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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 128GB $599 Upfront on Telstra $55/mth (after $10/mth credit) 80GB 12mth Plan (Port In or New) @ JB Hi-Fi


My first deal, hopefully I have submitted this correctly..

I was instore today at JB-Hi-Fi and they have a new Telstra Mobile plan for port-in and new customers.

$65/pm ($55 after $10/pm credit) 80GB data per month on 12 month plan with Samsung S20 Plus mobile for $599 upfront.

The plan runs until the 24th of June BUT the $10/pm credit finishes close of business on 14th June, so very little time. I saw a banner advertising this deal on their website under the mobile phone category but it does not mention the $10 credit which I saw once in store on their advertising material.

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        • Hmmm 5G isn't going to be an issue for me for a fair while - I wonder whether Telstra will ever remove their premium for access?

          • @pdtmathieson: Yeah. For that matter even I don't download crazy amount of stuff. Nor do I have 5G ready other gadgets. So yes 5G is great. But don't have any use for it for a while 😬

            • @Dealsteals: If I was on 5g with 200gb data or more, I could replace a bit of my home internet with it, but I doubt it will be rolled out to my area any time soon.

    • Where's the Oppo X2 Find Pro deal?

    • Samsung = S.Korea, Oppo = China. I'm avoiding Chinese products right now with all the pain they are hitting Aus farmers and education with. This all said, I honestly believe S20+ is the better phone.

      • That's true S20+ still a better phone since it has been around for quite some time. The advantage that Oppo has is the Snapdragon 865.

      • This is true Aussie.

  • Hey thanks for the deal I think this is amazing. But what if I'm with Telstra prepaid. On the port-in 65/mths for 24 mths deal, it says "excludes Telstra prepaid" but doesn't say anything under this $55 deal.

    • Advertising banner on their website states "excludes current telstra, belong and boost customers" which I assume includes prepaid

  • Can i port in from boost mobile sim to keep my number?
    Never mind, just see the answer from previous comment. Thanks op. I am not eligible :( such a good deal

  • Thought the 10 dollar port in credit was stopped? Or are you referring to the 10 dollar covid discount they gave ?

    • It's not the covid discount, The $10 credit is part of the JB Hi-Fi plan, not normal telstra plans. Credit only available till Sunday, after which you can still get the plan but pay the full $65PM

  • anyone know if the p30 deal is back on?

  • Should I go for this and ETC out or the Huawei P30 Pro? Both roughly the same price

    Purely for the Camera

  • Is there a deal going for the s20 Ultra? Couldn't see anything online.

  • Just bought.
    Apparently it's strictly for the S20+ 4G 128GB - I asked two seperate stores. Cancellation fee is only $390…

    • Hi mate, which stores did you ask?

      • Two Brisbane CBD stores.

  • +1

    Great fist deal OP. Dropped in store this morning and bought. Been waiting for something worthy to come up to exit optus since contract finished in Feb this year.

    • +2

      Thanks, I've been a long time member so it felt good to be able to post a decent deal

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    Nice deal, purchased!

    Now what to do with my Pixel XL 2….?

    • I have 2 of them. Still working perfectly fine. But needed something for good vids and pics

    • Yeah I'll be the same - I reckon there's a few of us who have jumped from the 2XL deal to this. I'll be getting the screen replaced and seeing what I can get for it, first from siblings.

  • BUMMER!!!!!
    I just called the JB store in Marsden Park to check if I can add an international calling pack for an extra $10 on top of the plan value. The rep said NO. This is special JB HI FI + Telstra plans. And there is no international call pack that can be added to this. Does anyone know anything about it?

    • I've done it with my previous Telstra/JB deal.
      Just do it directly with Telstra online chat after.

    • +1

      I can add it to my plan using the Telstra app on my phone, so looks like you can.

    • Yeah I would ignore that, sign up and they will let you do it post. JB might not but once it's signed up you're just with Telstra, and they will do it.

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    Gf got this deal today too! Thanks OP

  • I'm still trying to port from last deal from that scum company circles life. they won't allow the port and won't give reasons. what's another non Telstra reseller company I can. port to from circles this weekend then try to port to this plan to see if that works ?

    • Just get a new service

      • How? I need my number and can't port from circles to Telstra with out it failing…

    • From other comments you need to be out of the Telstra network for 30 days before they let you port back in. I am going to get a new service then try and get my number moved over, think I'll have more luck with that

      • Circles life is on the Optus network….

