[PS4] 6 New Games Added to PlayStation Hits

Press-Start -

It looks as though six new games got added to the PlayStation Hits lineup in Australia earlier this week, bringing the total amount of games to 50.

These new games include:


  • I miss playing dynasty warriors on the PSP. Didn't pay attention to the story as I was too focused on killing as many enemies in the shortest time possible.

  • OP it's DW 9, not 6.

  • I a impressed more Yakuza games other than Zero made it into PS hits.
    Happy that the series now seems to be a hit in the west.

  • Just tried the DW9 demo and the image quality is so bad even on the Pro. Is that an issue with the demo itself or does anyone know if that is representative of the game? The youtube videos all look much better than on my screen.

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