Mouse with DPI switch

Hi I'm just looking for some mouse recommendations

I need a mouse with a DPI switch (pref. 4 stages or more) that is hardware preset- i.e. not dependent on software.

I recently replaced my dying Gigabyte m8000x with a razer deathadder essential. The razer is a real PITA. With OS mouse settings at minimum; in linux the thing is so fast that a muscle twitch sends the cursor flying- really, really annoying when programming (and the Razer software isn't available for linux). In Windows it is much more manageable from the OS settings.

This never bothered me with the M8000x because the hardware dpi switch let me adjust without depending on any OS settings or custom software.

Computer mice look really complicated these days and the marketing material is just hideous.

Can anyone suggest a replacement that will behave like the M8000x?

Other features I would like:

  • 2 thumb buttons
  • wired (otherwise the kids will run off with it)
  • >6000 dpi is excessive for me
  • weights (preferred optional)
  • ambidextrous (preferred optional)

If you have live in the camberwell > box hill area and have a suitable unwanted spare mouse to sell pm me (or if you want to swap it for a near-new razer deathadder essential).


  • It sounds like your Windows situation is under control.

    As for Linux, have you looked into just manually tweaking your mouse acceleration settings? Google around for "mouse speed xinput" or "mouse speed xset".

    • thanks, for some reason I didn't think of trying from the terminal. It's much more manageable now, at least I wont be accidentally deleting blocks of code.

      xinput —set-prop <devid> "libinput Accel Speed" -0.75

      for any linux mint cinnamon users who stray past

  • What is your budget?

  • Logitech G502. Grab it when it goes on sale. I use the mouse and would recommend it.

  • I've got a G403 wireless that has exactly what you require but you can also get the wired version since you got kids. Even though there's RGB but I turned it off

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