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Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5700 XT 8GB Triple OC $635.47 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


I've been price monitoring this for my new m-itx build and this is the lowest it's been:

Cheaper than any local AU shops that I could find:

Mwave $749 - https://www.mwave.com.au/product/sapphire-radeon-pulse-rx-57...
PCCG $779 - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47782/sapphire-radeon-rx...

Won't get into the technical stuff but this is arguably the king of mid-range cards. Performs better than its similar priced Nvidia competitors (2060s and 2070).

EDIT: Please note delivery estimate is 6-7 July, so that's roughly a month's wait if you can put up with it.

Edit 16/6: Price increase from $637.62 to $649.44 (partly/mostly currency fluctuation)

Edit 13/7: Price drop from $649.44 to $641.69 (currency fluctuation, changing continually)

Edit 22/7: Price drop from $641.69 to $635.47

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Amazing card… I'm guessing a few people would be interested since the min price on shops such as Mwave and PCCasegear is $699



    • +7

      those prices are for the not-so-great variants of the 5700XT.

      For the exact card advertised:

      Mwave $749 - https://www.mwave.com.au/product/sapphire-radeon-pulse-rx-57...
      PCCG $779 - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47782/sapphire-radeon-rx...

      • Thanks for the post! I'm also looking at a new Ryzen build.

        The Gigabyte 5700XT OC also has good reviews and is going for $650 on Amazon. I'm planning to use a Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard so this may be a noob question but would it be more stable for the system to use a GPU card from the same manufacturer or does it not matter? I'm a bit concerned with all the driver issues mentioned online for 5700xt Radeon cards…

        • +11

          It doesn't matter. Sapphire makes the best AMD Graphics cards.

          • @HaveANiceDay: Thanks. That's decision made then. Cheaper price for a better card than I was eyeing.

            It's looking like an Amazon build as I got the Ripjaw V 32g ram in yesterday's Amazon deal for $192. Waiting for the next Ryzen CPU deal now!

            • @avivadz: Right there with you! Just pulled the trigger on the Pulse as well.

              Not sure if you've seen it, but the Ryzen 5 3600 is now on sale for ~$265 on Amazon as well, which is a great price.

              I literally just paid $299 last night from Centre Com :/

              • @BOPSET: Oh no, that offer came and went as I slept. Gotto be quick next time!

                Seems to be weekly specials these days or maybe I am noticing it more now that I'm on the hunt for computer parts.

        • -1

          Sometimes there will be incompatiblities. Though it has reduced a lot since the last few years, it’s still better to google model numbers of the board with gpu just to be sure.

        • +3

          Try and wait for B550 chipset motherboards series which releases next week.

          For your question, it really does not matter much. What you need to make sure is your components are compatible according to system spec and won’t bottleneck each other.

          • @nsuinteger: Good advice. Aiming to wait for EOFY deals and haven't been disappointed so far!

            • @avivadz: yeah same here. i hope i wont be too late when things do become available.

          • @nsuinteger: B550 might be a little out of the price range of OZ Bargainers. A motherboard isn't that critical unless your want a solid OC

      • -1

        $600 is mid-range!? O_O

        • +7

          well a 2080Ti is $2k, so if you define mid-range by price then in fact it's below mid-range.

          • -4

            @plentifoo: Rolls-Royce Phantom is $1M so by your reasoning a $500k car is mid-range.

            It makes more sense to use the mean rather than the median.

            • +6

              @Scrooge McDuck: i'm using neither. i'm writing in response to the word 'mid-range', which can be used to quantify several things and not just an average.

              the original intended word mid-range was used to describe graphical performance in this deal, but it took on another meaning when you applied a dollar value to it.

      • Oh nice… I really haven't been keeping up-to-date with the latest graphics cards… I'm still using a 10-year-old 1GB Vram GTX 460, however, that's on my PC… My laptop graphics are 4 times slower than this 10-year-old graphics card, and my laptop is my main device :)

  • Dead link?

    • +3

      Amazon is just down.

    • Back now =)

  • +2

    Forget the Mech cards, the Pulse is the best of its kind, i would buy this if I didn't have a Red Dragon 5700XT already.

  • This or XFX RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation for $30~ less?


    • +4

      This anyday. Look up reviews. The XFX is underclocked too 200mhz base to make up for its less than ideal cooling design.


      • Awesome. Just ordered one.

      • Thats the II design.

        The XFX III are the best cards/coolers out of all the 5700XT based on Tech of Tomorrows video review comparison.

        • This isn't even the thic. This is a different design cooler altogether.

          even if we were talking about the THIC III, it's still debatable whether it's better than the Sapphire:

          • @plentifoo: The XFX thicc III Ultra is a compelling choice as it has supposedly fixed all is problems with II and is at the Nitro+ tier but priced at the Pulse's.

            Also, it would go really well in a dark themed build…

            I'm planning to slowly collect parts for the next build and it's probably best to wait for B550, big Navi and end of COVID but damn all these deals are so tempting

          • +2

            @plentifoo: Same cooler design, Just the THIC is higher clocked out of the box.

