Tyre Reccommendation Wanted for Volvo XC90 (under $200)


I need to buy new tyres for Volvo XC90 (255-50-r19). What would be the best options in a range of below $200?

I did do a Google search but found lots of brands which are unknown to me like PACE, Federal , Winrun etc.


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    Don’t cheap out on tyres

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      yeah .. but I dont want to pay just for the tradename. so just looking for suggestions

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        For an XC90, you will want to make sure the load index is correct. I see so many unsafe SUV's getting around with tyres that are barely rated to carry the weight of the vehicle, let alone loaded with parents, kids and gear… What does the tyre placard say? 255/50R19… ??? Should have something like "V 92"…

        Also, don't buy Winrun. Absolute garbage. I had a pair on my car for about 1,000km and took them off. They were the worst tyres. No grip, even in the dry and that road noise!! I got them swapped out and told the tyre guy if he wanted them for his used tyre stock to sell to someone who wanted a cheap second hand set, he just laughed and said "Yeah, no thanks…"

  • Nothing below $210 a tyre. As above don't skimp out on cheap tyres especially for a large SUV.


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    19" tyres for under $200 will be cheap Chinese crap that I would only recommend for someone who I want to die.

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    How much did you buy the Volvo for? Legit question.
    Seen so many people complain about pricing for tyre on higher end cars.

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        12500$ , 2012 XC90

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      I don't think people realise that nicer cars generally have lower profile tyres which bumps up the cost.

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        and bumps up the ride…

  • I doubt you'll find anything decent for under 200 because they're a large size. Given its the only thing holding your car onto the road, it's best not to cheap out on tyres.

  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde or the All Season. Great tyres and really good price. No idea if they are in your size but check them out.

  • To put it very simple. You should go with name brand tyres for your own safety and the safety of others. Ideally not their cheapest range.

    Secondly, for an SUV of your size, you must buy tyres that are compliant with load your vehicle will put on them. secondly, probably won't find anything under $200, but call costco and the kmart tyre and auto for quotes

  • I'll repeat what is said above, DO NOT BUY CHEAP TYRES. You might live to regret it.

  • You aren't getting cheap tyres in that size that aren't shit. Buy a decent brand.

  • If you really want cheap tyres you need to find the cheap tyre district in your city. Should be somewhere with at least 3-4 tyre shops in a row all vying for your business. The kind of places you never ring or book, you just drive in and get the cheapest crap they have fitted while you stand outside and wait. Cash only.

    Personally though I stick to brand names.

    • Nah second hand tyres are better

      • Retreads!

  • Nothing like putting cheap tyres on a heavy SUV, I just changed over my stock tyres on our Mazda CX9 as even though they were 'expensive' they were a terrible driving experience on everything except flat dry roads.

    Night and day in terms of driving and feel much safer with the family in the car.

  • Look at it this way - stopping distance increases with lower quality tyres, the reason big name brands cost extra is because of research and load for the vehicle type. If the minimum is Y rated, then that is a road worthy minimum. Cheaper tyres are most likely going to impact on the engineered features of steering whilst braking without loosing traction for your Volvo. Cheaper tyres are likely to wear faster and become a false economy in the long run.
    Like most people realize, the hand print surface of each tyre is the only thing between you and the rest of the commuters on the road. There really is no such thing as cheap with your life, passengers and other road users.

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    Buy good tyres, check tyresales and Costco. You will regret if you buy cheap tyres. A good set of tyres lasts much longer than cheap alternative and pays in a long run if you plan to use the car at least for 40,000-50,000 km. I have xc90 in my garage, it is a heavy car, and you want to have a good traction in rain…

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    Buys SUV with a great safety brand. Buys cheapest tyres. Does not compute.

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      i think I have been misunderstood… i wanted good- safe tyres which didnt cost much. I am new to Australia so dont know under what category the brand names like PACE, Federal , Winrun are in.
      I just wanted to know like would a $200 tyre be considerably safe or I need to buy $400 tyre,