by "current climate"? The book you are recommending doesn't seem to be about police brutality and broken justice & prison systems.

      • +2

        It's practically the whole premise of the book

        • +1

          From Goodreads:
          "Something is very wrong, Gladwell argues, with the tools and strategies we use to make sense of people we don't know. And because we don't know how to talk to strangers, we are inviting conflict and misunderstanding in ways that have a profound effect on our lives and our world."

          I would argue that has little to do with police brutality and broken justice & prison systems. It sounds like the author is trying to make the case that misunderstandings are the main cause for such problems. Are you sure the book isn't a comedy?

    • +9

      The Epoch Times is basically the propaganda wing of the Falun Gong and is not a real news source.

      • +5

        Falun Gong believes Aliens gave humans laptops and airplanes, and Trump (through the power of the founder Li) is the promised savior. They also own 'China Uncensored', Shen Yun Dance troupe, and New Tang Dynasty media.

        the founder) Li asserts he is a god-like figure who can levitate and walk through walls. He taught that sickness is a symptom of evil and can be cured through meditation, that aliens from undiscovered dimensions have overtaken the minds and bodies of humans, bringing corruptions such as computers and airplanes.

        Falun gong followers “believe that Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the Communist party… other mainstream conventions Falun Gong detests are homosexuality, feminism, and popular music

        • -2

          They also own 'China Uncensored'

          It doesn't seem like it here.

          It still appears that the CCP is, by far, the biggest propagandist. This guy gets it: Stan.

          • @concept: This American investigative journalist said Stalin was the master of propaganda but now the US government is the biggest propagandist (for a 'good' reason). Hence, The US is currently still the most powerful country in the world. I also think The US will still be the most powerful country in the world for a long time. Video here.

            • -1

              @El Psy Kongroo: So your idea of "American investigative journalist" is comedian Joe Rogan? Okay, sure.

              Well, here's a lawyer/journalist who was critical of the CCP and went missing for revealing the truth: Chen Quishi.

              Still, this smart little guy gets it: Stan.

              • @concept: Nope, I guess you didn't even watch the video. It's the American lady whom Joe Rogan was interviewing. Video here. There are also Edward Snowden interviews about NSA's mass surveillance on YouTube for anyone still interested, in case they get removed by YouTube/Google in the future. Here is the full interview.

                • @El Psy Kongroo: Sure. The interviewee is entitled to her analyses and her views. And she has, and should have, the freedom of speech to express those views. She is talking about the US government in the context of Area 51 in the Stalin era. I don't hear where she claims that the US government is the "biggest propagandist". I'm sure they do spread propagandist messages to some extent, but China is likely to be the biggest propagandists.

                  So, China do propaganda as well, right? China knowingly, and embarrassingly, spread misinformation and racist messages that are just plain idiotic.

                  Still, where's Fang Bin?
                  Where's Chen Quishi?

                  The CCP wants to control the narrative, but the coronavirus has exposed the CCP for what they are. Fang and Chen are fellow Chinese people who are missing (possibly dead!) for speaking out and speaking the truth.

                  It's more likely that YouTube is going to remove videos that criticise China and/or the WHO.

                  • +1

                    @concept: It's your opinion to think CCP is the biggest propagandist, it's not a fact. Annie Jacobsen probably didn't directly say that The US government is the biggest propagandist but in the video at around 10-11 and 27-28 minutes mark you can see her saying how the US government, CCP, Korean government (I assume this was before Korea was sneakily segregated by The USA), Russian government, etc were all trying to be ahead in using propaganda to win their wars.

                    The USA, in my opinion, is currently the most powerful country in the world, to me it means The US is currently the biggest propagandist (not that they need to use propaganda that much anyway since they already controlled world economy, mass media and surveillance: NSA, CIA, Google, YouTube, etc). CCP is not even an ally with other East Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc (As most people know these countries are actually The USA's allies along with many countries in Europe). CCP is probably not even an ally of Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

                    The fact that I even had to use YouTube videos to show these, not web links from the dark webs in fear of getting convicted in the future, means the mass population is already being controlled by their governments (not just CCP). Yeah I think CCP lost in propaganda game against The USA and allies.
                    Winner takes all. Winners get the best military, weapons, technology, the most intelligent people, to rewrite history as they please and control everyone (at least most people until they can replace them with robots). They become dictators (bullies). Can't have a total order in human society without some degree of dictatorship. I'm not just talking about CCP, I also meant in a capitalist country like The USA.

