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LG 24" FHD IPS Monitor $149 (RRP $249) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price for a 24" IPS FHD monitor from a well known brand

24", Full HD 1920x1080, IPS, 75Hz refresh rate
72% NTSC = 99%sRGB
HDMI, VGA, Headphone Out
VESA (75mm x 75mm) Compatible, Stand - Tilt
On Screen Control, Screen Split
Black Stabiliser, AMD FreeSync, Dynamic Action Sync

For those with concerns, here's a review for the 22" version of this monitor

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  • +1

    Thanks, picked one up as a spare monitor.

  • +28

    Wouldn't recommend it, personally. I got when it was onsale previously and it pales in comparison to the cheapy second hand monitors I already had. The screen's viewing angle is abysmal and colours look washed out.

    If it wasn't such a hassle I would've returned it, to be honest. The one monitor I've bought new is the only one I've regretted so far. :c

    • +3

      thanks for the feedback, was gonna pull the trigger but this and a couple other reviews ive just read dont really recommend it

      • I think pale here is referring to the brightness of the screen as its brightness is only 250 nits. However, I have a monitor with a similar brightness (Samsung LC27F390) and it is still good to use in a well-lit room for office works. Not too sure about the viewing angles since IPS screen is generally very good in that aspects

        • +1

          Viewing angles vary greatly, even between IPS panels from the same company.
          I have an older U-series Dell monitor and a newer P-series, both business-grade IPS monitors, and despite being older, the U-series definitely has better viewing angles. You don't notice it yourself even when using 2, but if you were to say sit besides me or stand up behind me then it does becomes quite noticeable. Not an issue really for home use, but I've seen cheaper non-business grade monitors on laptops which have pretty horrid viewing angles.

          • @Viper8: IPS panels used to all have great viewing angles. I guess they found ways to cut cost.

            • @nfr: They still do. It's all relative. When you're coming from Dell Ultrasharps everything else is sub-par. Even cheap IPS panels still blow the vast majority of TN's out of the water.

      • +8

        No worries. The missus uses it now with no issues, but she wears coke-bottle-glasses anyway so it all looks the same to her!

      • +2

        I dunno man mine (this exact model) is perfectly fine. Out of the box it isn't perfect, but after some tinkering with the settings it's beautiful. I recommend you try and see a demo though because maybe my eyes are untrained.

    • +3

      Interesting, you'd think an IPS would have better viewing angles and vivid colour than presumably TN cheapy 2nd hand monitors

      • +1

        Exactly my thoughts when I bought it. Sadly not the case.

    • What? They're great for me. You sure it was a 24MK430H-B and not a 24MK400H-B?

    • how this compared to the Kogan one?
      the bezel is also quite big compared to the kogan one


    • +1

      You must mistaken the model number, this model is the best for this price and it's panel don't have the problem you described. Your feed back is just misleading people here.

      • +2

        It's not inconceivable. I purchased two of the same model BenQ monitors from Amazon with the intention of using them side by side, but one displayed completely different colour and contrast to the other, even with adjustments. Ended up sending it back and sticking to just one (the much better looking one, obviously).

    • +1

      I own this exact monitor model, and honestly, I haven't noticed any of those two issues. For a lower end IPS panel, the viewing angles are fine, miles better than any TN panel I've encountered. The colours are really good, just like most IPS panels.

      The only gripes I had about this display is the lack of a height-adjustable stand and a response time that is slightly on the higher end.

      Perhaps you got a defective model?

    • Hmm.. this is the exact same comment as the last time this was posted.
      Are you with HP or something?

      • I wish. My cheapie, used HP monitors I got off Gumtree are still my faves actually.

        But I concede maybe I was just unlucky with this LG. But it's enough for me not to try them again. (like how I feel about TCL. Never touching one of those bloody things again.)

        Didn't know this had gone up before and I'd posted on it, I'll resist the urge in the future, heh. My bad.

  • That’s a helpful feedback! Thanks

  • Just snagged x2 27in Philips 27in from OW @ $227 each. its $75 more than this deal but you get 12% more screen realestate.


    • +2

      Only thing the lG's do 75hertz refresh bit smoother if you game on a budget.

      • +3

        True true.. but the bezels on this thing are sinful if your planning to run them as dual screen.

    • +1

      The, "screen realestate" is the same at 1920x1080

      • -2

        Disagree.. Resolution and realestate are not the same thing.

        You could have a 50" LCD monitor with a 1920x1080 and a 20" and the objects on screen will appear smaller in 20".

        • +10

          'Real estate' loosely means how much stuff you could fit on the screen, and it is the resolution in this case. You could fit as much stuffs on the 27" as well as 24", or even your 5" phone that is of Full HD resolution.

          The difference is just the size, which is obviously one is 27" and one is 24". So it is 12% bigger, but not 12% more screen realestate.

          • @wildstone: Hmm interesting.. Where are you getting your screen real estate definition from? If you have a link that would be great. I was taught screen real estate refers to the screen physical size and is done so because the term real estate also refers to a physical property.

            Your are 100% spot on about resolution and I agree with you.

            I recent had the displeasure of needing to use a 13.5" Microsoft surface pro 3 for work with a screen res of 2256 x 1504 (native). Sounds great on paper but unless in practice. Everything was stupid small on a 13" display and The laptop comes standard with 150% scaling turned on to make it usable. So while it has more real estate (in your definition) its unless.

            edit: Not pro version actually

            • @vash5:

              I was taught screen real estate

              Wierd considering it's just a phrase some people use.

            • @vash5:

              I was taught screen real estate refers to the screen physical size and is done so because the term real estate also refers to a physical property.

              Real estate refers to a physical property in property.