  • Great deal, on my page it says speeds cap to 1.5mbs per second like my last contract. Wonder if we still get charged if we go over (I know it says it in the contract but still..)

  • Does anyone know if the termination fee decreases overtime with this offer?

    • it should reduce each month. i was told that the termination charge is 50% of the outstanding contract amount, so if you cancel on day 1, it would be $390 on a $65 12 month plan (780 / 2). when calculating the ETC, they don't factor in any credit you may be recieving.

  • Anyone actually got this deal?
    JB told me it's either 24 months at $65/m, 80gig/m with 700 off the phone (1299-700 = 599)
    12months at $55/m with 8gig/m with 400 off the phone (1299-400= 899).

    Asked me if I was getting my info from "that dodgy website" haha

    • It's advertised on their own website, just browse to the mobile phone category and it's shown up top of the page as a banner (you may need to click through the banners to see it) as per my original post.

      So if the Jb Hi-Fi website is the site they are referring to as dodgy, then yes!

      Only thing the banner fails to mention is the $10/pm credit but I also covered that in my post

      • the banner and in store say its 60GB a month

        • +1

          It's 40gig + bonus 40gig for first 12 months.
          Same as the monthly fee, $10 discount for first 12 months, so 55 for first 12 then back to 65

        • instore had some conflicting information. flyer next to phone had completely different deal. but I got the deal after politely asking staff to explain the details.

    • I signed up on the spot and can confirm the contract details

      • Spot on. Bloody useless. Went there ready to sign up and they don't even know their own deals

    • Was at Melbourne cbd store. They have a huge banner that showed op's deal.

      That store you went is out of the loop lol

  • Anyone know if they will allow you to upgrade to get the S20+ 5G?

    I remember on past deals they did.

    • No I tried, but no deals with the 5Gs. They only offer $700 discount on 24M contract. S20+ 5G $1699 - 700 = $999.00

      I told them about the deal last April 2020 you can get S20 + 5G 512gb for $849.00

  • I was denied this deal today, they told me $10 per month credit is not applicable and that the deal is 12x$65+$599.

    Anybody got this deal in Sydney Northwest (Ryde, Hornsby, Castle Hill and surroundings)?

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    I purchased this deal today ($599 + 12 * $55 with 80 gb of data per month) with no hassle at all. Feels good to upgrade from my aging iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks OP - really appreciate you posting this deal!

    • +1

      Glad people are finding my post useful

      • +1

        yep my thoughts are echoed. Was hours away from pulling the trigger on a oneplus 7t yesterday when I saw this bad boy come up. Went straight out and grabbed it. Awesome phone cheers running on empty

  • Guys, what is the best way for me to port my old number from boost and still get this deal?

    • Apparently if you get a new service, you can change over after a period - might be runnning both in parallel for a bit.

      • Can you please elaborated? Ihave signed up for a new number today, but will be very interested to somehow switch my old number to this new plan

        • Not sure how it's going to go, but look at above comments. Apparently you can do it through chat.

    • You should be ok to just sign up. I was with aldi mobile which uses the Telstra network and I was still eligible

      • Just tried today, Boost is considered as telstra, so no go

  • Just to confirm you don't get the $400 giftcard?

    • +1

      No, comes off price off the phone

      • it is slightly different. You actually get $700 off from $1299 for this deal OR $400 gift card.
        The plans is the same, the bonus a little different.

      • You get a 700 gift card. JB does not care if u use it against the phone or take the card.

  • +2

    Bought this today from JB Hi-Fi Harbour town. Took about 30 mins.
    After 12 months the plan changes from $55 to $65/month.
    Great deal thanks OP!

    • Good to see you got in before the deal expires tomorrow (well the $10 credit anyway)

  • +1

    +1 Writing this as my new S20+ is syncing data.

    1. JB Melton.

    2. No frills transaction. The rep was actually exemplary in service.

    3. Called in advance and asked for current deals. This deal was sort of mentioned. Read point 4.

    4. Originally the plan was quoted as $65 over 12 months. I politely mentioned that I have read on OB that there is further $10 discount for 12 months on the plan. Rep put me on hold and confirmed that indeed $55 is correct. I asked for stock at hand to make up my mind on colors.

    5. Once in store, moved from amaysim prepaid and port was ready in 5 mins.

    Great first post OP.

    • exact same thing happened when I first called up the store. I was told $65 but when I went in to see them the sales guy apologised as the plan was actually $55, that's before I said anything. It was good service and not pushy at all.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, after following for the last day I went in and got it this morning.

