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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $267.44 from Amazon AU ($264.23 Prime from Amazon US) Delivered @ Amazon


And the deal is back, a couple $$ more than yesterday, but still a pretty good price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Such good value.

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    Hoping these B550 boards get here soon.

  • Hi OP, can you please recommend a board to purchase with this from Amazon?

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      Depends on various factors. What's your budget? This B450 model, for $185, would be a decent value option.

      • Thanks Zazer.. would a mortar max be better than this as it is the same price range from other shops?

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          I'm going for the mortar max as it seems to be pretty well regarded. Plus I was looking for an mATX board. Alternatively if you want a full ATX, a bit more could get the tomahawk max, also a good option.

    • B550 is supposed to launch in about a week I think, so probably worth holding out to at least see what else is out there.

      Are we expecting B450 prices to come down any time soon? They are still above pre-covid prices.
      Got my fingers crossed!

  • Is it worth buying into the AMD platform at this point? I've heard the B450 mobo will get a beta-style bios update to support upcoming Zen 3 CPUs, but that's probably the end of the line. Price is good, but probably keen to wait for Zen 3 and another 4-5 years of support. Currently have an i5-4590 and it's time to upgrade.

    • I think you just answered your own question. If you upgrade now no reason why you wouldn't be able to use the same CPU for another 4-5 years until the next next socket has come out. Otherwise you can wait, up to you.

      • To clarify, probably keen to wait for Zen 3 and the new chipsets that come out at that time. Although, my last CPU lasted ~5 years, so who knows.

    • I'm in the same position running a 3570k and 970gtx. I'll likely move to a 3700x (for the 8 cores) soon as GPUs and motherboards drop in price. Motherboards will drop a little soon as the 550 drops

    • I bought into this Gen this year and i'm happy

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      Have seen some concerns about AM4 nearing the end of its life, so buying into B550 + Zen 3 might not provide the same upgrade longevity as Ryzen 1000 did. Just something to note!

  • Can anyone recommend a good Mini-Itx board for this?

  • Bruh i got this for $329 + shipping during the COVID days

  • It seems Americans will soon get a key for the unreleased PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn with Ryzwn 3000 model purchases.


    Along with the expected XT models due in a month I would be waiting a little if at all possible before buying one of these.

  • the 4xxx apu for desktops, same clock and core as the 3600 from leaks

  • showing $299 for me

    • Seems like it has expired. Given recent trends, wait a day and it'll probably be back

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