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Home Loan Refinance Deal - $1000 Extra Cashback on Top of Any Lender Offer for Balances over 400k Net of Offset


Hi Everyone,

I had quite a good response to my last post on oz bargain. Updating things since cashback deals and some rates have changed.

Trying to keep the loan size as low as possible at 400k net of offset to help as many people as possible.

My real goal is to give as much good old fashioned service as possible and if i can help you out now i hope you will continue to use me as your broker into the future.

Ill post a selection of offers available right now from different lenders including comparison rates below. Ive tried to make this as accurate as possible.

Current offers:

Hidden deal - CBA - ive been hearing them offer 2.19% 2 year fixed rates for owner occupied after pricing escalations on their packages for new customer refinances sub 80% lvr. Ive had 2 occasions where my clients got this rate after putting in a pricing request and then escalating it. 2k cashback with cba.

Owner Occupied

Owner Occupied 2 year fix P&I - ING - 2.09% rate 3.77% Comparison rate
Owner Occupied 2 year fix P&I - ANZ - 2.29% rate 4.02% Comparison rate + 3k cashback from ANZ
Owner Occupied 2 year fix P&I - Suncorp - 2.29% rate 3.16% comparison rate + 2-4k cashback from Suncorp
Owner Occupied Variable P&I - ANZ - 2.72% rate 2.76% Comparison rate + 3k cashback from ANZ - redraw product
Owner Occupied Variable P&I - Bankwest - 2.73% rate 3.18% Comparison rate with offset - 2.68% for balance over 750k 3.14% comp rate
Owner Occupied Variable P&I - Suncorp - 2.78% rate 2.79% comparison rate + 2-4k cashback from Suncorp


Investment 2 year fix P&i - ANZ - 2.49% rate 4.53% Comparison rate + 3k cashback from ANZ
Investment 2 year fix P&I - Teachers mutual bank including emergency service workers & healthcare workers - 2.34% rate 4.05% comparison rate
Investment 2 year fix IO - ANZ - 2.69% rate 4.55% Comparison rate + 3k cashback from ANZ
Investment variable p&i - Suncorp - 3.08% rate 3.09% Comparison rate + 2-4k cashback from Suncorp
Investment variable IO - Citibank - 3.14% rate 3.19% Comparison rate

Ask me about any other lenders you've seen or want information on.

Current cashback offers from the major banks 250+k balance net of offset:

3k ANZ
4k NAB Offer - is closed
2k St George
2k Westpac
2k CBA
2k 250k balance to 750k 3k for 750k+ balance 1k extra for emergency workers Suncorp ie nurses doctors police teachers fire fighters medics

Sla’s: Time it takes to pick up a file - At the time of posting this: BUSINESS DAYS

ANZ – 17-20 days
NAB – 6-8 days
Stgeorge and Westpac – 15+ days - They are affected by covid-19 and had to shut down some sections of their credit assessment teams
CBA – 3-4 days
Suncorp - 6-8 days
ING - 1-2 days
Bankwest - 1-2 days
AMP - 1-2 days
Teachers mutual - 9 days - introduced auto pre approvals for purchases to bring down their sla's recently

Eligibility criteria:
1.Loan applications must be submitted between 02 June 2020 and 31 July 2020.
2.Loans must be drawn down by 30 October 2020.

My offer - $1000 for loans 400k+ loan balance net of offset

A little bio about me:

I pick up the phone most nights and on weekends. My wife is fine with it. Lending is my life.

Ive been in lending now for 10 years. 6-7 of those years were spent on a margin lending desk and as an in branch lender for Commonwealth Bank. The last 3+ years ive been a mortgage broker running my own sole trader company, ive got a loan support & just trying to keep the wheels turning during this corona virus.

Feel free to post a comment or contact me directly on the below details.

Business facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/AdrianPlayerFinanceBroker/

My first home buyers facebook group 280+ in the group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1916779675065027/

Track record - Ive submitted 25+ files for oz bargainers in the past 2 months, 12 formal approvals booking in for settlement so far with all other files past pre screen document check with no issues sitting in queue waiting for assessment. 2 pre approvals for purchases including 1 settled. 1 withdrawn file due to a security property issue. Slow sla's are the reason half havent settled yet. Lenders are quite tighter in covid times but we are still getting good results.

1st big oz bargainer win - Client had a lender waste their time for 1.5 weeks of their settlement period with no idea where things were at. Deposit was paid already. I got them lodged in 2 days and formally approved with CBA in 1.5 weeks and settled on time in 3 weeks. Client has now referred his brother and family members.