              Real estate refers to a virtual property in regard to virtual space (ie. desktop).

              I think you'll find the term is "desktop real estate". Hence it is the virtual space (resolution) on your virtual desktop.

              Sorry, but what you were taught is wrong.

          • @wildstone:

            So it is 12% bigger

            It's not even 12% bigger, it's a much higher percentage than that if you measure it by area.

          • +1

            @wildstone: well there are arguments about how usable is it to fit the same number of windows on a smaller screen versus a bigger screen..

            like you can fit 3 documents on 20 inch like on a 24 or 28 inch, but the text would be smaller and not as usable..

            real estate - how much stuff you can fit on a screen is meaningless..
            cos you can fit as much windows as you want on any size screen…
            the point is how usable or viewable are those windows…

      1. You have 0% more screen real-estate. Its the same resolution. You cannot view anymore content on the screen than say this posts 24" FHD monitor, or even a 15.6" FHD laptop screen. All you're doing is making the already clearly visible pixels even larger and chunkier. Unless you have poor eyesight there is zero advantage unfortunately. At 27" most people are looking for 2560x1440 AKA QHD which nets you 77% more screen realestate. I have 2 of these for work and the difference is huge.
      2. Even if we calculate real-estate on screen area instead of resolution, the 27" has 27% more area, not 12% (its 12.5% wider AND taller).
      • (its 12.5% wider AND taller)

        True dat.. Cheers

        Look up screen size in relation to distance as its all relative.

      • +2

        lol so my daughters doll house has the same real estate as my house cos all the furniture s scaled down lol. the term as generally sed refers to the size by area. but lets face it. its just lingo and im sure ppl can attatch different meaning to a slang term.

    • +1

      26% more screen area from 24" to 27" :)

    • Actually 26% more

  • +2

    I got this for that price last year. Freaking great monitor! 75hz is still so much better than 60, viewing angles are good, colors are good and the pixel overdrive doesn't look like vomit until you set it to the highest. It's creaky af though, but only when touched and the stand is quite wobbly. 9/10 panel 6/10 build.

  • -2

    2 months ago be handy

  • In that video review for the 22" version, the bezels look huge. I wonder if the 24" is much better.

  • +8

    Some of the "Technical Details" seem interesting…
    Colour Screen: No
    Batteries Included: Yes
    Batteries Required: No
    Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
    Human Interface Input: TrackPoint pointing device

    • +1

      So is there just a red nub in the middle of the screen? Sounds interesting…

      • It's at the bottom of the screen. There's a nub to access the settings.

        • It was a joke. TrackPoint is patented by Lenovo AFAIK so it is the same thing as the Thinkpads. Yeah I'm aware of the nub as I've owned this monitor for about 6 months now.

  • Thanks … I bought one for work at home.

  • Thank you, got one !

  • Damn, bought one for a full price the last week.

    • +4

      Talk to Amazon live chat, they usually can help you out

      • How does this work? Does Amazon typically give you the price difference as a voucher if you buy something shortly before the price is reduced?

        • +3

          They told me that they can't issue the difference, but I can get free return on the old order and just buy a new one with the price drop

          • +2

            @ln28909: They can usually give you the difference back as promo credits which can only be used on stuffs sold by Amazon AU. If you buy frequently from them then that is easier than the return process.

      • Thanks for the tip! They helped me.

        • +2

          Glad I was of help:)

  • Seems like a good price. I was looking at this yesterday online, but some reviews put me off. If I saw it for $149 I might have pulled the trigger. Here's another option to think about, which I ended up buying: AOC I2490VXQ - $189 delivered from Wireless 1 eBay

    Similar specs to the LG, but it has:
    * blue-light settings,
    * a DisplayPort port,
    * sRGB at 100% (according to one website),
    * flicker-free technology (may be a gimmick),
    * speakers (probably not great), and
    * extremely thin bezels on 3 sides.

    Can't comment on it yet as it's due to arrive in about a week.

  • This is a very good price. Been looking for a monitor these past few days and I was looking at this.
    With this much discount it is definitely worth getting. (As comparison, skycomp has it at $186 (plus shipping))

  • Any better monitors 24" under 200?

    • +1

      There's the AOC 24B2XH and the AOC 24V2Q. I dislike the glossy bottom bezel on the 24V2Q but the 24B2XH seems promising for $169 at Centrecom (free sh).

      • thanks mate, looks good i'll pick one up

  • No….!! Come back!

    • It's back

  • This item back in stock with very limited quantity.just grabbed one…

    • At $149??

  • Back in stock at $149.

  • +1

    Went to buy it but realised I already spent all my spare money on crap. So much crap coming in the post already. I should have bought this instead of that floating Overwatch toy…

    • Snowball? NO RAGRETS!

  • +6

    It seems to me that monitors last forever which makes it really difficult to get approval from the wife to replace mine. I have had 1 monitor for 16 years, it was one of the the first 24 inch on the market and cost me $1k, it won't effing die and weighs a bloody tonne compared to new ones. It can double as a light weight to warm up for bench and shoulder press, truly versatile.

    • +1

      OG Dell 2405FPW represent!

    • Tell me about it, still have an AOC V27m from 2010 which was $500ish iirc… has not skipped a beat so can't get rid of it. It now resides as the missos Sims computer monitor.

  • Great as a spare monitor, I have been using mine for over 2 years. But I would not recommend it if you are doing colour-sensitive work, the colours are not calibrated correctly, you get what you paid for

  • Does anyone have any experience to compare this to the current Samsung 24" deal? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/545597). It's the same price

    • that one is curved

    • Also, VA vs IPS on the LG

  • This deal is back on today. Just the code didnt work off the mobile app.

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