                    • @El Psy Kongroo: You're right, it's my view that China is the biggest propagandist. Just like how it's yours that the US government is the biggest propagandist. Of the, let's say, two "evils", I'd rather the US, which I deem to be the "lesser" evil. To think that China gets to play "superpower" scares me to no end.

                      China's approach is a lot more insidious and their government has done plenty of long-term planning. Had the coronavirus not happened, I think that China could have had that chance to carry our their plans unimpeded. The world has woken up now. Finally.

                      Different to China, at least Americans can talk smack about their government and the way things are. Chinese citizens don't have that free speech privilege. They are brainwashed to no end. Should that brainwashing not work, they don't have a choice but to be "yes men" (and women) otherwise they risk the same fate as Chen and Fang, and/or be subject to something else that's equally worse.

                      A modern tool for doing harm is economic leverage ("debt traps"). The CCP wants to be the world puppeteer, to hold countries at ransom. Look at what they tried to do to us recently.

                      We're Australians and we live in a democratic society. I think it's important to preserve our way of life (which is neither American nor Chinese).

                      • @concept: There is probably more 'freedom' in The USA than in China but there's no such thing as a truly free country otherwise there'll be too much chaos there.

                        I really doubt CCP had any chance of winning the war against The USA and allies. If 'history' is to be believed, at least after The USA and allies defeated Nazi Germany and Japan, no other country stood a chance against them. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq and now CCP. Next are probably North Korea, etc. These countries have no chance to win the war against The USA and allies.

                        Australian government is very smart. They take money from foreign investors and rich international students' parents, etc. They invest the money for themselves and take immigrants from poor countries to do all the dirty and dangerous jobs to keep their hands 'clean' so they can look like saints.

                        At the end of the day, sorry for saying this again, winner takes all. Winners get the best military, weapons, technology, the most intelligent people, to rewrite history as they please and control everyone (at least most people until they can replace them with robots).
                        I'm pipe-dreaming for a 'utopian/perfect' world but I won't be surprised if we end up in a dystopian world instead. Not necessarily a chaotic world like in The Terminator, but a world where there's only 1 'human' ruler who controls 'robots' or even 'AI'. If we can build them, we probably can control them but why build AI if robots are easier to fully control.

                        • @El Psy Kongroo:

                          I won't be surprised if we end up in a dystopian world instead

                          It's already here for innocent Chinese people who are subjected to gross mass and invasive surveillance, and are penalised for stupid, minor BS "offences".

        • I thought the Global Times said that it is HK which is behind the latest protest in the US? :)

          • @FW190: lol the Global Times has no credibility. They're full of sh*t.

      • You seem to be making the same mistake that racists make of painting everyone of a similar association with the same brush.
        "All cyclists are arseholes"
        "All truckies are arseholes"
        "All car drivers are arseholes"
        etc etc
        Don't be that guy. We are all individuals and need to be treated as such.

  • Here we go… let’s be “peaceful” now people.

  • +4

    Can we please also have some free literature on class theory? I reckon it's as relevant as the book above. Das Kapital is a bit to heavy as a starting point.

  • +9

    Everything must play its course. These riots were inevitable, the one man killed was just the trigger for the mountain of tension building up

  • +3

    Do people actually read these ebooks, everyday I see 2-3 ebook posts go to the front page but I've never met anyone who reads these free ebooks. I'm not hating on them but I'm interested in who is actually reading these books.

  • +3

    Surprise surprise, Truthout has connections to George Soros's Open Societies Foundation - https://truthout.org/authors/dana-e-abizaid/

    I hope people can see through this race baiting agitation and unite for peace for better future together.

