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Mini Delux Hamper $123 + Free Shipping (Excludes WA, NT & TAS) @ Sutton Forest Meat and Wine



For the lover of the finer cuts of steak, this weeks special is a must for you. Whether you love a scotch fillet or a sirloin steak you have plenty to choose from in the Mini delux hamper.


SAVE $80

Unbeatable Value & Quality


4 x 250g Scotch fillets ( packed 2 steaks per bag )

4 x 250g Sirloin steaks ( packed 2 steaks per bag )

6 x 160g-170g eye fillet steaks ( packed 2 steaks per bag )

4 x 250g Rump steaks ( packed 2 steaks per bag )

Input Discount Code: MINI to receive your free shipping

All steaks are cryovaced to retain maximum freshness for up to 21 days

Individual selling price is $203 Inclusive Interstate Delivery

Choose to either have your steaks sliced or remain whole roasting pieces in the drop down box

Supplied fresh

We deliver to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Gold Coast/ACT/Illawarra/Newcastle/ Central Coast/Southern Highlands

If unsure if we deliver to your area please feel free to send me an email and I will find out for you


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  • +2

    What do you mean by sliced or unsliced?

  • so are they all Angus steaks?

  • Rookie question. What do people do with the steaks they plan on eating next week? Or the week after even? I assume freeze.. But I have never done this before. Only ever bought fresh from butcher and consumed the same day.

    Is freezing and thawing later worth it? How good does a thawed steak taste?

    • +2

      All good, not a rookie question. I always freeze and then thaw mine out, always taste great and have no problems.

      • Thanks. Is thawing overnight in a fridge or thawing in water?

        Also, do they need to be frozen in a vacuum seal bag or just individually in ziploc would do?

        • +1

          I do overnight in fridge in a ziplock bag… They come out fine.

          • @Joshaldinio: Thanks mate. That's very helpful. I'll give it a go

            • @rake: Their meat is awesome too mate… I am about to order more myself

  • Hi all - Just a quick follow up on this. We got the pack delivered in Vic and have enjoyed the steaks - Scotch and Sirloin in particular. I’m normally pretty fussy about having meat fresh rather than frozen but the sirloin defrosted in the fridge nicely overnight and I couldn’t tell the difference. Will consider again. Thanks OP.

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