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[eBay Plus] Google Nest Hub $89 + ($4.20+) Item Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay / $99 @ The Good Guys/ $98 @ JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman


Update 3: only slightly more useful then the adapter is this wine wrap from Dan Murphy, actually this looks to be the most useful 100 zip lock bags $4.20

Update 2: looks like this adapter is eligible at $4.99 (Thanks dealbot), but it is essentially useless without the specific cable, so only a $5 savings overall

Update: looks like there is something wrong with the eBay side, any items in this page should qualify for the coupon, but only items over $15 have the eBay Plus tag on them, so might not be obtainable after all

looks like the deal on Nest Hub at Officeworks earlier wasn't a price error. Now all the retailer is dropping the price to either $99 or $98

Bing Lee has the Chalk colour on eBay for $99 so another dollar with eBay Plus would bring it to $90, if anyone found a good $1 item let me know and I'll add it to the post

JB Hi Fi: Charcoal, Chalk

TGG: Charcoal, Chalk

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Wow these have dropped quickly

    • +2

      I can understand why.

  • +4

    Great price. Almost as good as a Hub Max from the Good Guys for $129. 😥

    • +2

      I scored with the Nest Hub Max was pretty happy.

    • +6

      Almost as good as getting OW to price beat TGG for $122 hahaha

  • Great price!

  • +5

    99 dollars at the Google store with free priority shipping. Delivery ETA 12th June - 15

    • +1

      Thanks for the info! Received 3% Store credit ($2.97) buying from Google store!

    • +1

      Thanks, you reminded me to stack this "You get 10% back in credit with your Google One Membership†"

  • +2

    Hub max is way better as also good sound but these make an amazing online photo frame.

  • +1

    These seem great for just under $100. Make for a great bedside table clock and consumption device.

    • +1

      So long as you don’t mind Google listening to everything said in bed… at least it’s not the Max with the camera :-)

  • +1

    Nest hub outdoor security camera also dropped by $50 at JB, OW, HN etc

    • +1

      Google just launched some new subscription services for security cameras, so they are probably incentivising a cam setup. I'm really keen for them to brighten Google Nest Hello to Aus.

  • +2

    I'm pissed that I ordered mine to use with Home assistant cast, and within a week of getting it set up and working, google put out an update that makes it time out the session after 10 minutes, making it pretty useless for that task.

    Nice photo frame though…

    • I bought mine hoping to use it with HA Cast too. Hadn't gotten around to it, but it's sad to hear that I won't be able to use it.

      • I'm still living in hope that they revert it in a future update. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • Hey OP, what's the EBAY discount on, I tried adding this and an adapter costing me more than 100 dollars in the cart .. but when I use the coupon code "PMONTH200" it doesn't accept it. Could you please let me know what that is about ??

  • +2

    whats a good $1 item to add to get the discount ?

  • Google store says it’s on sale until 30 June for $99


  • -2

    Great price for a tracker :)

  • +1

    I added this for $4.99. Total $93.99 delivered.

    • Thanks I'll update the post

    • anything else good to add besides the adapter?
      like microsd card or something?

      I think the adapter is pretty useless for most people

      how do we find more ebay plus items or sellers?

  • +1

    Looks like a further $1 price drop at JB to now $98

  • far out just bought second hand lenovo smart clock. should i upgrade to this???

    • yes..
      this is much better
      but hub max is the best

      how much you paid for the lenova?

      • +1

        just 3 days ago! $40, open box but 99.99% new. spotless.
        nah max probably too big for me its like having another always-on laptop screen

        • damn…

          missed out by that much…

          the lenova is pretty meh compared the google hub..

          I like the max better though cos of the larger screen and better speakers..

          hope there is a good deal on that soon..

          always on laptop can't do what the google assistant can do

  • This thing has a fugly bezel around it..

    • wait for bezel less model

    • It makes for an awesome digital photo frame. Most photo frames have a large bezel.

  • Just got 2 Google Home Max for $166 each. Now I’m not sure I need one of these.

    • where you got it from?

      • Got it from Harvey Norman, they offered me $180 each, paid with 8% off GCs.

        • how do you get the 8% off GC?
          is that still valid?

          I want a google max
          and $166 is not bad priced

          not as good as the good guys stupid price error
          but at least it won't get cancelled.

        • oh wait
          just realise you said home max, not hub max?

          how much would they charge for the hub max?

          • @pinkybrain: Haha. Not sure.

            • @wrl24: how do you get the 8% off GC?
              is that still valid?

              • @pinkybrain: I've got access to a perks portal from work, which includes discounts for a bunch of GCs. HN's GC on the portal is 8% off.

                • @wrl24: @wrl24 You are the true ozbargain jesus.

    • How?

      • See above.

  • +1

    I have Google Home Mini's all over my apparentment to make sure Google knows everything I do. Any point getting one of these? What does it really add? Just shows you the weather and time? I understand you can pull up videos and stuff but I don't imagine I would use that functionality, I do that stuff on my phone.

    • Dispite the name, these are not hubs and won't have any sort of hub function. So in effect you are just getting a screen if you have a lot of home minis already.

    • +1

      I have Google Home Minis all around my apartment. I've bought one of these in the hope that I can set an alarm to automatically start playing my YouTube subscriptions when I wake up (I usually lie in bed for 20 minutes or so). I'll have it on my bedside table (I currently have a Mini there).

      For reference I don't actually know if it will do this, but I figured it would be worth a punt for $100. If it can't auto play videos on alarms, I'm assuming I could set an alarm and then run a function on it to automatically open YouTube and play a video 1 minute after the alarm.

  • Can these be used without connecting it to your phone or having your phone near by?

    • of course. you connect it to your home wifi and your google account then this become independent device.
      you need phone for initial setting/setup

      • awesome, thanks a lot!

  • As many others have written it is a great photo frame that the whole family can remotely contribute to via a shared Google photos album.

    Also gives you a physical option for stopping cooking timers and stepping through recipes.

    If you have connected lights and devices you can control them directly from the screen.

    I cast or play shows on it while doing the washing up or cooking

  • The best thing about the home speakers now is, if you are with Telstra you can link your number and make phone calls from the home speaker. I have a mini and am already doing this. But to mute you need to utter "Hey Google". I am using it like a landline phone for all my outgoing calls now a days and hope to see incoming feature in future. So I am now thinking of buying a Hub Max.

  • OOS from Bing Lee?

    • Chalk is now out of stock, Charcoal is still available

  • BigW has it for $99 too:

    … according to the price history, this is the lowest price ever.

  • Has anyone's order been shipped yet? I ordered yesterday morning, and still waiting for the shipping notification.

    • I called bing lee and was told that the chalk hub is on back order for all of its stores, and they do not have a time frame as to when they will receive more. The orders will remain active, but not sure when they will be shipped.

  • My order disappeared. Doesn't show up in eBay purchases but I have the invoice from days ago. Also I was charged for the cable 4.51 so 10 percent off. I'm so confused.

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