Is It Normal for Beko Washing Machine to Break down frequently in 2.5 Years

I got Beko front loading washing machine WMY7046LB2 in nov 2017 from JB hifi. Things were fine utill nov 2019 when drum stops spinning. After much back and forth with company they fixed it.
Again after 6 months, machine stopped working this time the pcb board went off and stopped working.

Is it normal for Beko washing machines to develop electrical faults within 2.5 years!!!! Its supposed to work longer, am I wrong?

Beko says its out of warranty and asking me to
Option 1: pay for repair cost $120 of old machine.
Option 2: pay for a new machine BFL7510W under pro rata offer $254 with 2 year standard warranty + 3years (if I register online in 90days) making it total 5 years. This machine is selling in JBhifi for $599 currently.

What should I do? Thanks for your Suggestions.


  • The newer Beko takes you from 7kg to 7.5kg load.

    I'd actually suggest you negotiate to:
    if that is on the table.

    • Yes, the new model has 7.5kg capacity and two new features (steam and Bluetooth).
      As I was discussing with Beko support, pretty sure they will only provide Beko washing machines.

      • It isn't a bad deal. You had some use of the other machine and you get a new machine with
        full Warranty. Check the Dimensions that the Machine will fit your space and the Taps/Hoses are

        You could have a long discussion about how the First Machine should have lasted longer and it seems
        like they can't offer you a 7kg unit, so for the upgrade and 5yr warranty…

        Hope that includes delivery and removal of the old unit?

        • Had two calls with Beko and they didn't budge. Their email says :
          Door Single man delivery costs are covered by Beko however installation and disposal of old product is at the customers discretion

  • A decent washing machine is suppose to last at least 5-7 years. You can trying arguing with them using ACL and threaten to file a complaint with ACCC. Try dealing with JB Hifi instead of Beko.

    • Thank you 👍I will try with JBhifi.

      • Hey mate,

        Beko staff member here, I’ll PM you.

    • -1

      A decent washing machine is suppose to last at least 5-7 years.

      Says whom? The ACL doesn't specify a duration.

      • Use ATO depreciation lifespan guides.

  • I had a Beko washing machine as well a few years ago, broke down twice within 1 year. Luckily they were still under warranty for me at the time, but arranging for technician to repair was a nightmare.