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Samsung Smart Watch Galaxy Watch (46mm) Silver $309 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Samsung SM-R800NZSAXSA Smart Watch Galaxy Watch (46mm) Silver

Tracks over 39 activities and includes a range of workout programs and guided meditation to manage stress levels
Water-resistant and able to track your strokes while you are swimming. Multi-layered security
Long-lasting battery to extend your time between charges
Compatible with most iPhone and Android smartphones
Made for Australia. Certified Samsung Electronics Australia products give you the performance, features and coverage you expect. Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty

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    Hi OP, Other than the local warranty, is there anything Australian about this device?

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      Maybe the UK ones will track how many cups of tea you consume daily and the NZ ones track your steps chasing sheep rather than here where your swimming stroke is tracked?

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        Im not sure how to process this statement in these uncertain times

        • With a coffee served in an avocado skin, of course

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      Samsung Pay wont work with grey import

  • Finally got it. Thanks OP.

  • Nice post Op.

  • I believe this is Bluetooth version, no LTE

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    Cheaper with Samsung if you combine newsletter discount.

    Its $299.
    Or pricematch OW

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    Got it cheaper with good guys for 286

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      I've got some JB vouchers to use, would definitely pick one up at JB at that price.

    • How? Do you have a receipt copy? PM me.

  • Good watch for the price, well built and good battery,

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    How does these compare to the Fitbit Versa 2?

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    I got the cellular version of this watch with number sharing. It's awesome combined with samsung phone for notifications and reminders. Never miss a phone call again with this watch on.

    Also saves your phones battery since you dont have to check your phone so often.

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    Cheaper through this deal. Faster postage too. Samsung are extremely quick to post with next day delivery.


    Fantastic watch. Sold my galaxy active 2 and got this. Dont regret it. Made a profit on the active 2 as well

  • is there any sort of compatibility issues if you aren't using a Samsung phone? currently using a oneplus 7T

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      Yeah it'll work with all the features. Need the gear app installed

  • Does anyone know if this counts as a watch (5.3%) or electronics (0%) for Amazon cashback through Cash Rewards?

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      Electronics > Wearable Technology > Smartwatches

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    From all indications this is definitely better than the Huawei GT2, which was more of a fitness tracker with a good battery life. If you want more functions go for the Galaxy watch.

    Delivery from Samsung could take up to 4 days.

  • This one or https://www.fossil.com/en-au/products/gen-5-smartwatch-the-c...
    $309 VS $400. Don't mind waiting and buying fossil if it's better. Does anyone know?

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    quite like it, had one since the day it was released. The message animation is quite tedious though, you have to wait for the animation to finish before it shows you the content…

  • I'm still using the Frontier, is the one posted the latest from Samsung?

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      Yes for the same style watch but there is new model coming out soon.

      • Thanks, maybe that is why they are so cheap?

        • Could be. Some say it could come out as early as July, given they already have them registered in US. Still good product nevertheless. I'm thinking about upgrading my Frontier too, because my power button stopped working and I really want waterproofing. Search the internet for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

          • @LukeOz83: would you go for the LTE version? personally i don't see real benefit unless you are a gym junkie and run alot.

            • @Digitalsin: I won't because Boost doesn't do esim. Otherwise would consider it so I don't have to carry phone all the time

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    For those interested, you can get a Galaxy Watch Active on the Samsung Education portal for about $215, after 5% EOFY discount and $50 discount for signing up for the newsletter.

  • -1

    Bought a second hand Active 2, looking very much forward to it arriving.

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      Hi spludgey, did buy it from barrybargain88?

      If yes, just wanted to let you know that he made profit from that sell.


      • +3

        Hahaha mine was sold in person on Facebook marketplace. I also provided a receipt to the guy so he can claim warranty. On the receipt he can see how much I paid. I told the guy he was welcome to return the watch if he changed his mind or something wasn't quite right.

        I got the watch for $249, sold it for $280 (making bank ladies and gentlemen). It was the cheapest one by a mile for sale and I had about 30 enquiries to pick it up that day.

        I'm sorry I'm not rich like you and can just give my shit away for free.

        I also got my galaxy ultra half price and fully intend to sell it for the same price if not more in a year's time.

        That's how a real ozbargainer does business

        • Sorry if I have offended you. I don't think world to be that small and spuldgey is the person who bought your watch.

          But I couldn't stop my sarcastic sense after reading comments one selling watch with profit and another one buying.

          I hope and wish deeply that you do sell millions of these and become millionaire.

      • No, Facebook marketplace for $215, black 44mm.
        I've got the odd atrial fibrillation, so I definitely wanted one with ECG (I know it's not active yet, but might be able to hack it).

        I'm 6'6" (or 198cm) so while it might still be big, it won't be massive on me.

  • Note that you should err on the side of caution when unsure if this watch will fit on your wrist. I tried it on at JB and the watch was way too big. I got a smaller Galaxy Active 2 instead.

    • +1

      I have this watch (the LTE version) and I have small wrists. If you get a decent band, it actually looks quite good to be a bit oversized - you don't notice it after a while. The one thing that made me concerned about the Active 2 was the lack of case/bezel around the screen. My watches hit stuff on occasion and I didn't want to deal with the damage.

    • Good tip, I think I'll try one this weekend before ordering.
      There's a smaller 42mm version in black or rose gold, although the battery is significantly smaller. Might be an option for smaller wrists if you don't mind charging more frequently.

  • Am I catching on, these "made for australia" are all grey imports by companies who are covering local warranty?

  • Thanks OP,

    Just got it for $290.

    3% discount on Amazon gift cards from Suncorp Rewards
    $10 discount for using the Amazon App
    "Get $10 off only on the Amazon mobile app. Enter code APPONLY10 at checkout."

  • Does anyone know if Rebel sports price match Amazon?

  • One more watch popped up as in stock so I grabbed it. Couldn't get the $10 APPONLY10 discount code to work but still happy with $309.

  • Back in stock

    • Bugger. I've already used up my $500 monthly allocation of Suncorp discount gift cards….