            Well according to ALOT of video reviews, the THIC III is a better card compared to the sapphire, runs cooler and quieter.

            for example:



            Dont get me wrong, the Sapphire pulse is a great card, but if i was to pick between the Sapphire Pulse and THIC III Ultra, I'd get the XFX card due to better cooler for both GPU and Memory.

            • +1

              @MrQ88: Holy crap that XFX card looks huge!

              • @avivadz: I'm guessing a gpu support bracket of some sort is going to be needed to combat the dreaded sagging? Lol

            • @MrQ88: The main appeal of the Sapphire cards for me, is the Trixx boost software (the resolution reduction trick to boost fps) and great reviews. But the backplate kinda clashes with the black theme I am going for.
              I'm guessing prices are going to continue falling but kinda worried stock might simply run out!

            • @MrQ88: fairo - i was doing research for a m-itx. this thic card is too thick to fit in my rig. The sapphire also gives me clearance for another 2.5" ssd.

              • @plentifoo: Yeah, the XFX cards are definitely not M-ATX friendly. You'll need a full ATX or some Mid-atx case are only compatible.
                Prices will drop as RDNA2 cards are due to be released mid-late October…..no confirmation yet.

                But they will be twice the performance with the latest niceties, Ray trace, DLSS etc

    • +1

      Cheaper here especially if you got a trade discount. 595 + shipping.

      Let me know if APCGEVIP or PC419VIP works as I already got trade discount active and don't know if they have expired.


  • +1

    Which case you putting this into? It won't fit without modding into the Silverstone sg13.

    • +2

      silverstone ml08h-b. dimensions checks out.

      • +2

        Nice choice.

      • That's my case, it's a bloody awesome little box. Enjoy mate!

    • Can confirm, I had to dremel out a sliver of metal toward the back of the case to make mine fit.

  • +1

    Great price, and I wish I can give you an extra +1 for getting a mITX build =) All the best!

    Btw, can the ml08h-b fit the Pulse card? I thought the Pulse is a 2.5 slot card (not sure if I've got it mixed up with the 5600XT Pulse…)

    • i'm not sure about the slots, but i looked up the measurements of this card against the ml08h-b's specifications and it fits well within the stipulated WxHxD.

      ml08h-b gpu bay without brace: 330m x 156mm x 50.9mm
      Sapphire 5700xt pulse: 254m x 135mm x 46.5mm

      • According to TomsHardware's review, width is 1.875 inch, which is 47.6mm.

      • Can you post back here and let me know if it fiits? I jsut bought the card and also want a slim portable case like yours. Also, what PSU do you have?

      • I suppose the length is more the limiting factor here, just when working with the tight space of mITX, the more buffer room there is, the easier it'll be to fit things in when assembling. (It feels so good after everything fits in and assembled though…and then despair when one makes the mistake of not doing POST first and need to troubleshoot ; ;)

        It'll be great if you can let us know when the card arrives =D

    • You're right, it is a 2.5, or more like 2.3 slot card.

      The metal part still sits on two slots but the plastic casing slightly bulges out

      So just make sure the case has the extra headroom to fit in a slightly fatter card.

  • awesome price, would have jumped at this if didnt buy a mech a month ago

  • Do these come with the free games?

  • Thank you for posting this I have been looking for a new GPU as my old one blew up (980TI). I was wondering would you say it is worth it to buy this over an Nvidia card as my monitor is a 1440/165hz G-Sync monitor.

    • Check the model reviews for freesync/ gsync and If there's any compatibility issues, stick with Nvidia.

    • my asus vg27aq supports G-sync and Freesync. and most newer monitors should as well.

    • This is the monitor I am currently using. I don't believe it supports both as it is a little older. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/34212. Acer Predator XB271HU QHD 144Hz G-Sync IPS 27in Monitor

  • Good price for a good card. I got this for $699 at Umart before the covid price hikes.

  • +5

    Great card - however stock BIOS is way too overvolted & the default fan curve is a bit loud for my liking.

    I would recommend a target boost clock of 1925mhz between 980mv-1020mv set in the Adrenalin Software (Wattman) or lower.

    I currently have this card using 20.5.1 drivers, undervolted to 1850mhz @ 955mv and it's solid for the most part. Small negligible drop in FPS for what is easily a 10-20'c reduction in load temps, which is significant in keeping fan speeds running at a low RPM.
    Boost is almost always >1830mhz which is basically the Game Clock of the reference card. Junction temperatures is within 10'c difference of the GPU Temp.

    My only gripe with the 5700 XT cards is for some reason if you have the display set to 144hz, the memory clock stays fixed at the highest speed. It doesn't downclock at all. But changing it to 120hz works fine, downclocks to 200mhz. It has something to do with the monitor pixel rate I believe.

    The fan noise seems to make an oscillating noise at speeds above 1300RPM which is quite annoying, so try set a fan curve for <29% if you're pedantic like me. The default fan curve has a 0 RPM fan stop profile up until 55'C.

    • I jsut bought this card.

      For someone who doesnt mind the fan sound, i assume there is no issue to leave it factory overclockd for better performance?

