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I purchased a Logitech meetup from umart - 8 days later it arrived, and i like it - so i want to get another one just like it - but they have jacked the price from $1199 to $1499

I asked them for the price i got 8 days ago - they said no, that 1499 was the best price and currency and another excuse.

It was a 'sale price' - i accept that. But i did get 1 at that price - why cant i have another one?

Is it normal for business's not to offer repeat orders?


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    Repeat orders at original price
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    Repeat orders at new/inflated price

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    What if the price had gone down?

    Would you have insisted that you wanted to pay the old, and more expensive, price?

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    Im just gonna pull up a seat… Cheers.

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    Lolololol troll thread surely

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    Let me call Bunnings so I can get a Mavic 2 Zoom for $300


      Um, in that case you owe me $250 in gift cards. PM me.

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    I read OP's username as boganman. Thread closed.

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    Did you mention any of the following to the Umart rep?

    1) You are not an average consumer, but a 12+ years member of ozbargain
    2) You know bikies
    3) You have Tracey Grimshaw on speed-dial


    I hear Harvey Norman can do what you’re asking for. Don’t bother poor Umart again please.


    But i did get 1 at that price - why cant i have another one?

    Good for you for getting one at the lower price back then..

    Businesses frequently change pricing, so I can't understand your viewpoint.

    Replace UMART with Coles, WW, JB, Good guys, HN, PLE, and every other business and consider what their response will be.

    It's normal for businesses to vary pricing.

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    Member Since 30/11/2007

    Damn, I could have sworn this was going to be a troll account.


      Since 2007! This man deserves respect…Can’t be many of those old timers still here surely

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    Holy $H!T I didn't know webcam/mics could be that expensive!


      It's for a meeting room/board room, not your desk.
      I used a Cisco telepresence system 10 years ago that was spectacular - close to feeling like the other participants were at the far end of the conference table. Unfortunately, it was a couple of hundred thousand to set up, and needed 30mbps of real time QoS bandwidth.

      I'm really surprised this setup isn't more common these days with cheaper bandwidth and cheaper displays.


        Yeah. It's just ridiculous how much it costs though, an entire smartphone with a wide angle lens is cheaper. This should be $300 at most.


        the reason this is worth it is full duplex audio and auto-everything….. not quite but close.

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    Dear Op.

    I think you should consider yourself lucky. I ordered a whole lot of electrical parts for a project I’m working on 90+ days ago. Unfortunately the majority of these parts never arrived & whilst the sellers provided refunds the costs of the components has jumped up by three to four times the price in the meantime.

    So yeah, I think it’s just the current environment & you should be happy you didn’t have to pay that $300 more in the first instance…

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    positive outcome - kickstart didnt come up in my searching - thanks guys.

    as for a repeat order - looks like im being unreasonable.

    I guess the real tipping point was once i knew i wanted another one - 2h after it arrived - i couldnt get it again - as it took 10d to come.

    Cheers anyway.


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      As someone who previously worked for a competitor to Umart, the price increase is almost certainly at the distributor end.
      Manufacturer charges more to distributor, disti charges retailer more, retailer charges you more.

      The price fluctuates, the margin rarely does.