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Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 $319 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Newly released and highly rated. I'm pretty excited to stick these in me.

I actually got mine from JB who price matched and I even threw on the 5% off code. $303.05 was the final price after price match.


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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    this or the $249 airpods pro

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      • agree, now gotta try and sell my used WF-1000xm3 (overhyped imo)

      • I am having issues with AirPods Pro ANC. Not reliable enough

    • Depends if you want reliable connection or not. Reddit sennhesier sub is full of connection and stability issues with the first and second gen. Sound quality is mostly subjective, but fair to say that the sennhesiers will offer more customisations through it's terrible app.

      IMO, you always win by spending less.

      • oh really, I thought they fixed all that connection issue with the 2nd gen, and I sometimes make decision based on % savings so these and airpods pro are roughly the same in term of savings of RRP

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          I mean one will leave you with $70 still in your pocket.

          • @onlinepred: If you use it for one year,then an extra $70 become an extra $0.20/day so it's nothing when you compare it to a cup of coffee, that's if you're liquid

            • @ln28909: I mean why not buy solid gold earbud for $20,000 more because over 100 years its only $0.56 a day so its nothing. I'm not sure of your logic, as you aren't saving money.

              • @onlinepred: since the average earbuds life to me is 1-2 years, and I'm not an audiophile so anything with an RRP of $400-$500 should be sufficient. I personally wouldn't use a pair of earbuds for 100 years, just think about the amount of earwax that would buildup so yeah there's that

                • @ln28909: Both have 2 years warranty though. So really if you spend money now or over time, it's still $70 more expensive right? I mean if you don't care about an extra $70 then really you don't need to buy the sennheisers on sale anyway, can buy at full RRP and just break the cost up over 2 years.

                  • @onlinepred: like I said, over a 1 year period, the difference is negligible to me. And buying at RRP hurts my intelligence as I know they will be cheaper at some point, so for the exact same product, why would you pay full price

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      If these are close to the first gen Sennheisers, sound is objectively miles ahead. The noise cancelling on the pros is really comfortable though, and the mic is still the best as far as I can tell. Weigh up what you're using it for.

  • JB price match GGC?

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      Yeah, it was a long shot but called first and the guy said ok and I went there straight away to pick it up.

      • Hey how did you get them to match? Tried but they said they can't.

        • I said to the guy "hi mate, the good guys commercial site has these headphones for $319, I know you don't normally but can you price match" he said he had to check with the manager, came back 2 minutes later and had the green light. Just lucky maybe…

          • @MrFizz: so probably depends on luck? or should ask them to check with the manager? the staff I asked simply said commercial website item cannot be applied for the price check rather than regular website. [just Broadway]. So based on your judgement, should I head to another job store or simply returning to the previous one and ask the manager? thanks bro

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    My first gen momentum had the best sound quality but terrible connection issues which made it inconvenient for everyday use.
    I switched to the jabra 75t, slight reduction in sound quality but excellent connection with multiple devices.

    The touch controls on the momentum ear peices are also not as responsive compared to 75t. Sound quality is super good though.

  • Hey, can you do me a favor and see what the price is for the over ears momentum 3?

    Thank buddy.

    If I didn't have my Buds+ I would totally jump on this.

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    Any chance you can post the receipt?

    • Dose this work?

      • Do you have a physical receipt/invoice that you could take a photo of? Blank out your name and other personal details.

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    Tried JB and they said they couldn't match.

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    JB does not price match to GGC.
    GGC membership is only available on payment of a membership fee.
    So, really more like a targeted deal?..

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      Sulking because you don't have a GGC membership? Just let people help each other, I hope someone out there is pumped to get there hands on these at a great price. I can't fathom why you would invest your time commenting and negging this post rather than scrolling straight past and embracing all the other amazing things in the world you could have done with your time….

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      Ah please check the facts before you neg. Sign up through sunsuper for free, no costs.

  • I was about to buy the Jabra Elite 75t for ~$270, is this considerably better?

    Edit: nvm these are really bulky

  • I got the version 1- great sound but they fall out and why cannot they be like airpods that never fall out! Is that too hard? playing around with equalizer is challenging.

  • just registered the TGG Commercial through Sunsuper, do your guys known how many time will it take to process it and how long will this promo last,? ask for jb hifi and they need me to show them to do the price match

    • or anyone can borrow an account, so I can go to jbhifi to do the price match, send it to my email address, [email protected] if you can, thanks

      • Please allow 4-5 business days

      • Did anyone end up loaning you their account? I'm v keen on these too but don't have GGC.

    • Same here, hopefully their still around when we get approved :(

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    Thanks alot OP - been eyeing these for weeks. My local JB only managed to give them to me for $373 which i took anyway as I combined with the Telstra $400 port in offer. Didn't want to push too much.

    • What are your thoughts on them so far?

      • Yes, and OP @MrFizz ? aptX but no Low Latency. Everything good?

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          Love them so far. Sound is stunning. They feel like a huge upgrade from the Jabra elite 75t I was using.

          • @MrFizz: Was also deciding between these and the Jabra Elite 75T. What made you want to move on from the 75Ts in the first place? Looking for a pair of all-purpose wireless buds (gym, commute, casual listening, work). Are the Sennheisers better all-rounders?

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          Sounds is awesome - been using QCY / Soundpeats for so long forgot what good sound is. These beat my wired IEMs (EPH 100 and RHA MA750). STill need to test mic but the recent firmware and reviews of tipped me to go for these over the Sonys / Jabra. The fact i didnt really have to pay anything helps too. Thank once again @MrFizz

  • currently using AUKEY t10s as my first decent wireless headphones which have been great for me but have been interested in the sony WF1000XM3 when they come on sale to try the noise-canceling - would these now be a better option? need to see if any chance to get that commercial membership though i havent looked into it

    • I had the Sony too and wasn't a huge fan of them. But others experience my be different. In my experience the noise cancelling on all of these feels a bit redundant because you have so much isolation as they are in ear. Again, that's just my experience.

  • Which JB did you purchase it from? Any chance of a scanned copy of the receipt? Cheers.

    • I guess not…

    • jb central pitt st.
      But this really depend on personal luck. jb officially excluded the price match from commercial site or membership price and I made it since I insisted on the commonality of this free membership (just spent 10min registration in the sunsuper and fill that application form to the TGG commercial and wait 2 hour to get approved). that is, the membership can be accessed with no cost but a few hours. Just insist on this and depends on personal luck and the staff.
      Good luck!

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    Is this offer still valid? Can anyone pls share the receipt to use for price match.

    • yep, bro, still valid. To price match at jb really depend on personal luck. Two of the three jb
      I went refused to price match due to commerce site whilst the last one is approved by a nice female staff. I insisted on the commonality of this membership (just spent 10min registration in the sunsuper and fill that application form to the TGG commercial and wait 2 hour to get approved). that is, the membership can be accessed with no cost but a few hours. And that kind lady then approved it.
      FINALLY, jb officially excluded the price match from commercial site or membership price and I made it since I insist on the free membership registration but this really depends on luck. But anyway, you can still get this offer from the commercial site by additional $5 delivery (currently no store stock and only delivery aavailable. However, you can only have the black version (I price matched a white one in jb).
      Good luck!

  • I'm guessing this deal is over by now? Just debating if its worth it to sign up to g'day rewards for this or not.

  • None of the Melbourne city stores would price match it

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    Still available on the GGC website. Just purchased some today! Not available in store, so paying $5 extra for them to be delivered.

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