      • +3

        there wont be any issue not with the Sapphire card … however the perfomance diff to what Xis123 describes is not noticible in most cases and undervolting in a hot or not well ventilated case or an iTX case is a good idea anyway :)

      • +2

        You can leave it as is Kill Joy - although I still would undervolt it.

        By default it's set to 1200mv which is way too high. Even the 'Auto Undervolt' option drops it by 50mv to 1150mv for the same clock speeds.
        So there's definitely room to work with - just find out the lowest point of stability. I am guessing you can easily take 100mv off to 1.1v which would have a noticeable impact on temperatures.

        You can leave the clock speeds as is if you don't wanna compromise on that front too :)

        Undervolting in some cases with a reduction in target clock speeds may even result in higher sustained performance because your card will be able to maintain the boost clock for longer at lower temps!

        It's a great card. And remember, even though it looks nice to daisy-chain 1 PCI-E cable (8+6) to hook up the card, it's always better to use two separate cables :P

    • +1

      Had mine at 1000mv on 1950mhz. Would hold 1850mhz easily and only drink 113watts. Temps around 60C. Sapphire make good cards.

    • I have an Asus ROG RX570, the AMD Radeon software won't let me select fan speeds lower than 50 % for any temperature, but the default fan curve has fan stop at idle. How do I use a custom profile with fan stop at idle? I could just set a custom profile for each game and leave the default with fan stop for desktop, but that's hacky.

  • +1

    Bit the bullet. Chances are there will be something better and cheaper here within the next few weeks, but tired of waiting… Thanks OP!

  • I can vouch for this - the 5700 XT is a great card. I bought one at launch, was truly disappointed with driver issues and otherwise, but it's matured into a really nice card.

  • Great card. Was comparing this and 2070 super last couple of days and ended up with getting a EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC GAMING from Amazon US for $860 (in stock mid July tho)

    But the review for this card is pretty good

  • What about warranty considering 5700xt has issues?

    • most of the issues that this card faced at release were mostly driver related. that's all been resolved now.
      Sapphire is the best manufacturer of AMD gpus, so you can be rest assured on hardware quality of this card.

      • I don't think all the driver issues have been resolved mate. It's a whos who with with card you get, and if it'll have problems right out of the gate. Just do a Reddit search this card and you will discover a lot of people still complaining. Obviously there's a bias as people who don't have problems aren't commenting, but still something to watch out for.

        • Yes, I still read many users posting crashes. Totally depends on the cards I guess.

    • Looks like I'm about to find out.
      Mine seems to have arrived DOA :(

      • Thats very unfortunate mate :( But DOA shouldnt be a problem. Good luck!

        • I had some! Well… discovered I was an idiot.
          I didn't have both the power connectors in properly, EVERY TIME I TRIED IT!! (The connector on my PSU has this odd sliding thing to make it either 6 or 8 pin on one of the two)

          • @parkies: Thats exactly the mistake I make everytime and thought of suggesting you, then I thouht you might have done it. Glad it worked for you. Man, that feeling when everything works on a new GPU is priceless, enjoy it :)

  • 2070 super vs 5700xt?

    • -2

      com'on we have google for benchmarks. but i'll bite.

      1440p gaming? 2070 super
      1080p gaming? 5700xt

      2070 super is a ~32% premium in price, with only ~20% gain in performance or less when you game in 1440p, <10% gain in 1080p.

      • +3

        7% at 1440p and 6% at 1080p as per hardware unboxed video.

      • +3

        There is at most 5-10% performance difference between the 2070S and 5700XT and that varies especially with games that are nvidia-favored. This card is purely a 1440p card, not 1080p.

      • Doesn't seem accurate


    • +4

      2070s has RTX if you want it, and stronger performance overall. 5700xt cards generally have better frames / dollar spent per say than RTX counterparts but you are gambling with reliability and stability on 5700xt series cards.

      • I have heard there are stability issues with the drivers.. and this has been true with AMD/ATI cards for a long time

        • Ye but AmD fanboys will keep plastering the amazing specs at dirt cheap pricing

  • https://www.newegg.com/sapphire-radeon-rx-5700-xt-100416p8gl/p/N82E16814202349?Description=5700xt&cm_re=5700xt--14-202-349--Product

    Americans get it so much cheaper -_- not fair

    • +1

      It converts to $571.46 AUD - and thats not icluding shopping or state taxes that a lot of customers need to pay. So its fairly priced.

      Your second link is a much infurior card.

      • Don't forget to add 10% for GST which would bring it up to $630.

        I think a lot of people forget that most states in the USA don't pay any taxes and then forget to include GST when doing the conversion to AUD.

  • this or 2060 super?

    • this. can't find any 2060 super on amazon cheaper than this sapphire and the 5700xt consistently beats it in benchmarks as well.

    • 2060S if you can find one at a great price, but deals seem slim. 5700XT should be fairly reliable with drivers nowadays.

  • Seems like the prices are getting more reasonable
    Was looking at this one as well, but bought a mate's near new MSI RTX 2060S 8GB for $490
    (he wanted the 2080Ti)

    • +1

      2080 ti! Oh man when 3080 is just 2 3 months away!