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STmagic SPT31 1TB USB 3.1 Portable SSD $89.99 US (~$129.86 AU) & More + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


First up is the small lightweight STmagic SPT31 Portable SSD featuring 1TB capacity, a slide out USB 3.1 port, metal case for better heat dissipation and a read/write speed of up to 500/420 MB/s.

Next on sale is a 1.8m USB to USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer. It features several magnets that prevent the cable from being tangled and allows for better cable management.

Free priority shipping for the SSD. Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose shipping method before payment. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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    Are these SSDs shuckable?

    • +10

      I was just thinking the first comment I see when I scroll down would be this, I am not disappointed.

    • +1

      I wouldn't be able to say for certain having not seen a teardown review. The manufacturer says they are Portable M.2 SSDs so they could be potentially?

      • +1

        They probably are but if you get a sata m2 ssd then its not quite that useful in this day and age…

  • Any of these with a USB C connector ?

  • +2

    Some reviews I found of the 128gb version ( I think)

    Not looking great :(


    • +1

      With the speeds Riley are getting you'd think he'd be using a USB 2.0 port. The good reviews do outweigh the bad though ;)

      It's always worth checking elsewhere. This review has good results for the 360GB version.

      • +1

        That review does look better, and as much as its a great price, I'll wait for a teardown or possibly a better brand, thanks Clear :)

      • Hey since you're associated with Geekbuying would you be able to help me claim warranty for Tronsmart Spunky pro they worked wonderfully though recently the right earbud disconnects randomly touch controls don't work as well the earphone grill have fallen off. It has been less than a year since I purchased and I have the receipt would you be able to help me?

        • +2

          Have you contacted them FIRST? If its a simple warranty issue they should be able to resolve.

          • +1

            @Other: Yeah in the process

          • @Other: @IHatePeople username does not check out, you seem really reasonable!

    • sort on most recent reviews and they give a quite dire picture of this product … looks likely to be a major disappointment for the cost

      • -1

        Agreed, I see a deal like SSD/HDD then see its from an asian import site and immediately imagine those fake HDD's you see on Wish.
        Reviews of this product online are not much better, most people averaging USB2 speeds.

        • most people averaging USB2 speeds

          As with any cheaper product - there's a reason why it's cheaper. And it's not usually because the manufacturer/distributor/seller is trying to be nice to it's customers.

  • Is this a Tassie local deal?

    • +1

      I am known to provide to some good local deals at the OzBargain meetups. I've got an excellent photo with scotty and the Tronsmart earphones he won last year!

      • Where and when are these OzBargain meetups?

        • The official meetups happen around November in Site Discussions for OzBargain's Birthdays. The Tassie ones never gain any interest.


          • @Clear: Not enough Hobart Ozbers?! What a shame! Tassie no like deals?!

            • @ISO9002: I could name 20. They just don't go to the forums.

            • @ISO9002: Hobart? Pfft, need to do Launceston meetups haha.

              It's hard enough organizing a VW/Audi Meetup, yet alone a Ozbargain one haha.

              • +1

                @Matt86: Would love to see or go to a VW/Audi meet, guess launi and hobart are the same, not enough attention.

                • @ISO9002: If you've got one, I'll PM you. I'm looking after the current circumstances I think, my social life has been the highest since high school lately too haha.

  • An idea if the USB cable is 5A?

    • 2A from the website.
      wonder how long it took them to get the cable prefect with the different shapes they made..

      • Thank you! I must be blind, couldn't find it on the mobile webpage.

        • I was on a pc..
          Kmart has a usb c to c 5A 3.1, 1m, didn't check the price

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    Have tried one of these USB drives before, exactly the same looking exclosure but a brand called Qumox. Was advertised at USB 3.1 but could not sustain faster than 100MB/s write speeds. That was with a 2TB drive, 1TB would be even slower. Do not recommend

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    In early 1980's I had a 3.5inch HDD with 20MB (not 20GB) capacity and was proud of having it in my computer as most computers had 1.44MB floppy disk for booting. It cost 3000 dollars with a mouse(cost 200 dollars itself) and 14inch amber monitor. Now I see a small device with 1TB capacity and cost only 130 dollars!!!

    • That's pre-Windows. What OS did you use? And ouch, at that price!

      Must have been MS-DOS 2.0? Supported hard drives.

    • Well look at mr fancy 3.5 inch HDD. We had a 5.25 inch seagate (I think it was only 10MB), with a big black attached faceplate and an activity LED that would blind you if you looked directly at it.

    • mine had a TURBO button that would make CPU drop from 20 to 10 MHz. I still don't understand what was TURBO about it.

    • So remember,.. It was actually good days to be a tech around those days,.. well there were big profits building and selling computers, just sales were slow at the beginning as expensive computers wasn't affordable for general home use

  • Unable to figure out how to add a coupon and still use the checkout via Paypal option…

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      Use the normal checkout option as it'll still let you use PayPal.

  • Doesn't seem like a bargain if there are issues with it or risks, I guess a good review will help decide buying one, mind you Samsung SSDs are selling close to this amount at the moment

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