    Does anyone else find that the camera is terrible if there is even a tiny bit of movement? I might need to delve into some settings, but so far the camera is inferior to my Pixel 2XL out of hte box

    • Hope you solve your camera woes, I haven't taken many photos yet. I've been busy just setting up all my apps and settings.

    • Everything I've taken in artificial light so far has been terrible unless the object is completely still - I have kids and kelpies, neither of which is likely to have the patience for photos. I'll try in decent light today.

      • Everything I've taken in artificial light so far has been terrible unless the object is completely still

        What camera settings are you using and how bright are your lights? I just use the default camera settings, nearly all my photos are in artificial light and I haven't had a problem with motion blur.

        • Default settings initially, then playing around with various things. Took some better shots in the perfect light outside today due to better shutter speed on auto.

          Any advice?

        • Here is an example - reasonable natural light, not too much movement (daughter likes a prolonged glare), still got blur on the face: https://imgur.com/a/TCwdeQj

          • @pdtmathieson:

            Here is an example - reasonable natural light, not too much movement (daughter likes a prolonged glare), still got blur on the face

            Whoops sorry, forgot about this. The image you posted doesn't have the EXIF data so I can't tell what shutter speed it's using, but just to test, you can try switch to Pro mode (in the camera app, swipe across to MORE, then select PRO). The shutter speed is the second icon on the bottom (e.g. A 1/50). Change that to 1/50 or 1/100 and see if it makes a difference.

        • When it gets it right, lovely photo: https://i.imgur.com/HdOuFOi.jpg

          But it required great light, perfect stillness (rare for the pup)

    • I am coming from s7 so it is a huge step up in term of camera quality. However i have not tested all of the camera functions. What i am really impressed is the night mode photos, it is amazing what can be taken in the dark :)

  • I've got this deal today, but it doesn't state the $10 credit anywhere on my contract. I've been told that it's been applied but I can't check it. Does anyone see it on their contract?

    • Yes it was on mine. On a separate pages, not the main contact

    • I got an email from Telstra with the details of the plan (attached as a PDF), which states $55 monthly cost

      • My Testra PDF states $65 monthly. Thanks, I'll contact them on Monday.

    • +1

      On the order it says JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan $65 and Minimum Ongoing Monthly Cost $55.00 inc GST
      On the invoice it says JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan $65 and Monthly Mobile Credit $10
      On the contract plan it only says JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan $65 12 Month

      • Thanks, they added the $10 credit!

  • Just missed this $10 extra credit. I didn't see the end day is 14th

  • +1

    Second day with S20+ and the fingerprint reader annoys the shit out of me. Samsung decided to use ultrasonic sensor embedded in the display and it recognizes my finger about every second try, absolute hit and miss scenario. And even when it recognizes the finger it takes 2-3 seconds to do so. This is the worst fingerprint sensor I tried in last 5 or so years (LG, LeEco, Google, iPhone…).

    Is anybody else seeing this or my phone is defective?

    • Try to enrol your fingerprint a few times. It might work.

    • Facial recognition also takes too long most of the time… Coming from a Pixel 2, where the finger print was on the back and very natural, this is annoying - I end up swiping my code most of the time now.

    • same here.
      face recognition also unreliable to say the least ( I wear πŸ‘“)

      now the fingerprint reader on my S8 doesn't seem so bad in comparison πŸ™„

    • I think its a gimmick. May have to employ several fingerprints registrations for this to be effective.

  • with this ultrasonic finger print scanner in the display screen, can we even use a tempered glass screen protector? or is soft plastic film the only option here. I also notice the screen curve a little on the edge, so not sure how a tempered glass protector will fit on it. Also does anyone has recomendation for a good case?

    • I'm sticking with the factory screen protector for now until I case it. Maybe down the track get a case and finger scan compatible screen protector.

    • I'm getting the Spigen tough armor. I heard it's pretty robust.

    • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000760594566.html

      When the plastic one on mine wears out, I'm going to try this Baseus tempered glass one. It uses a UV-cure adhesive which eliminates the air gap you'd get with non-UV-cure ones. The customer reviews say the fingerprint reader works with it.

      There are much cheaper ones but the cheap one I tried for another phone didn't have a good oleophobic coating so I'm going to try Baseus this time.

  • Is this offer still available and the $10 credit expired? It’s still a pretty good deal if your after the s20+.