    Sorry, I will have to downvote this for it's attempt to propagandise and undermine stability and order in the US. Sure, things aren't perfect, but it's these kinds of books cause division and incites people up to go and destroy a small business in their community (or worse). It's dangerous material.

    No doubt the poster did not know about this and that this is a sensitive political topic.

  • You can make anyone look bad with enough digging into, world doesnt need division right now, meanwhile the good work of cops goes unnoticed.

    • +5

      People are quick to jump on a hate wagon… media also LOVES to instigate. What is happening in the US could have been avoided. The overwhelming majority of law enforcement do the right thing by citizens. This was a human error arguably in a system set up to allow it.. maybe… or maybe people have overreacted. Either way, it sadly may not be the last time.

      • +5

        The overwhelming majority of law enforcement do the right thing by citizens.

        Are you sure? How many US cops do you see stopping a fellow cop from bad behaviour? When a cop assaults someone, where is the good cop to step in? When a cop slowly drains the life from an unarmed black man, where is the hero? Where was the good cop during the beating of Rodney King and so many other examples? They act in unison. They act like a mob, they protect their own.

        • +2

          That’s 2 examples you’ve listed. Important examples demonstrating crooked law enforcement. It’s easy to bring them up and talk about them and generate much deserved anger.. But I stand with my belief that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement still do the right thing. They protect and serve. That is their job. How often do you hear the media discussing 99.99% of what the police force does on a day to day basis? How often do you hear media discussing what a plumber or electrician or pilot or bus driver does on a day to day basis? Until they make a mistake, they are just another person doing their job. And in every profession, some do a much better job than others.

          • +5


            Until they make a mistake, they are just another person doing their job.

            They are armed with guns, pepper spray, tasers, handcuffs, and clubs. They are allowed to use force and violence when others are not. They are protected by the law. They must be held to a higher standard than "just another person" given their power.

            They protect and serve. That is their job.

            Yes, I completely agree that is their job, but do you witness that attitude in America? They protect each other first and foremost. They are the ones with the advantage of force, so it's often in their own interests for a situation to turn violent. Agent provocateurs are a common tool used by the police so their advantage of force can be exploited. Even when they are not on the street busting heads, they get young black men to sign confessions to crimes they didn't commit. So, one can't even make the argument that they are oppressive due to the heat of the moment. There are massive systemic problems with the US justice system and using the false argument of a few bad apples is part of the failed strategy that has led us to the current situation.

            How often do you hear the media discussing 99.99% of what the police force does on a day to day basis?

            Okay then. The next time a (non-police) murderer is featured on the news, see if the reporter mentions if the criminal was law-abiding 99% of the time.

            Given your beliefs, what is your proposed solution to the current situation? Is it to just not report police brutality because they are (arguably) nice most of the time?

            • +7

              @kahn: The level of sheer violence in everyday life in the US dictates the way the Police act/respond to situations. Let's not fool ourselves, they aren't just walking the beat and issuing parking tickets. Their everyday is close to a warzone… Every bad-guy having semi-auto weapons, wrong moves or bad positioning could mean death to them or citizens.. That kind of job environment must be pretty damn tough to operate in.
              I think your view of this being a systemic problem throughout the police force in America is a bit far fetched.. I think the majority of the time they are following their procedures to get the safest outcomes they can for the majority of the community.. not just the perpetrators of crimes.

              • +5

                @OzViper: I totally understand that would be the comforting view to have. It helps to ease one's mind. However, it's a bit like a child making excuses for the parent that beats them because they misbehaved, or the battered wife syndrome where she blames herself for the violence she receives. It's a coping mechanism that simply results in the violence continuing.

                Surely you've seen the videos of police brutality where the cops were under no physical threat. Are you suggesting we don't believe our lying eyes? I'll repeat my earlier message: where are the good cops stopping the abuses of power? The murder of George Floyd was done by cops who were aware that they were being filmed. There were witnesses. They knew what they were doing and were not concerned by their own evil or by any accountability. What does that tell you about the system? They thought they would be protected by the system. The medical examiner even stated the death wasn't caused by asphyxiation but by preexisting medical conditions and possible substance abuse. Just sweep it under the rug so there's nothing to see here, move along.

