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[eBay Plus] $0.99 Deals - SanDisk 64GB MicroSD / Baby U Baby Wipes 240pk / Rain Repellant @ eBay


Greetings everyone, just got confirmation from eBay via email that today's deals will be $0.99 :)

The three products are as show on the offers page and will all be launching at 4PM this afternoon!

Better be quick, as we all know these won't last long!

Note: There will also be a $0.99 Slow Cooker Cookbook (Slow Cooker Central: Ready, Set, Slow!) which is going live on June 21 as per this article.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • got one tks

  • Just bought baby wipes! thanks!

  • Lol got SD card, unbelievable.

  • Got one, thank you.

    Code is PSAM99

    • +1

      i thinks it pmsam99

      • +1

        Yes you are right. Typed too fast and made a typo :p

  • +1

    My first time ever scoring one of these deals, got a memory card for $.99

  • +1

    Got a memory card. Thanks Doweyy.

  • +2

    600 units sold out in 2mins 9seconds

  • Thanks OP - got one!

  • got one sd card. thanks

  • 4:01 and sold out of SD cards.

    • Pretty sure they're still in stock?

  • nice got an SD card… Now to drop a couple hundred on something to use it on…

  • +1

    4:02pm no SD cards left…

    • -1

      This world is not for slow people

  • Too easy

    Thanks to this nation being too drunk on a Sunday, predictable

  • Thank you, got Sandisk 64gb MicroSD

  • Lol I would've got one but ebay forced me for some odd reason, to verify my account (by doing a captcha and then getting a phone call with a pin)…
    Thanks Ebay

  • snagged an SD card.

  • Wow that was quick, less than 2 mins all gone. lol

  • got one sd card. thank you

  • +1

    Managed to get baby wipes yay

  • -2

    Wow, order on the SD card actually went through! I hope its not a fake, but for 99c can't complain…

  • Nothing turned up where the other deals are still showing

    • It showed up at the top of the page… I too was looking down the bottom where it was advertised

  • Got sd card one and sold out

  • Got the baby wipes in just over one minute. First time I have ever succeeded in one of these ‘mad rush’ deals.

  • +1

    Just can use the code for one of them not for all!

    bad trick ebay bad trick!

  • yay SD card for me.

  • +1

    Thanks guys!

    AirPods, Dishwashing Tablets and now an SD Card! Not too bad considering I got a $50 eBay Gift Card for signing up to Plus!

  • +2

    Only one use for the code boo

  • -3


  • Thanks OP got one MicroSD card!

  • +3

    You can only get one item :( last time you could get all of them..

    Got the baby wipes. Always useful.


  • Woohoo! I got a microSD card :)

  • +2

    i missed the sd card so i bought baby wipes…..

  • +1

    got one and not a bot XD

  • Got the rain repellent. what would you use it for?

    • Shoes, umbrella, jackets

    • +1

      the shower area if you have glass windows, car windows, house windows.

    • No sure but got 1.

    • i use it for the shower as i've got glass - helps the water just bead up and roll off so you dont have water stains without needing to squeegee. i wouldn't put it on the car windshield (what it's meant for) as it's supposed to replace your need to use wipers, but it doesnt do a good enough job for me, but then if you want to use your wipers with this stuff on your windshield it will cause your wipers to chatter, in my experience anyway

  • Surprised I got the card… Put in wrong code, credit card didn't go through twice…

  • I have to say there was something mildly satisfying watching the number of SD cards sold jump by 15-30 every second each time I refreshed

  • Got the memory card… but damn the 1 coupon use… probably should have got the baby wipes. Lol

    • I still have the baby wipes from last time.

        • +1

          Dont have to have a baby to use them.. they are very good to keep in the car for cleaning hands

          • @nubzy: What about the toilet paper you all hoarded?

            What's the excuse there?

          • @nubzy: Also general cleaning - kitchen etc areas (no alcohol content, no strong smell).

      • I ended up getting 2 of those last time and we're on our last few packets… 2 kids under 5 and a newborn = a rubbish bin full of nappies and wipes!

  • Darn, couldn't get the code up, thanks anyway Dealbot.

  • Purchased the sdcard. Thanks OP!

  • Got the baby wipes, easy lol

  • Got it cheers @doweyy

  • Only 1 coupon per person?

    Where’s the cookbook?

  • Damn, only managed to grab the rain repellent hahaha

  • Got the wipes. No luck for the SD card and rain blah blah

  • Got sd

  • Got the SD card. Thanks OP!

  • Got a card woot!!

  • +2

    All gone in 2 mins, got none

  • Thanks OP.

  • Got the rain repellant and sd card.

    Paying for 2 eBay plus memberships paid off.

    Shame you could only get one item per account

  • Memory card was out of stock but got a baby wipe for me. I hear that they are wonderful for adults as well.

    • +1

      As long as you don't flush it down the toilet..

      • Gotcha !! Thanks. But I guess the baby needs it more.

  • Just got one 7 min in - kept trying after being rejected (microsd)

  • SD card back on stock again!

  • Managed to by the rain OK on my phone so must have been a slow seller

  • How did you guy find the link to those items?

    • Click member offers in banner

    • In description, some handy detective work, past sellers of previous deals etc

    • Just have to keep refreshing the [www.ebay.com.au/b/eBay-Plus-Offers-Deals/bn_7115078161](member offers page)

  • +1

    Got the repellent. You didn't have to pay just commit purchase and then go and pay with code. Hope won't stuff up people's orders and discount code can still be used

  • +1

    Seems the SD card is back in stock again

    • Yep but code expired.

      • +1

        Probably because you used the coed on the repellent?

        • Oh thats a good point, reading the more recent comments. I stand corrected apologies

  • Got the SD card, then tried to get the spray too but it says code already used. Does the code change everyday? Are the codes to each deal this month unique from other deals?

    • +1

      I think you can only use 1 code , so have to choose between the 3. Good to know for the next round!

    • +1

      I imagine it would be a new code every day, that can only be used once per account.

  • Got the SD card, Thanks Doweyy! Doing the hard work for us, appreciate it!

    The limit per order kept the bots off for the 2 minutes it held up at least. Very nice

  • +1

    Decided to get wipes out of the 3.

    Bought the wipes from the seller before.

    Seller takes awhile to send the item and states they sent the item previously when they can't provide any evidence when asked.

    Will eventually send the item though after raising an issue with them however.

    Most likely expecting the same dialogue to occur on this "deal"

    • Yep, crap seller. Had the same issue as did a lot of others

  • Got the SD Card at 4:07

  • Thanks doweyy got a micro sd card! Refreshed the page as soon as 4pm hit, checked out with saved visa in google pay and was done just before 402pm. I reckon you have to use a saved card or paypal onetouch to have any hope of getting these sort of deals.

    • I only just typed in my card details in this purchase, coz I wanna save my card details for faster checkout for future bigger deals, but still managed to score the sd card. Must be really lucky then!

  • I'm so slow got a few of the rain repellant .
    That i will never use :)

  • Thanks Op got the RAin Ok Spray all went quick as usual.

  • They restocked SD card and I got it now, missed the first one…

  • Placed my order for the SD card at 4:07 pm and still got it!

  • They have restocked, I just tried again and got the SD card. :-)

  • Just bought the SD Card. Thank you!

  • nothing is in stock

    • nevermind, it is working.