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[PS4] Fallout 76 & The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind $1 Each @ Target (Selected Stores)


Looks like Target are having a big clearance. Spotted Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 for $1 at the Highpoint Target this morning

14/6: Highpoint out of stock. Limited stock at other stores.

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Target Australia

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  • At least say its PS4 games you are seeing this for.

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      Haha, good luck getting rid of them

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    $1 too much, although 4 for $4 would make novelty coasters I guess

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      And replacement cases too!

      • Didn’t think of replacement cases… thanks!

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        $1 for genuine replacement cases - yeah thats a deal.

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    I'm good, thanks.

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      Hi good, thanks, I'm Charlie!

  • the most bug filled game ive ever played but was a great game to make money on.

    • How'd you make money on it? Didn't the price for it drop everywhere?

      • sold in game items for real money, people are still buying to this day. I was making more money than my 9-5 job at one stage.

        There are some people that have a current duplication method and are making $1000+ USD a week

        • Is this for real? Who’s buying items in such a crappy game. I’ve heard CS:GO you can sell skins sometimes for ridiculous prices but at least the game is fun

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            @FireRunner: yep got to remember fallout has its loyal followers, my record was a 500usd set of armor.

    • Not quite bugs, but Farpoint on PSVR had too many creepy crawlies for me in the first half hour and I bailed on it entirely! Made me realise my fear of bigger spiders is very real - I nearly threw my back out, recoiling as those arachnids ran towards me - left me making a shrill sound in the corner!

      It's a bit off-topic, but do the spiders stay in that game all the way through. A shame I haven't been able to play it. Need a reason to use my Aim Controller!

      • most of the time its feral ghouls chasing you, certain areas you tend to have more of one type of enemy

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    Nothing at Robina or Pac Fair

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    Since wastelanders it's seriously a fun game.

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      • People will still bash it like they do with No Man's Sky.

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    Still overpriced.

  • i don't need this but………

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    …Morrow Wind? STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! How dare you sully the name of one of the greatest places/games of all time.

    • Is the online expansion really that good?

      • No but the original Morrowind was fantastic.

  • Clearing out stock for the new system maybe

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    An EB Games was looted in the States during the recent riots. It had 10 copies of Fallout 76 before the looting started. The next day, when management went to assess what was stolen, it had 20 copies of Fallout 76 on hand.

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      where's your source?

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        Straight past the keeper?

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        up late with mcbain voice 'that's the joke'

  • Waiting for It to drop to 70cents

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      Why not 76 cents?

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        As if I'm wasting my valuable 1c coins on this POS!

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        What are you rich or something

  • Must be cracking games if they're selling for $1. Not worth the petrol to get there.

    • If you live close enough to one, it’s worth the walk however.

      • You will pay in negs

  • Are they paying us $1 to take it from them?

  • fallout76 for $1, still overpriced?

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      I think even -$1 would be overpriced, not worth the trouble to walk there, collect it and install it. If we are talking about -$50, I'll think about it.

  • What's the trade value at EB?

  • I just grabbed the last copy of morrowind and a guy on the phone brodened all the rest of 76 and shenmui3

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      shenmue 3 was $1? dam i paided $15 on amazon earlier this week.

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      Shenmue 3 was $1?

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        yes, if you can find stock

  • All gone T_T

    • all gone at highpoint you mean?

  • is this at other stores aswell?

  • all stores are the same

  • Wait are they paying you $1 to take this game or do you have to pay them? Only one of those scenarios makes this game worth the effort.

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    Jokes aside, there is some fun to be had in Fallout 76. If you enjoyed Fallout 4, you will probably like it.

  • I say buy a whole heap then bury them in the desert. Come back in 30 years and maybe they’ll be valuable

  • I bought 5 copies of fallout 76 to give away as birthday preswnts

    • I love gag gifts like that

    • Don't you like your family and friends?

  • Still $5 too expensive

  • Meh for $1 I'll bite..
    Got last one at local store
    Thanks.. I think?

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    Soon Fallout 76 will be -$1, then I'll reach my ultimate OzBargain form.

  • $10 here at the local at chatswood.

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    You'd get more joy with a $1 coin putting it in those large funnel charity things and watching it roll down - then intercept before it reaches the hole at the bottom and do it all again.

    • More fun with a a disc…

  • 16 times too expensive for 76

  • No you pay me $1

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    Sold out. Also I tried to take a photo at the same angle as OP Lol


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      Haha you did really well!

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      LOL! Nice before and after.

  • Thanks OP. Got last morrowind from bunbury store. Nothing else left.

  • ESO (and the Morrowind expansion) is quite good fun. It had a very rocky start, but I've grown to really enjoy it.

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    Macquarie Centre still had some stock left. I got Ghost Recon Wildlands on XB1 and Shadow of War on PS4 for $1 each

    There was also Fallout 76, NBA 2018, PUBG and others scanning at $1

    • Damn I should have checked the others when I was at the bunbury store. Rookie mistake

    • All sold out yesterday, checked in 9am, ozbargained!

  • No luck in Canberra, managed AC: Odyssey for $10 but.

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      Come to Belconnen. There are about 10 left. Besides, destiny 2 for $2.

  • No luck here. Would have grabbed Fallout 76 for a dollar.

  • part of me feel sad that Target stores are facing its end. :(

  • Correct as of: 11/06/2020 19:24
    In Stock: 2
    Low Stock: 20

    In Stock

    Warringah Mall, NSW
    Wetherill Park, NSW

    Low Stock

    Blacktown, NSW Brookside, QLD Marion, SA Caroline Springs, VIC Broome, WA
    Kotara, NSW Chermside, QLD Frankston, VIC Bull Creek, WA
    Macquarie, NSW Runaway Bay, QLD Greensborough, VIC
    Mt. Druitt, NSW Springfield Orion, QLD Knox City, VIC
    Narellan, NSW Springwood, QLD Mornington, VIC
    Rhodes, NSW Sunbury, VIC

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    Still too much for fallout 76

  • $1 with no free subscription service bargain.

  • Now, if only some of the other games on those shelves were a dollar…

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