                I'm seriously curious how people like yourself and DonaldDr4per propose to solve the issue of police brutality that has been going on in America since the slave ships came ashore. You can also throw into the mix the lawmakers and the profit-making prison system.

                • +1

                  @kahn: Again… these are terrible incidents, but they are not representative of the system as a whole. We can revisit history a million times, do it all over differently each time and still won’t end up in a perfect world. I agree the entire George Floyd situation was handled appallingly. Look, I don’t have an answer for the US, I feel saddened about what is going on. I think it’s mostly a beautiful country. But we can’t keep adding fuel to the fire. There are cops all around the world, good people with families that would never dream of such things, shaking their heads right now. They didn’t mean for this to happen, they are sickened by it just as much as you and I.

                  • +7


                    they are not representative of the system as a whole

                    What would it take to change your mind? Examples of murderous police and their accomplices won't cut it. Bogus investigations and medical reports won't do. Examples of agent provocateurs isn't convincing. The inherent racism involved in the stop and frisk program is fine and dandy. Profiling and surveillance of Muslim communities in America must be okay. Lawmakers assigning much harsher penalties to crack cocaine offenses probably doesn't target minorities. The relentless war on drugs like cannabis must make sense while doctors and pharmaceutical companies profit from the the opiod epidemic. Forced/coerced confessions are probably just part of keeping the community safe. FBI informants using entrapment to create terrorism charges probably keeps the nation safe. FBI/CIA operatives infiltrating progressive groups and the media is just the way they roll. Prison labour, the treatment of prisoners, and lack of support post-release leading to recidivism is probably good for the economy.

                    So, maybe there's a piece of the system jigsaw puzzle that I'm missing that's preventing me from having the same belief as you. Help me :-)

                    • -2

                      @kahn: There are some bad cops in the world… there, satisfied?

                      • +2

                        @DisabledUser214631: Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'll pass the message to the rioters/protesters that "she'll be right, mate" :-)

                        • -2


                          I'll pass the message to the rioters/protesters that "she'll be right, mate" :-)

                          Whilst you're at it, put that TV back in Walmart where you found it.

                      • -1

                        @DisabledUser214631: I doubt khan would be satisfied unless you say all cops are bad / corrupt, etc.

                    • @kahn: Well said! Can't agree more!

        • +2

          "How many US cops do you see stopping a fellow cop from bad behaviour?"
          How many Blacks do you see stopping a fellow Black from bad behaviour?
          How many Whites do you see stopping a fellow White from bad behaviour?
          How many Priests do you see stopping a fellow Priest from bad behaviour?
          How many Kahns do you see stopping a fellow Kahn from bad behaviour?

          Don't fall into the Identity Politics trap. No-one wins at that game.

          • +3

            @1st-Amendment: My main point was to highlight herd mentality. Acting as a group and protecting one's peers even when it is wrong to do so.

            It's not so easy to do the right thing when your peers aren't. Look at how whistleblowers are treated in America for example. From the NSA: Thomas Drake and Bill Binney, from the CIA: John Kyriakou, from military intelligence: Chelsea Manning, and NSA contractor Edward Snowden. They saw wrong-doings, exposed them, and suffered because they went against the herd. Look at the story of Serpico to see what happens to a good cop amongst a group of bad ones. It happens to journalists as well. Good people do not fare well in bad cultures.

            • @kahn: Your point was that you treat all 700,000 sworn officers in the US as one homogeneous hive mind. This is the very definition of prejudice.
              You then repeat this prejudice again when you say "Look at how whistleblowers are treated in America for example". The US is 320 Million individuals, each whom have the right to be treated and judged as individuals.

              • +3

                @1st-Amendment: It's entirely valid to judge a group of people by their pattern of behaviour.

      • +2

        Ah, the 'few bad apples' argument.

        • +3

          Better than the "All (insert job title) are (insert opinion)" argument.

  • +1

    I'd been keen to know what the Covid spread rate is now in the US.

    • +6

      Lols covid.. that’s so last month.

  • -1

    covid went up by only +38 today in the USA, hmmm