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Boost Mobile: $300 Prepaid SIM Kit, 240GB for 12 Months $270 Delivered @ Auditech


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Boost Mobile: $300 Prepaid SIM Kit, 240GB for 12 Months $270 Delivered @ Auditech

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    I just wished Boost would have a prepaid plan that is in between. around 120Gb - 160Gb per 365 days would be great

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      Uh, that's the 60GB for 6 months at $100 then? Not the best value imo but fit your description.

  • Can you pricematch at OW?

    • I dont think so, because of the promo code.

    • Depends on your OW. I was able to match. What I did was put the promo code in there and show them only the check out page.

  • Anyone with Boost? how have you found them?

    • Boost uses the full Telstra network, not sure you could ask for much more

      • A little bit more data wouldnt hurt
        Its like 20gb per month, but it's a whole year.

        I can see myself in many situations where i would need more data, like when there are outages at home or during vacations etc

        • +2

          That's why it's always handy to purchase a dual sim phone and stick a promotion offer like the Kogan postpaid services.

          • @OhMaJuck: Yep, I love my dual Sim phone for that purpose, can just pop in an extra data Sim, sometimes for free accounting for cashback.

          • @OhMaJuck: i know what you mean, sadly i'm an iphone user since iphone 11
            I purchased the 240gb last week though, unlimited calls to Greece, full telstra network and only $270 for a year is what got me

            A pocket wifi is what im thinking if i run out of data

    • They're pretty good. Full Telstra network. I regularly use international countries to different countries. Very useful for me

  • Ported to Boost few weeks ago from Vodafone. So far so good.
    More data than what I was getting by paying $27 to Vodafone for.

  • What's the process if you're already on Telstra post paid?

    I recall reading something about needing a blank sim?

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      You call Telstra and ask to change to prepaid…when that goes thru call Boost and they will set you up.

  • I'm on the Boost 80GB plan ($128ish after price match on OW) - averaging about 1GB/week given I'm on WiFi at home most of the time.

    Worst case - I'll just churn out when I hit the data limit.

  • $268 with code pmonth200 here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Boost-Mobile-300-Prepaid-SIM-CAR...
    I’m thinking of taking the plunge in any case!
    I assume from all of the comments on previous posts that it’s worth it

  • +1

    If you are not in a hurry, it's been on special for $240 a few times already
    eg, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/520721

    Of course, that price was pre-Covid-19 so this price of $270 may be the new norm for a while… I am a gambling man so I'll wait :)

  • Watch out for boost (And Telstra).If anything goes wrong you might be [email protected]@ked.
    They wouldn’t send sims to a P.O. Box (but their system allows a P.O. Box to be used for postal address) then wouldn’t just alter the address to a residential. They offered a refund but they wouldn’t accept their receipt as proof of purchase. Spent 3 months getting the runaround (even with a TIO case) then I remembered I’d used PayPal. PayPal refunded within a week because there was no proof of service but somehow Telstra / Boost are still unaware they have refunded me via PayPal.

  • Maybe jbhifi Telstra deal Better value for 12 month with $400 gift voucher a better deal after you sell the gift voucher ?

    • +1

      Yes agreed. But I don't think the jbhifi plan includes international calling, SMS and MMS. Prepaid boost and telstra have it

  • I bought a 240GB yearly plan, started on Jan 28. Was unsure whether the data would be enough. I've currently got 225.748GB remaining. I forgot to factor in the COVID effect…

  • What’s the expiry date for activation?

  • Is this deal still valid?
    I've tried putting in the code but it remains at $300.

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