2nd big oz bargainer win - Off the plan property about to settle contract price 850k big 4 bank valued it at 750k and wasted 3+ weeks of the clients time creating a short fall of funds. I used another bank i do a lot of off the plan for and the valuation came back on contract price. Saving the client 120k in funds to complete.

Kind Regards

Adrian Player | Director

M: 0416643638

E: [email protected]

W: www.integralloansolutions.com.au

Adrian Player is a credit representative (498364) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).

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  • I'm still waiting on my email back after submitting my information Adrian?

  • Did ANZ reduce their $4k offer to 3k now?

    • Yes correct as of the end of last month.

  • ANZ have reduced their offer. Ended on May 31st.

    Also their SLA is actually at 30 days. Source: just processed a loan app directly with them.

    • Yeh I have an application with them now. Once that settles then I can move my other property. Too bad I’ll have to miss out on this extra 1k offer for the other property (loan less than 400k).

      • Still happy to help if you need anything.

    • Yes correct 17 business days. I got formal approval for a client today that was lodged on 05/05/2020. But i think it will come down slowly now the 4k offer has been reduced.

  • ANZ is taking way more than 20 days. My application was lodged with them on 28th-Apr and I am still waiting.

    They are talking well over a month now.

    • 17 business days is a month as a reference point - I got formal approval for a client today that was lodged on 05/05/2020. But i think it will come down slowly now the 4k offer has been reduced. maybe im getting better slas due to the amount i lodge at anz and other major banks.

      • Mine is a refinance application. I am not sure if you are talking about new application or refinace? As per the AFR article and my own expereince, it is over 23 business days. You may want to edit the description to clarify its "buisness" days.

        • My deal that got formally approved today was a refinance. Thanks ill put the edit in.

  • +1

    ANZ bonus down by 1k and also owner occupied rate up by 0.1% from 2.19% 2 yr fixed to 2.29%? bummer! that's a steep degrade!

    • Yes correct. There are still other good offers available.

  • How do you find PLAN as an aggregator? Seems as though their commission structure is all over the place. 0.6 upfront and 0.2 trail?

    • +1

      Im in FAST. Ive been here for a while love their software and processes. The aggregator doesnt set the lender commission the lenders do. Most are 0.65% + gst and trail of 0.15% + gst and some lenders scale that up to 0.20-0.25% depending on the lender if you stay with the lender between 3-5 years. But all of that is disclosed on the lender docs. Most lenders are the same post royal commission.

  • Hi Adrian - is there a cashback for new loans? We are settling on a property end June, knocking it down then commence building October. With ANZ taking so long I think we will have to go with the terrible CBA

    • If you need a quicker sla lender that does construction a few good choices would be bankwest / cba / fast lend (white labelled nab).

      Some people dont like CBA. But they have been a very reliable lender even during covid times. One of the most consistent lenders out there.

    • NAB was doing a home buying bonus for 2k. But that offer has lapsed.

  • Hey Adrian looking to refinance and wanting to keep it to an interest only loan since ING isn't willing to budget on their 3.59% interest rate. Any good one in the market? Also why are the comparison rate on IO loans so high?

    • On variable its because after the IO period expires the comparison rate assumes it rolls onto the higher variable rate for the rest of the 25 year term. On fixed loan it assumes you will roll onto the higher revert rates after the fix expiry and you wont renegotiate the rate switch the product or fix again.

      Normally its easier to just to match up the rate to others matching it ie invest io variable vs invest io variable then match up the app fees or annual fees. Compare apples with apples.

      Suncorp has a low fee product 3.28% rate and ANZ is close behind at 3.32% and both have cashback offers at the moment. Citibank 3.14% comp rate 3.19% which is very competitive as well on investment io variable at the moment.

      • Is there any annual fees on the above mentioned products?

        • Send me a private message with your email or email me and ill respond. I can send you the rates comp rates and fees for each product.

  • Do you have any offer for new loan? I am in market for a new house not refinancing. I assume your offer of 1k is for refinance only? Thanks

    • Mainly focusing on refinances but i can still help you if you are looking at buying. Send me an email with what you are looking to do and ill see if i can help.

  • Thank you for the detailed post OP

    • No worries have a good day.

  • Hi do you know what income documents they require from CBA mortgage refi? payslip is enough or they require 90 days bank statement or yearly tax summary?

    • They require last 2 payslips and payg summary 2019 or notice of assessment and tax return 2019 as a secondary version to verify the payslips.

      90 days bank statements for savings and main salary account.

  • Just got my home loan refinanced with Adrian. Top bloke. Great deal and great service.

    • +1

      Thanks i appreciate you saying that!